Date/Mo.YearVolumeNumberPageColumnType"Title" or DescriptionAuthorNote
3-May1843Vol. 1No. 111Note"Address to Pupils"Eliza R. SnowFinal address to students after giving up her teaching practice
3-May1843Vol. 1No. 122EditorialPatriotism, Rumors, RepublicanismEditorialDescribes the political climate of the day, and laments the problems in government.
3-May1843Vol. 1No. 122NoteWritten to thank Nauvoo for their kindnessO.C. SkinnerFighting bouts of insanity, Mr. Skinner wandered into Warsaw and was rescued by kind Saints. He wished to thank them, and he offers to give testimonials as to their kind and charitable character.
3-May1843Vol. 1No. 131Prospectus"Prospectus of a Weekly Newspaper called The Nauvoo Neighbor"EditorialAnnouncement of the new Nauvoo Neighbor, an Enlargement of the Wasp. Published by Taylor & Woodruff, on the corner of Water and Bain Streets, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Ill. Price will be $2.
3-May1843Vol. 1No. 135Poetry"My Epitaph"Eliza R. SnowPoem by Eliza R. Snow.
3-May1843Vol. 1No. 135Letter to the Editor"To the Editor of the Weekly Bee:"D.W.R.Closed with, "Yours truly, (not a Mormon, but) on of the many friends to that much abused people." Signed, "D.W.R. Boston, April 1, 1843."
3-May1843Vol. 1No. 135AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Deaths of Joseph K. Allen (38, Fever), Elizabeth Peart (5, Inflammation), and Alma Lamb (1 month, Cankers) announced.
10-May1843Vol. 1No. 221Story"Ancient Records"EditorialEvidence is mounting in support of Joseph Smith's account of the origins of the Book of Mormon.
10-May1843Vol. 1No. 222Letter to the Editor"To the Editor of the Neighbor"W.P. Harris, M.D.Announcing the finding of the Kinderhook Plates, including the names of 9 witnesses.
10-May1843Vol. 1No. 222Reprinted Story"Singular Discovery - Material for another Mormon Book"The Quincy WhigStory about the discovery of the Kinderhook Plates.
10-May1843Vol. 1No. 224Announcement"To the Presidency, and Ladies of the Female Relief Society of NauvooSarah M. ClevelandAnnouncing the move of her family, soliciting kind wishes and prayers, and offering thanks for kindness.
17-May1843Vol. 1No. 311Agriculture"An Essay on the Cultivation of Hemp"A. Beatty Article from The Kentucky Farmer, To be continued next week, no mention of uses for Hemp.
17-May1843Vol. 1No. 325EditorialPossible Cancellation of Nauvoo CharterEditorialThe foundations of democracy would be undermined if Illinois revokes the Nauvoo Charter.
17-May1843Vol. 1No. 325Story"Steam Ferry at Nauvoo"EditorialA light steam boat has been put in operation in Nauvoo, which will help people immigrate to Nauvoo. It will run between Nauvoo and Montrose. Signed, D. Jones & Co.
17-May1843Vol. 1No. 335AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Deaths of Samuel W. Henderson (35, Inflammatory Fever), Hugh Billionton (14, Lung Fever), John J. Riser (1, Diarrhea), Francis F. Champion (66, Remittent Fever), and Edmund Brazier (17, Drowned) announced.
24-May1843Vol. 1No. 411Agriculture"An Essay on the Cultivation of Hemp" concludedA. Beatty The Kentucky Farmer.
24-May1843Vol. 1No. 422Story"The Mormon Girl's Foreboding - Scene at Hawn's Mill Chapter 1"LyttonArticle hides the names of the members of the church involved to protect their identities, includes a poem called, "Sadness.", article to be continued.
31-May1843Vol. 1No. 512Story"The Mormon Girl's Foreboding - Scene at Hawn's Mill Conclusion"LyttonDescribes the horrifying events at Hawn's Mill.
31-May1843Vol. 1No. 516Poem"The Mobbers of Missouri"A Lawyer in IsraelArticle calls out a reverend from a local church, I. McCoy, for being a part of the massacre.
7-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 611Poem"To a Ringleader in the late Persecution"William RogersLaments the persecution heaped upon the saints.
7-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 632Ordinances"An Ordinance to establish a Ferry across the Mississippi River at Nauvoo"Joseph Smith, MayorPassed June 1, 1843, James Sloan is listed as the recorder.
7-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 633Ordinances"An Ordinance respecting Mad Dogs and other animals"Joseph Smith, MayorDogs known to have bitten or be rabid should be killed or confined, passed June 1, 1843, James Sloan is listed as the recorder.
7-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 635AnnouncementMarriedEditorialThe Marriage of Mr. Joseph Outhouse to Miss Eliza Ann Allen, performed by Elder Amos P. Rogers, was announced.
7-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 635AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialL. R. Chaffen, Benjamin Advise, Franklin J. Bartlet - Clerk for the County Commissioner's Court; Chauncey Robinson - Recorder.
14-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 723AnnouncementTemple DescriptionEditorialThe progress of the Temple is described, and a meeting at the Temple Site where Joseph Smith and Rev. Mr. DeWolf (an Episcopal Minister) taught the Saints is mentioned.
14-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 723Announcement"An Ordinance to Regulate the Rates of toll at the Ferry in Nauvoo"EditorialFees to take the Ferry are established.
14-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 732Obituary"Death of Elias Higbee"EditorialHigbee was 47 years old.
14-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 735AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialGeo W. Thatcher, L.R. Chaffin, Benjamin Advise, Franklin J. Bartlett - Clerk for the County Commissioner's Court; Chauncey Robinson - Recorder; Ebenezer Rand - Probate Justice of the Peace for Hancock County.
14-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 744Announcement"Church History"Church LeadershipThe Church calls for anyone with "any documents, facts, incidents, or other matter in any way connection with the history of said church to hand the same in," to Joseph Smith's Office.
21-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 822AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialSame as previous week, with the additions of: John A. Forgeus - Recorder; Sylvester Emmans - Clerk for the County Commissioner's Court.
21-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 823StoryMasonic Corner Stone LayingEditorialThe stone is to be laid on June 24, 1843, and a dinner and oration will be held after the ceremony. The text of two "Anthems" to be sung at the ceremony is printed.
21-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 826Announcement"Court Martial, Nauvoo Legion"Wilson Law, Joseph SmithThe arsenal is announced, Col. John Dunham is appointed as agent for the legion, Brigadier General Rich is authorized to organize a second battalion.
21-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 831Letter to the EditorAgricultural and Manufacturing Association of the CitySydney RigdonRigdon discusses politics, and how they affect the manufacturing and agricultural markets in the state.
21-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 845Announcement"Church History"Church LeadershipSame ad as the previous week.
28-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 926Announcement"4th of July Celebration at Nauvoo"EditorialPresident Hyrum Smith has called O. Hyde and G.J. Adams to speak before they leave on a mission to Russia. A collection will be taken to finance Elder Hyde's Mission. Lectures to be given near the Temple.
28-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 926Story"To the English Brethren in Nauvoo"John GreenhowLabor and the Gospel are spoken of
28-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 931Story"Free Masons"EditorialWorshipful Master Mr. H. Smith laid the Corner Stone while Mr. J. Taylor offered the oration during the Masonic Temple Corner Stone Celebration.
28-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 946AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialCol. J. B. Backenstos - Clerk for the County Commissioner's Court; John P. Haggard - County Treasurer.
28-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 946AnnouncementKinderhook Plates FacsimileEditorialA Facsimile of the Kinderhook Plates is announced for sale at the printing office. Price: 12.5 Cents each, or one Dollar per dozen.
28-Jun1843Vol. 1No. 946AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Hiram J. Perry (infant), Holeand Colored Woman (55, Consumption), Elias Higbee (47, Inflammation of the Bowels), Mary Ellen Henderson (4 months, Fever), Lorina Horr (11, Nervous Fever), Emma S. Loveland
         (1, Fits), Robert R. Trip (50, Consumption), Eliza A. Mills (29, Nervous Fever), Ellen M. Webb (4 months, Canker), Jane Farrer, (7, Canker), Mary Ann Bailey (2, Dropsy), George Carr (10, Drowned), Elizabeth Jane
          Smith (10 Months, Measles).
5-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1023Story"Missouri vs. Joseph Smith"EditorialArticle chronicling the mistreatments of Joseph Smith and the Saints in Missouri.
5-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1025Story"The 4th of July"EditorialNearly 13,000 attended the meeting in the grove to hear the departing Elders speak, then Parley P. Pratt and Joseph Smith spoke.
5-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1025Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning Strangers and Contagious Diseases..."Daniel H. WellsGiving officers the power to question strangers entering town, confine them to jail if out late, and quarantine them if forensic evidence suggests they are contaminated.
5-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1026Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning Confining or Keeping Animals…"Daniel H. WellsGives citizens the power to kill ferocious animals without notice, the Marshal the power to kill passionate and excited animals, and sets limits of what animals can roam free in the streets.
5-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1026Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning Bathing and Swimming"Daniel H. WellsPeople must not bathe in public sight within city limits.
5-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1036List of Letters"A List of Letters"Sidney RigdonSidney Rigdon signs as the Post Master.
12-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1111Story"Municipal Court of the City of Nauvoo, Illinois"Joseph Smith Sen.This is a petition for habeas corpus, written by Joseph Smith, claiming that he is not Joseph Smith Jun., but is in fact, Joseph Smith Senior, and therefore not the person that the State was trying to arrest.
12-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1113StoryTrial of Joseph Smith Part 1Parley P. PrattWitnesses included H. Smith, P. Pratt, B. Young, George W. Pilkin, Lyman Wight, and S. Rigdon. Hyrum testified that Joseph has Joseph Smith Senior for the last 2 years.
12-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1126Announcement"Female Relief Society"Eliza R. SnowDisclosure of finances, and encouragement to continue in their mission.
12-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1136Military Notice"Military Notice"Charles C. RichColonial Titus Billings resigned as Colonel, so they propose an election near the temple.
12-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1136Military Notice"Military Notice"Dimick B. HuntingtonColonels are lo longer authorized to remit fines.
12-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1136AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialJohn Williams - County Surveyor of Hancock County; Aaron Johnson - Justice of the Peace for Nauvoo; Gen James Adams - Justice of the Peace for Hancock County; Robert D. Fustep - School Commissioner of
          Hancock County; Uriah Dudd - County Commissioner of Hancock County.
12-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1141AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialJamin W. Rolfe - Constable; Andrew Perkins - County Commissioner for Hancock County; Alanson Ripley - County Surveyor for Hancock County.
12-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1142List of Letters"A List of Letters"Sidney RigdonSidney Rigdon signs as the Post Master.
19-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1211Story"Trial of Joseph Smith Continued"Parley P. PrattIncludes the extermination order text; the Judge pronounces the church treasonous for its belief in Daniel 7:27.
19-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1223Story"The Federal Whig Conspiracy to obtain the Mormon Votes…"Illinois State RegisterThe editors contend that this proves that the citizens of the State believe that Joseph Smith is Innocent.
19-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1224Reprinted Story"More of the Late Arrest" The State RegisterDescribes the arrest and incarceration of Joseph Smith.
19-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1225Reprinted Story"The State Register and the Mormons"The Quincy Whig"If we rightly remember, Smith and the Mormons were driven from Missouri by force of arms…Smith could not…be considered a fugitive from justice."
19-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1226Story"Arrest of Joseph Smith - To the Editor of the Chicago Democrat"G. DixonDescribes the state of the citizens of Nauvoo.
19-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1234Story"A Public Meeting in Relation to the Late Arrest of General Joseph Smith"Sidney RigdonThanking Sanger and Dixon, and announcing the arrest of Joseph Smith.
19-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1236AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialJohn F. Weld - County Commissioner.
19-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1236Announcement"Nauvoo Seminary"Joseph N. and Adelia ColeAnnouncing the opening of a school in the large room above Joseph Smith's Store. Terms of Tuition are established.
19-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1236AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Joshua Gore (infant), Eliza Ann Hulse (9 months, Hooping Cough), Sarah Brinton (23, Bowel Consumption).
19-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1241AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialSame as previous, with the additions of Benjamin W. Rolfe - Constable, Robert D. Foxter - School Commissioner of Hancock County.
19-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1241List of Letters"A List of Letters"Sidney RigdonSidney Rigdon signs as the Post Master.
26-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1311Poetry"The Kidnapping of Gen. Joseph Smith"Eliza R. SnowStates that Reynolds, the Sherriff of Jackson County, MO and Wilson of Carthage, Hancock County Ill kidnapped Joseph Smith when they arrested him.
26-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1311Story"Trial of Joseph Smith Continued"EditorialGeorge W. Pitkin and Brigham Young, and Lyman Wight, and Sidney Rigdon's sworn testimony.
26-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1334Letter to the EditorLetter to the EditorJ.W. BackenstosMr. Backenstos rescinds his announcement as a candidate for the County Commissioner Clerkship
26-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1334Letter to the EditorLetter to the EditorGad The SeerGad posts an article critical of the Church, and then reminds the Saints that they can improve their status by boycotting trade with their enemies.
26-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1335AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialSame as previous, with the additions of Luman H. Colkinds, R.A. Allred, and Horase S. Eldridge - Constable of Nauvoo; James M. Brattle - County Treasurer.
26-Jul1843Vol. 1No. 1341AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialSame as previously announced
2-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1411PoetryFarewell, on Leaving NauvooL.O. LittlefieldHe describes his love for Nauvoo
2-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1423Letter to the EditorDon't Vote for Cyrus WalkerA. DemocratRecommends voting against Cyrus Walker for the US Congress because he charged Joseph Smith $500 for legal services.
2-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1441AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialSame as previous, with the addition of Andrew H. Perkins - County Commissioner of Hancock County and James W. Brattle - County Treasurer
9-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1534Story"Is it true!"EditorialDescribes the city of Nauvoo from the perspective of someone who is not a member of the church. He states that there are about 15,000 persons in Nauvoo, and about 1/3 of which are not members.
9-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1536AnnouncementBill for DivorceJ.B. BackenstosDescribes the divorce of Henry Cook from Mary Cook.
16-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1623Letter to the EditorHon. John Q. Adams on VoltaireJoseph EmersonEmerson includes a piece by John Quincy Adams on his feelings about Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary. This story came from the New York Observer.
16-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1625StoryThe New York Herald and the MormonsEditorialPiece included called, "Strangers in Nauvoo - The Mormons on the Look-out.
16-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1632Announcement"Congressional Election"EditorialThis piece gives the current results of the most recent election, though all the votes are not completely tallied.
16-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1632Ordinances"An Ordinance to enumerate Horase S. Eldridge, for land…"John TaylorTaylor is listed as the Pres. pro tem., and Willard Richards is listed as the Recorder
16-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1632Announcement"Official Vote of McDonough County"EditorialThe results of the election in McDonnough County are displayed; signed Backenstos.
16-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1636AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)James Adams (60, Cholera), Julian Bishop (24, Consumption), Samuel Hamar (40, Ague and Fever), Erastus Dodge (45, Measles), Murthy Jane Ward (11 months, Diarrhea), Irena R. Dodge (5 months, Measles)
         Parley P. Rosecrans (1, Diarrhea), Louisa Langdon, (19, Fever), John A Billsy (4, Scarlet Fever), John Mulford, (1, Hives), Georege F. Potter (1 month, Canker), Kersey Baldwin (1 , Measles),
         Marthey Ann Walker (21, Diarrhea), Margret Wilkinson (22, Fever), Lydia Walker (8, Chill Fever).
16-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1641AnnouncementBill for DivorceJ.B. BackenstosDescribes the divorce of John Bending from Charlotte Ann Bending.
23-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1713Story"Mr. Adams Address" IntroductionEditorialOriginally published in the Sangamo Journal in regards to The Register's version of Mr. Adams Address, which was not truthful.
23-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1713Story"Mr. Adams Address - Arrest of Smith"Mr. AdamsSpeaks of the political power wielded by the saints, and the persecutions of the mobs.
23-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1721Poem"Nauvoo"Signed "P."Speaks of persecution and destruction in Nauvoo, while the people stay faithful to the church.
23-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1722Announcement"Nauvoo Legion"John BillsMembers of the Legion are ordered to report for training exercises on horseback, while other groups march in a parade.
23-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1723ObituaryDeath of Mary Ann YoungEditorialDaughter of Elder Brigham Young, who is now on a mission in the East.
23-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1725Letter to the EditorJoseph's Trial, as written from MissouriJ. HallLetter about the plight of Joseph Smith, and speaking of the politics of the day.
23-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1725Poetry"Introductory Invocation" - Extract from the ...Sketch of Joseph SmithE.R. SnowWritten in respect for Joseph Smith; states that it is an extract from the "Historical sketch of the Life of President Joseph Smith."
23-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1736AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Mary Dyer (8, Measles), Albert Custle (28, Fever), Hyrum O. Littlefield (9 months, Canker), Sarah Ann Heath (5, Fever), John Fawkes (72, Unknown), James Burgess (48, ague and fever), Anna Cona (10, Diarrhea),
          James Brown (57, ague and fever), Lyman W. Kempton (1, Bowel Consumption), Mary Kelley (30, Child Birth), Hyrum Stafford (8 months, Fever), Thresa Heath (26 and infant), Benjamin Holland (55, Diarrhea),
          Mary M. Stew (10 days, Diarrhea).
30-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1821Reprinted Story"Illinois and Missouri"The State RegisterCorrespondence between Governors, wherein Governor Reynolds (Missouri) asks Governor Ford (Illinois) to call out the Militia to enforce the arrest of Joseph Smith.
30-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1825Story"Illinois (alias) MissouriEditorialSaints defending Joseph, and exploring the political motivations behind the Governor's actions.
30-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1825Story"Carthaginian Mob"EditorialDescribing the mobs in Carthage.
30-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1826AnnouncementMarriedEditorialThe Marriage of Mr. Lorenzo D. Wasson to Miss Marietta Crocker, performed by Rev. H. Jay, was announced.
30-Aug1843Vol. 1No. 1826Letter to the Editor"Vested Rights of Nauvoo"Signed, "Viator"Letter to the editor which talks about how members of the church have rights secured by the constitution just like everyone else.
6-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 1934AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Anna Powell (83, Consumption), William I. Empey (8 months, Canker), James Harris (10, Diarrhea), Infant of John Greenhow, William D. Jones (2 months, inflammation of the Brain), Elizabeth Boyd (35,
         Ague and Fever), Nephi Wells (9 months, Diarrhea), Oliver H. P. Taggard (19, Bilious Fever), Elisabeth Simonds (63, Fever), Angeline Burch (11 months, Measles), Edmund Lovel (2, Measles), Ann Parker (20,
         Canker), Elisabeth Washborn (child, Cholera), James Hudson (1, Bloody Flux).
6-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 1934AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialDavid Greenleaf, and John A. Forgeus - Probate Justice, Hancock County.
13-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2024Reprinted Story"Nauvoo and Joe Smith"The New Haven Herald"there is not a more industrious, moral, and well ordered town in the country," says a non-member who spent time in Nauvoo.
13-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2026Story"Carthage vs. Nauvoo"Signed "H."Speaks of the growing anger in Carthage.
13-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2031Letter to the Editor"For the Neighbor"A. YoungDescribes further the legal situation of Joseph Smith
13-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2034AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Elizabeth Carter (1, Diarrhea), Ana Twist (8, Diarrhea), Heary Steward (7 months, Bloody Flux), William S. Buckwaiter (18, Bilious Fever), Amanda
         M. Smith (9 months, Mumps), Jane Greenhow (36), Martha Proctor (1, Bowel Consumption), William Simmonds (45, Fever), Mary Jane Leonard (23, Typhoid Fever), Nancy Jane Holbrook (4, Measles), Hannah
         Blanchard (42, Consumption), William B. Hillman (1, Diarrhea), Mary Hodges (1, Consumption), James Henderson (37, Typhoid Fever), William R. Parker (28, Ague and Fever).
13-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2034AnnouncementBill for DivorceGeo P. StylesDescribes the divorce of John Throp from Charity Throp.
20-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2126Story"Porter Rockwell"EditorialDescribing the rumors of Rockwell's attempt to murder Gov. Boggs.
20-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2126StoryCarthageEditorialStates that Carthage wants to "swallow up Nauvoo, body and bones."
20-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2126Story"To the Emissaries of Illinois and the Adjoining States"John HarperWritten by a non-Mormon, describing the good in their community.
20-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2131Letter to the Editor"A Visit to Nauvoo"Signed, "J.E."Character reference for the good community created by the saints.
20-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2133Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning Marriages."John C. Bennett, MayorPassed Feb 17, 1842, James Sloan is listed as the recorder. Age of consent is set at 17 for boys and 14 for girls.
20-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2134AnnouncementMarriedEditorialAlexander Mills to Ann Wood, performed by Elder Joseph W. Coolidor, James Newberry to Sally Brown, performed by Elder Edson Whipple, and David Grant to Mary Ann Bullard, performed by Hyrum Smith.
20-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2134AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Jane Mace Pidelin (1, Bowel Consumption), William Feres (7 months, Whooping Cough), Marcy Smith (1, Black Canker), Helen Law (4, Scarlet Fever), Eve Anna Forgeus (5, Scarlet Fever), Joseph R. Forgeus
         (7, Scarlet Fever), Elizabeth Jane Barton (5 months, Diarrhea).
20-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2142AnnouncementDeserting WifeIsaac RogersAdvises the public not to harbor his wife Elizabeth, because she abandoned his home with an Englishman.
27-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2221Reprinted Story"Judge Douglass and the Democrats of the Fifth District"The State RegisterTalks about Mormon votes, and their feelings about Judge Douglass.
27-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2231Story"More Mormon Difficulties"EditorialMobs in Missouri and Carthage are planning meetings, and discussing the possibility of taking Joseph Smith to jail.
27-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2231Reprinted Story"From the Boston Bee"The Boston BeeSpeaks about the rights that Nauvoo should receive, by it's charter, and discusses the extermination order.
27-Sep1843Vol. 1No. 2234AnnouncementNauvoo Legion activitiesHyrum SmithAssessment of fines will be held with Hyrum Smith.
4-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2331Story"The Warsaw Message and the Carthaginians"EditorialSpeaks of the growing anger in Carthage.
4-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2331Story"Pleasure Party and Dinner at Nauvoo Mansion, Oct. 3, 1843"R.D. Foster (Chairman)Talks about a pleasant party with the Smith Family.
4-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2332Letter to the Editor"Mr. Editor," A response to accusations by T. GreggJohn HarperMr. Harper describes being called a "Jack Mormon," and then speaks about politics and the church.
4-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2333Story"Anti Mormonism"John GreenhowLDS perspective of the charges brought against the Church, and Joseph Smith.
4-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2334Letter to the Editor"Railroad Accident"W. WoodruffDescribes a train accident that Wilford Woodruff was involved in.
4-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2335AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Don Carlos Smith (1, Flux), Rosita Baley (1), Isaac Morrison (10 months, Diarrhea), Betsey C. Spaulding 4 months, Drops in the head), Nancy M. Phelps (7 months, Diarrhea), John Mckelly, (28 Bilious Fever),
         Mary Jane Clark (8, Scarlet Fever), Emma Jane Banistor (5 months, Consumption), Enoch L. Milean (10 months, Measles), Mariah Roby (1, Diarrhea), Edward T. Jinkine (7 months, Canker), Harriet Newel Marsh
         (25, Chill Fever), Alfred Alexander A. Mith (11 months, cutting teeth) Eliza cofield (infant, Fits), Emma Clark (3, Diarrhea), Catherine T. Forgeus (5, Scarlet Fever), Pricilla Daitnger (10 months, Diarrhea), Abram
         Greenhalgh (9 months, Chill Fever).
11-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2411Poetry"The Lord's Prayer"W.W. PhelpsLooks much like Psalms 23.
11-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2425AnnouncementList of Mob members in CarthageEditorialLists the names of prominent mob members in cartage, with Walter Bagby most prominently displayed.
11-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2433AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Susan N. King (9 months, canker), Child of Mr. Snider (6 months, canker), Richard Rushton (65, Flux), Josiah P. Goar (2, Chill Fever), Hyrum r. Plunch (5, Measles), Child of Mr. Sinter, Charles Makey (3,
         Inflammation of Bowels), Sophrona C. Smith (5, Scarlet Fever), Lucy Orse (8, Measles), Robert F. Savage (4 months, Consumption), Philip Burgess (14, Canker), Joseph Murdock (60, Ague and Fever), Rebecca
         Topharn (1, Diarrhea).
11-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2435List of Letters"A List of Letters"Sidney RigdonSidney Rigdon signs as the Post Master
18-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2524Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning the Inspection of Flour…"John TaylorThis ordinance creates a flour inspector position, and awards it to William E. Horder.
18-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2533Letter to the Editor"Mr. Editor" A character reference for Joseph SmithSigned "A Traveler"Speaks of the kind character of Joseph Smith.
18-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2533AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Esther Brierly (56, Chill Fever), Robert Major (28, Fever), Elizabeth Beard (28, Chill Fever), Henry Blanchard (8 months, Diarrhea), Isaac Greenheigh (2, Diarrhea), Lainora A. Taylor (1, Diarrhea), Nathan Mayfield
         (1, Diarrhea), Rebecca Ann Goff (1, Measles), John Standing (22, Measles), Polly Ann McClellan (Diarrhea), Mary C. Payne (4 month, Fever), Henry Payne (2, Fever), Sarah Payne (9, Fever).
25-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2631Letter to the Editor"Mr. Editor" Reply to Mr. Gregg and the Warsaw Message.John HarperDescribes an editorial he wrote for the Warsaw message that they refused to publish.
25-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2632Story"The Mormons"Hazel ElfeA non-member's perspective of the LDS people.
25-Oct1843Vol. 1No. 2633AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Lydia Smith (74, Numb Palsey), W.C. Stephens (1, Quick Consumption), Stephen Abbott (39, Remitting Fever), Solomon Workman (9, Measles), Mary Cole of Iowa (61, Consumption), Sarah Crosbie (66, Ague
         and Fever), W. Robertson (62, Diarrhea), Charlotte Allen (35, Nervous Fever), Catherine Nicholson (47, Consumption), Mary Moon (63, Chill Fever), Lydia A. Taylor (35, Hyctic Fever).
1-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 2732Reprinted Story"A Visit from a Latter Day Saint"The Burlington Gazette Story from an Iowa Newspaper about members of the Church arriving by steamboat. The story says that the author knows nothing about the religion, but the character of the people is superior.
1-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 2734AnnouncementDeserting WifeCyrus BoleyStates that his wife, Martha, has left him without provocation, and he will not be responsible for debts she incurs.
8-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 2824AnnouncementArrival of EmigrantsEditorialElder Erastus Snow (&c), The Quorum of the 12 , A number of Emigrants from England are expected soon.
8-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 2824Story"Who Shall be our Next President"EditorialAn LDS perspective on who to vote for.
8-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 2826Reprinted StoryStatement of the Carthage MobThe Warsaw MessageStatement of the purpose and design of the Carthage Mob.
8-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 2834AnnouncementMarriedEditorialMatthew More Jr. married Adalaide Martin, performed by Elder C. Wesley Wandell.
8-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 2834AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Stephen Workman (13, Canker), Levi Stilts (38, Consumption), Samuel Claton of Cincinnati (36, ague and Fever), Brigham Cobb (5, Consumption), Alma M. Colton, (8 months, Inflamation of the Brain), J. A. W.
         Andrews (33, Measles), Sarah Hirst (8 months, Chill Fever), Mary Ann Raleigh, (20, Dropsy), Thaby Sarah Ann Stow of Iowa (8, Chill Fever), Lorina Brown (21, Canker), Alonzo Hutton (Chill Fever), George Brindle
         (28, Inflamation of bowels), George Randall (14, Ague and Fever), Ezra Parish (1, Scarlet Fever), Elizabeth Harington (42, Inflammation of Bowels), Robert Wigahl (30, Flux), William Campson (32, Diarrhea),
         Jamos Ethel (18, Diarrhea), Lorenzo B. McGinness (1, Canker), Ann Maria bar (19, Laharpe).
8-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 2843AnnouncementGuardianship AnnouncedHyrum SmithHyrum announced that he has been appointed guardian of Joel Bulard of Nauvoo, who was considered by the court to be insane.
15-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 2922AnnouncementArrival of EmigrantsEditorialA large company arrived from England, and they state that the church continues to grow in England, despite deplorable conditions.
15-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 2922Obituary"Death of Leah Chiles"EditorialPassed away of Cancer and Rheumatism.
22-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 3023Story"Stephens Works on Central America"EditorialDescribed as a piece that "ought to be in the hands of every Latter Day Saint…There is no stronger circumstantial evidence of the authenticity of the [Book of Mormon]."
22-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 3024Story"The Persecution of the Jews"EditorialDescribes the Latter Day Saint view of the Jewish Faith.
29-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 3126Announcement"Nauvoo Lyceum"Gustavus HillsThe creation of the Nauvoo Lyceum is announced.
29-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 3132Story"The Wonders of Ancient Egypt"EditorialDescribes the work of Dr. Lepalus.
29-Nov1843Vol. 1No. 3135AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Orson Washington Hyde (infant), Benjamin Chapman (3 months, Hives), Perry Durphy (26, Chill Fever), David garlick (63, Dropsy), Daniel Spencer (78, Inflammation of the Lungs).
6-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3223StoryMeeting to Create a Petition for Aid from CongressEditorialDescribes speeches by Parley P. Pratt and Joseph Smith.
6-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3226Story"Consequence of Mobs"EditorialQuotes the Philadelphia Ledger in describing a Supreme Court Ruling that forces Mobs to pay restitution for destruction they cause.
6-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3231Letter to the Editor"Mr. Editor" Republishing a letter from Gen Bennet to Gen SmithSigned "Viator"Republishes a letter from Gen. Bennet to Gen Smith, and the reply.
6-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3234AnnouncementMarriedEditorialWilliam Carier married Ellen Benbow, performed by Elder W. Woodruff; John Known married Mary Ann Morey, and George Hacks married Sarah Ann Gregory, both performed by Elder William Huntington.
6-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3242Announcement"Run Away - Once Cent Reward" Deserting WifeWilliam NesbitNesbit announces his wife's abandonment, as well as her taking of household furniture. A one cent reward is offered for the articles taken.
9-Dec1843Vol. 1No. SE11StoryMeeting of Citizens - 12/7/1843EditorialAlpheus Cutler was called to Chair, and Williard Richards was appointed Secretary, as the citizens drafted resolutions against the State of Missouri's request for the body of Joseph Smith.
9-Dec1843Vol. 1No. SE13Ordinances"An Ordinance to erect a Dam in the Missippi River"Joseph SmithCreates the ability to place a dam in the river.
9-Dec1843Vol. 1No. SE14NoteNauvoo Legion LegalityJ. Lamborn (Atty. General)Mr. Lamborn states that the Nauvoo Legion should not be recognized as an official militia, and is an illegal operation.
9-Dec1843Vol. 1No. SE14NoteNauvoo Legion Legality part 2I. N. McDougallMr. McDougal states that the Nauvoo Legion cannot use any federal funds, and must meet its own expenses.
13-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3314Announcement"Public Meeting"EditorialThe details of the 12/7/1843 meeting are re-told, and the ordinances passed are also included. See the 12/9/1843 Special Edition Issue
13-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3315Ordinances"An Extra Ordinance for the Extra Case of Joseph Smith and Others"Joseph SmithAnyone who comes to arrest Joseph Smith or other citizens involved in "Missouri Difficulties" will be arrested, and if found guilty, incarcerated for life.
13-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3323Story"Public Meeting"EditorialDescribing the meeting, and the Paper's view of the legal challenges against Joseph Smith.
13-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3324Note"Dinner Party" - Christmas DayEditorialJoseph Smith plans a dinner party for Christmas Day.
13-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3324Ordinances"An Ordinance for Selecting Forty Policemen"Joseph SmithSpecifies selecting forty policemen, who will be paid by the city of Nauvoo.
13-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3324Ordinances"An Ordinance for the Health and Conscience of Travelers…"Joseph SmithGives Joseph Smith the power to sell "spirits" for the "health, comfort, and convenience of such travelers."
13-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3324Ordinances"An Ordinance to Amend an Ordinance concerning…Public Revenues…"Joseph SmithAdds an exception to the previous ordinance.
13-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3324Letter to the Editor"Nauvoo Seminary"Signed "Othello"Provides a good review of the Seminary of Nauvoo.
13-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3335AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Sarah Ann Blanchard (11, Chill Fever), Esther L. Moriff (28, Quick Consumption)
13-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3342Announcement"Select School"Aaron BlakeSchool announced with classes in reading, spelling, writing, arithmetic, grammar, geography, history, philosophy, algebra and surveying.
13-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3333Announcement"Select School"J. Hatch Jr.Another school announced which teaches "an English education…" as well as Latin and Greek.
20-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3411Poetry"To the Latter-Day Saints"E.R. SnowEach stanza ends with the phrase "…Celestial Glory."
20-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3425StoryGathering MobsEditorialDiscusses the formation of mobs opposed to the church, and expresses gratitude for their Governor who protects justice.
20-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3425Story"Kidnapping"EditorialDescribes two Nauvoo Citizens kidnapped, and one returning to tell what happened.
20-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3433Ordinances"An Ordinance Regulating Merchants and Grocers Licenses"Joseph SmithRequires a license to sell groceries within the city.
20-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3434Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning the Landing of Steam Boats in Nauvoo."Joseph SmithRequires the payment of $1 to land within the city limits.
20-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3434OrdinancesElections and Personnel ChangesJoseph SmithW.W. Phelps was elected as a member of the City Council; Jonathan Durham was elected Wharf-master for one year, the office of City Attorney is vacated, Heber C. Kimball was elected city auctioneer.
20-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3434AnnouncementMarriedEditorialA. L. Pullmer married Sarah Ann Fuller, performed by Elder John Taylor.
20-Dec1843Vol. 1No. 3434StoryNotice to Emigrants and Latter-Day Saints GenerallyW. ClaytonTelling poor emigrants that the Church has land they can purchase cheaply.
27-Dec1843Vol. 1 No. 3526Story"Mr. Rockwell"EditorialTells of Orrin Porter Rockwell, and his expulsion from Missouri.
27-Dec1843Vol. 1 No. 3531Ordinances"An Ordinance to Protect Unlawful Search or Seizure…"Joseph SmithMakes it illegal to conduct illegal searches, and specifies that if the Mayor of the city is not notified of the search, fines will be levied.
27-Dec1843Vol. 1 No. 3531Story"Further Doings of the Council"Willard RichardsJohn P. Greene was elected as the city Marshal, in place of H.G. Sherwood.
27-Dec1843Vol. 1 No. 3532Letter to the Editor"To the Editor of the Neighbor" - In defense of the ProphetSigned "Not the Prophet"Speaks of the negative adjectives used by newspapers to describe Joseph Smith, such as "numerous children" instead of 4 children.
3-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3611Poetry"New Years Hymn"W.W. PhelpsTalks about life in Nauvoo, and the resiliency of the Saints.
3-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3622Ordinances"An Ordinance to Authorize…Constables to Enforce Ordinances…Hogs…"John TaylorConstables can now enforce laws concerning hogs and wild animals.
3-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3624Letter to the Editor"Mr. Editor" - Priesthood BlessingsA. YoungTalks about the Priesthood, and its power to heal.
3-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3635AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Nephi L. S. S. J. Partial (2), Thomas Gardner (Infant, Fits), Robert Spittle (19, Winter Fever), Clark Blanchard (2, Chill Fever), Betsey Burgess (39, Consumption), Lucy Hubbard (2, Typhus Fever).
3-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3644NoteNauvoo BreweryT. TurleyDescribes a brewery in Nauvoo with "Ale, Beer, and Yenst of the best quality for sale."
10-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3722Story"Disgraceful Affair at Carthage"EditorialMob action increases.
10-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3725Note"Correspondence of Gen. Joseph Smith and Hon. J.C. Calhoun"Joseph Smith, J. C. CalhounTells Mr. Calhoun of the persecution the Saints have suffered, and offers their vote to someone who can help them. Cahoun's reply is also published.
10-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3731AnnouncementMarriedEditorialR. A. Allred married Julia A. bates, performed by Elder A. L. Fulmer; Bradford W. Elliott married Ann Daniap, performed by Elder William W. Folsom.
17-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3811Poetry"The Ode of Genius to Truth"E.R. SnowWritten in the Morley Settlement, Nov 28, 1843.
17-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3811Note"Queen Victoria"EditorialElder Lorenzo Snow (through Sir Henry Wheatley) gave Queen Victoria two copies of the Book of Mormon, donated by Brigham Young.
17-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3811Poetry"Queen Victoria"Lorenzo SnowPoem he wrote after giving Queen Victoria 2 copies of the Book of Mormon
17-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3812Story"An Appeal to the People of the State of Maine"Benjamin AndrewsAndrews, a native of Maine, writes to describe the persecution of the Church, as well as providing a history and testimony of the Church.
17-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3812Story"Ancient Ruins"EditorialDescribes ancient North Texan ruins as evidence of the authenticity of the Book of Mormon
17-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3831AnnouncementDeathsEditorialSarah Richmond (38, Chill Fever), Oscar C. Rolph (1, Croup), Mary Zenmour (1, Teething), Theresa M. Bell (8 months, Inflammation on the Brain), Henry Boyd (Infant), Israel Hess (22, Quick Consumption)
24-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3922Story"Carthage Warsaw and Green Plains"EditorialHostility to members of the Church has been found in each place.
24-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3925Story"A Library in Nauvoo"EditorialDescribes a meeting in the upper room of the Joseph Smith Store, in which a library was discussed. Books to be donated by community members.
24-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3926NoteMansion House OccupantsEditorialJoseph Smith rented out the Mansion house to Ebenezer Roffins, who formerly edited the Times and Seasons.
24-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3926Ordinances"Proceedings of the City Council"Willard RichardsJohn Haven was appointed second inspector of flour, Captain J. Dunham and forty police men were sworn in, Mulholland street was opened.
24-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3926Ordinances"An Ordinance Regulating a City Directory and Intelligence Office"Joseph SmithHenry G. Sherwood is authorized to make a directory of the city.
24-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3926Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning Witnesses and Jurors'' Fees"Joseph SmithFifty Cents of compensation per day is required for Jurors' and Witnesses, or else they can leave at any time.
24-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 3931Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning the Sale of Spirituous Liquors."Joseph SmithThe City Council is authorized to sell liquor in such quantities as they deem expedient. It is implied that this liquor is to be used for medicinal and mechanical purposes.
31-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 4011Story"To The Honorable…Representatives of Pennsylvania…"Sidney RigdonDescribing the plight of the Saints to the Pennsylvania Legislature.
31-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 4016Letter to the Editor"To the Editor of the Nauvoo Neighbor" - In support of the LDS PeopleJohn HusbandMr. Husband travelled with some Saints, and was very impressed with them
31-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 4023NoteWood Cutting for the Poor of the 6th WardDaniel CarnBishop Carn invites members to help him chop wood for the poor
31-Jan1844Vol. 1No. 4026Story"Missouri"E.R. SnowDiscusses the persecution of the Saints by the Missourians
7-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4122NoteThe Warsaw Message Stops CirculationEditorialAnnounces the downfall of the Warsaw message, and states, "The way of the transgressor is hard."
7-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4122Story"An Appeal to the Inhabitants of Massachusetts"Joseph YoungYoung, a native of Massachusetts, describes the persecution of the Saints and asks for help.
7-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4124StoryPersecutions against LibertyPhinehas RichardsDescribing the persecution of the Saints
7-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4133AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Herbert S. Bigelow (2, Measles), Deborah Houghton (45, Quick Consumption), Harvey Clark (7, Inflamation on the Brain), John Cole (45, Apoplexy), Laura Ann Phelps (11 months, Scarlet Fever), Susan Convert (6,
         Dropsy on the Brain), Philofrees J. Lyen (2, Scarlet Fever and Fits), Abigail P. Dow (1, Scarlet Fever)
7-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4135AnnouncementBishops Soliciting Woodcutters for the Poor3 BishopsSigned, Isaac Higbee, Jonathan H. Hale, Daniel Carn.
14-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4211Poetry"Farewell to Nauvoo"Signed "L. S."A farewell letter to Nauvoo
14-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4223Story"Who Shall be our Next President"EditorialDescribing the right person for President, speaking poorly of Martin Van Buren, and endorsing Joseph Smith
14-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4224Note"Public Meeting"EditorialJudge Phelps read an address written by Joseph Smith.
14-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4233Ordinances"An Ordinance to Repeal Certain Ordinances therein mentioned"Joseph SmithRepeal of Ordinances, "An Ordinance for the Extra Case of Joseph Smith and Others," and "An ordinance to Prevent Unlawful Search and Seizure of Person and Property."
14-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4234Ordinances"An Ordinance to Repeal an Ordinance Regulating the Currency"Joseph SmithRepeals the "Ordinance Regulating the Currency."
14-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4234AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Belsey Turner (33, Fever), Isabella Burns (5, Canker), Lucy Waid (28), Sariah M. Waid (3)
14-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4234AnnouncementDeserting SonElijah FordhamAnnounces the abscondment of George Fisher Fordham, and prohibits Saints from aiding him, or allowing him credit in his father's name.
21-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4324Reprinted Story"The Mormons"The Niles National RegisterWritten by non-members, describing the story of the church.
21-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4326Letter to the Editor"To the Editor of the Neighbor" - Joseph Smith defending the SignalJoseph SmithJoseph Smith writes in to ask the editors to stop saying bad things about the Warsaw Signal. "If the editor breathe out that old sulphorous blast, let him go and besment his reputation…"
21-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4326Story"Public Meeting" - Warsaw Mobber's ResolutionWarsaw MobMob officially created by resolution
21-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4331Reprinted Story"Very Important and Curious From the Mormon Empire on the Mississippi"The New York HeraldDescribes the settlement of Nauvoo, and a rudimentary history of the Church.
21-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4334AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Nathaniel H. Turner (39, Inflammation of Brain), Mahaly Ann Morris (31, Bilious Colie), Kobert Hicks (74, Old Age), Eliphaz Marsh (58, Lung Fever), Mary Isabella Hales, Mary Elizabeth Gray (6 months)
28-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4411Story"An Appeal to the State of Tennessee"A. YoungA. Young speaks of his Father, John Young, settling in Tennessee, and asks the government to consider the wrongs being heaped upon the Saints by the Government.
28-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4423Story"For President, Joseph Smith"EditorialDescribes the bold action the Saints must take for government recognition, even nominating Joseph Smith for President of the United States.
28-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4424Story"A Day of Fasting and Prayer"EditorialThe mob declares March 9, 1844 as a day when the mob should fast and pray that God would, "Bring the false prophet, Joseph Smith, to deep repentance…"
28-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4425Announcement"General Smith's Views of the Powers… for sale."Editorial"General Smith's Views of the Powers and Policy of the Government of the United States," a 12 page pamphlet, is announced for sale in the Mansion House.
28-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4426Letter to the Editor"Mr. Editor" - Nauvoo Library and InstituteSigned "Amicus"Describes the committee and the beaurocracy that is being used to create the Nauvoo Library.
28-Feb1844Vol. 1No. 4433AnnouncementMarriedEditorialDavid Brinton married Elizabeth G. Hoops, performed by Pres. H. Smith; Samuel Barker married Sarah Bedell, performed by Elder George W. Lincoln; Robert de Zoose married Betsey J. Tenney, performed by
         Elder Elijah Reed.
6-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4521Announcement"For President, Gen. Joseph Smith…"EditorialThis is the first time that Gen. James A. Bennet is listed as the Vice Presidential Candidate.
6-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4521Announcement"Public Meeting"EditorialDescribes a meeting to be held at the Temple where the First Presidency and Twelve will preside.
6-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4524Reprinted Story"Tea Party of Latter Day Saints"The New York HeraldDescribes a tea party, in Middlewich, Cheshire where between one and two hundred Saints attended. They are described as, "a good humored and agreeable people."
6-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4533AnnouncementMarriedEditorialSamuel W. Fowler married Harriett Hadlock, performed by Elder Jonathan H. Hale, Alonzo H. Ralleigh married Caroline L. Curtis, performed by Elder Samuel G. Flagg, Isaac C. Jacobs married Lydia A. Bate,
          performed by Pres. H. Smith.
6-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4533AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Sarah Maryetta Seely (11 months, Measles), Mary M. Kelsey (infant), Benjamin Kempton (29, Consumption), Jane Hicks (2, Sore Throat), Isaac Snyder (56, Lung Fever), Jerone Noble (7 months, dropsy in the
         head), Joseph S. Coolidge (1, Inflammation of the Lungs), Jules Mariah Thompson (1, Consumption), Hyrum Smoot (7 months, Crop and Inflammation of the Bowels).
6-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4545AnnouncementBill for DivorceJ.B. BackenstosWilliam Nesbitt requests a divorce from Lydia Nesbitt, and Alfred Brown requests a divorce from Hester Ann Eliza Brown.
13-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4622StoryMeeting at the TempleEditorialThe meeting at the Temple is described in brief, and the paper announces that Arlington Bennet originally hails from Ireland, and is ineligible to be Vice President in Joseph Smith's Candidacy
13-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4622Story"A Friendly Hint to Missouri"Joseph SmithSigned, "I am the friend of all good men, Joseph Smith."
13-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4623Announcement"City Council - Special Session"W. RichardsJoseph Dunham instated as Wharf master, Water Street is to be opened; Knight Street is to be opened; Petition to work Fulmer Street referred to the Mayor; Petition to repeal the hog laws rejected; Petition
         to grade River Hill referred to the Mayor, Petition to open block 118 is referred to the business owners.
13-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4632StoryWho Shall be our Executive?A. DolrseensJoseph is described as General, a legislator, and a jurist.
13-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4633AnnouncementMarriedEditorialElihu B. Adams married Caroline Conrad, performed by Elder A. C. Brewer; Martin Titus married Mary Ann Baldin, performed by Elder A. C. Brewer.
13-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4633AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Caroline Pitt (28, Inflammation), William Pitt (fits).
13-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4633Announcement"Masonic Notice"William ClaytonAnnouncing the April 5th dedication of the new Masonic Hall.
13-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4634AnnouncementBill for DivorceJ.B. BackenstosElizabeth Whitesides requests a divorce from William Whitesides
20-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4722AnnouncementKing Follet Discourse AnnouncementEditorialAnnounces that President Smith will preach a funeral sermon for Elder King Follet, Friday April 5th at 10:00am
20-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4722Reprinted Story"A New Candidate for the Presidency"Several NewspapersArticles announcing the candidacy of Joseph Smith for President.
20-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4722Story"Virtue Will Triumph"Emma SmithPreamble and resolution read and accepted by the Relief Society, includes disdain for polygamy and "Spiritual Wifery"
20-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4724StoryElder King Follet ObituaryEditorialDescribes the life and death of Elder Follet
20-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4731Letter to the EditorFrom the Quincy Herald - A defense of MormonismSigned, "A Friend to the…"States opposition to an article published by the Quincy Whig Newspaper.
20-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4734AnnouncementDeathsEditorialWilliam Burch (23, Drowned).
27-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4821Story"Coffee Drinkers"EditorialDescribes how to grow coffee beans.
27-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4822Story"The Oregon Question"EditorialDescribes a debate by Presidential Candidates regarding Oregon and Texas, and then describes Joseph Smith's Platform.
27-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4823Story"The Last Hour of the False Prophet"EditorialDescribes conflict in Eastern Europe, and states that "the signs of the speedy fulfillment of the prediction against Mohammedanism are multiplying every day."
27-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4834AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Catherine Hopkins (5, Inflammation of the lungs), Mary Ann Holand (31, Dropsy), Seth Cook (41, Bilious Colic), Selina M. Eldridge (1, Measles), Elizabeth Mary Weather (78, Old Age), King Follet (35, Fall in a
         Well), Ester A.Morrill (7 months, Measles), Titus Billings (10, Inflammation on the Brain), William Jones (23, Consumption).
27-Mar1844Vol. 1No. 4842AnnouncementDeserting WifeW.W. RustWealthy W. Rust has abandoned W.W. Rust, and should not be harbored or offered credit in the town.
3-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 4911Letter to the EditorJoseph Smith for PresidentA. YoungA letter to the editor describing the positive attributes that Joseph Smith would bring to the office of the Preisidency.
3-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 4923Story"Dedication" of Masonic TempleEditorialSpeaks of the planned dedication of the Masonic Temple in Nauvoo. Contains pieces called "The Entered Apprentice's Song," and "For the Anniversary of St. John."
3-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 4931Poetry"On the Death of Her Little Daughter"E.R. SnowWritten To Miss Sylvia Lyon
3-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 4933AnnouncementBill for DivorceJohn S. PollockThomas A. Lynne requests a divorce from Marcy Lynne.
3-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 4941AnnouncementDeserting SonEnos McNallEdmund McNall left his Father's home, and the people of Nauvoo are instructed not to harbor or trust him.
10-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5022Story"Conference"EditorialThe Semi-annual conference of the church held on 6, April is described. Attendance is estimated to be between 15 and 20 thousand.
10-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5023Story"A New Advocate for a National Bank"EditorialSpeaks of Joseph Smith's platform concerning a National Bank.
10-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5024Story"The Mormons - Horrible Conspiracy"EditorialDescribes, from the perspective of the mob, the growing animosity between the Saints and the Mob.
10-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5033Letter to the EditorDescription of the Character of Church LeadersSigned, "A Traveler"Provides a positive character reference for Joseph Smith
10-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5034AnnouncementMarriedEditorialIsaac Scott Married Sarah S. Hall, performed by Elder Jesse Haven; Levi C. Stringham married Eliza J. Wilbur, performed by Elder Bradford W. Elliott.
10-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5034AnnouncementDeserting HelpJoseph W. CoolidgeDavid Taylor, 16, is announced to have run away from his employer.
10-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5041AnnouncementDeserting Wife and SonsJ.H. Van NattaWife, Geruslia, and two sons, Miles and Erastus, left home.
17-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5114Reprinted Story"The Globe and Joe Smith"The Sangame JournalWritten in favor of Joseph Smith's candidacy for President, and his opinion of the role of government, by a non-member.
17-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5121AnnouncementMission AssignmentsBrigham YoungAnnouncing the States where members of the Church will serve missions, as well as notations of who will preside in these missions.
17-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5122StoryAffidavits of Anti-MormonsEditorialPublishes false affidavits against the Saints, led by M. G. Eaton, generally dealing with Polygamy.
17-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5124StoryLand of LibertyJoseph SmithA document outlining the freedoms of this country and speaking of his candidacy for President.
17-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5126Reprinted Story"Mormons in Alabama"The Mobile JournalSpeaks of the Proselytizing efforts of LDS Missionaries in Alabama.
17-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5134AnnouncementMarriedEditorialDavid LeBaron married Esther M. Johnson, performed by Elder Almon Babbitt, George Johnson married Jane Johnson, performed by Elder John Smith, David Candland married Mary Ann Barton, performed by
         Elder John Smith, Elder Martin H. Peck married Mary Thorn, performed by Elder Johnathan H. Hale.
17-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5134AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Leonora C. Wandell (1, Measles), George P. Colton (3 months, Disease unknown), Thomas Mardis (4, Measles), Caroline Spratley (8 months, Inflammation in Bowels), John Robinsons (1 month, Fits), Dladiah
          Bowen Jr. (1, Scarlet Fever), Asa E. Wilson (1, Diarrhea), Marthy A. Knight (5, Measles), Susan E. Roberts (6 months, Inflammation on the Lungs).
24-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5221Story"More Mormons"EditorialDescribes the return of many members of the Twelve and others from their missions.
24-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5221Story"Public Meeting" - Presidential Campaign StrategyJohn TaylorMeeting in Joseph Smith's store, spoke about political influence, polling data, and other concerns.
24-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5221StoryAppeal to the State of MassachusettsNoah PackardA petition to the State for help and sympathy.
24-Apr1844Vol. 1No. 5225Reprinted StoryJoseph Smith and "Views of the Powers and Policy of the…"The Boston BeeDescribes Joseph's desire to cut congress by 1/2, and pay them $2 per day, except Sundays.
1-May1844Vol. 2No. 121Letter to the EditorCharacter Reference for Nauvoo and Joseph SmithSigned, "Sissimus"Describes the beauty of Nauvoo and the kindness of Joseph Smith
1-May1844Vol. 2No. 124Letter to the EditorJoseph Smith does not Practice Spiritual WiferyJeremiah Smith, Sen.States that the "Spiritual Wifery" rumors are not true.
1-May1844Vol. 2No. 125Story"Outrages" - Crime in NauvooEditorialTells the story of a few unruly mom members, who threatened to shoot Joseph Smith.
1-May1844Vol. 2No. 126Letter to the EditorSupport of Joseph Smith's Candidacy"A. RiplyDescribes the merits of Joseph Smith's Campaign.
1-May1844Vol. 2No. 133Story"All is Peace at Nauvoo Among the Saints"J.P. Greene (City Marshall)Describes O.P. Rockwell telling the Marshall about a mob member assaulting people in town, and their apprehension of this criminal.
1-May1844Vol. 2No. 135AnnouncementMarriedEditorialSamuel Martin married Nancy Tall, performed by L.E. Harrington.
1-May1844Vol. 2No. 135AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Charles B. Johnson (10, Fit of Apoplex), Preserved A. Allred (21, Lung Fever), Joseph Carn (3 months), Polly Stringham (38, Dropsy)
1-May1844Vol. 2No. 135AnnouncementFamily Meeting PlaceJane MellenJane announces that her husband John, who was coming to England, can find his family in Nauvoo.
8-May1844Vol. 2No. 221Story"General Smith's Views"EditorialDescribes reasons to vote for Joseph for President
8-May1844Vol. 2No. 221Story"General Smith's Views of the Powers and Policy of the Government…"Joseph SmithWritten by Joseph to announce his platform, and his views on Government.
15-May1844Vol. 2No. 323Letter to the EditorPolitics and Joseph SmithA. YoungLong article which describes the current candidates for President, and why Joseph Smith would make the best candidate of them all.
15-May1844Vol. 2No. 324Announcement"The State Convention"EditorialInforms the Saints of their "duty" to nominate state electors that will support Joseph Smith.
15-May1844Vol. 2No. 326StoryWilliam Smith ends his candidacy for the Illinois State LegislatureEditorialIn consequence of his family's health problems, William announces the end of his campaign for the Legislature. Speculation begins that Hyrum Smith, his Brother, will seek the seat instead.
15-May1844Vol. 2No. 326Announcement"State Convention" - Committee CreatedEditorialAnnounces the "Committee of Arrangements" as Reynolds Cahoon, Edward Hunter, and John Taylor.
15-May1844Vol. 2No. 326Letter to the EditorCharacter Reference for Nauvoo and Joseph SmithSigned, "An American"Describes the misrepresentation the Saints have suffered in the news, and speaks highly of the city of Nauvoo and its leadership.
15-May1844Vol. 2No. 331StoryJoseph Smith requests Writ of Habeas Corpus and other DocumentsJoseph Smith &c.Petition for a writ of Habeas Corpus from the Court. It should be noted that Joseph is referred to as "Joseph Smith Sr." in these court documents.
15-May1844Vol. 2No. 336AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Julia Ann Brabey (42, Spinal Irritation and Dropsy), Lydia Ann Mendenhall (4 months, Scarlet Fever), Joel F. Scovil (14, Consumption), Nehemiah Hartle (36, Dropsy).
22-May1844Vol. 2No. 6*11Letter to the EditorCandidates for PresidentA. RiplyDescribes the candidates and political parties involved in the Presidential Election, without mentioning much about Joseph Smith.
22-May1844Vol. 2No. 6*12Letter to the EditorDescription of Nauvoo and Joseph Smith's Presidential CampaignW.G. GoforthArticle published in "The Advocate" solicited the view of Goforth after his return from a trip to Nauvoo, in regards to Joseph Smith's Candidacy for President.
22-May1844Vol. 2No. 6*21StoryState Convention HeldEditorialDue to rain, many other groups were not represented at the convention. But the convention was successful, and Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon both were well received.
22-May1844Vol. 2No. 6*21Story"Minutes of a Convention held in the City of Nauvoo…"EditorialDescribes the State Convention, and includes some correspondence between Joseph Smith and Illinois Politicians.
22-May1844Vol. 2No. 6*26Story"Lynching and the Mormons"EditorialDescribes a lynching, supposedly carried out by the Saints in Nauvoo, of a colored man.
22-May1844Vol. 2No. 6*26AnnouncementArrival of EmigrantsEditorialStates the arrival of 62 emigrants and missionaries from the East by name.
22-May1844Vol. 2No. 6*31Story"Joseph Smith vs. Joseph H. Reynolds…Religious Prejudice &c."EditorialDescribes the religious prejudice suffered by Joseph Smith.
22-May1844Vol. 2No. 6*31Letter to the EditorPrejudice against the Saints, and the joys of NauvooBenjamin AndrewsSpeaks of Nauvoo and the great people there, as well as some challenges facing members of the Church.
29-May1844Vol. 2No. 721AnnouncementGen. Joseph Smith for President, with Sidney Rigdon as Vice PresidentEditorialThe first ad which lists Sidney Rigdon as the Vice Presidential Candidate.
29-May1844Vol. 2No. 723Story"Truth is Mighty" - Correspondence between J. Smith and Henry ClayJ. Smith & H. ClayCorrespondence between the two Presidential Candidates.
29-May1844Vol. 2No. 731Story"Chauncey L. Higbee" - Testimony before the High CouncilMargaret J. NewmanMargret was seduced under false pretences by Chauncey Higbee, and she testified before the High Council that Higbee told her that Joseph had approved of such actions.
29-May1844Vol. 2No. 732Story"Chauncey L. Higbee" - Testimony before the High CouncilSarah MillerSarah Miller describes similar events. Higbee later left the church to follow the "True Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints"
29-May1844Vol. 2No. 736AnnouncementMarriedEditorialEdward Lang Page married Catherine J. Spear, performed by Elder Erastus H. Derby; Joseph M. Cole married Eliza James, performed by Elder Samuel James.
29-May1844Vol. 2No. 736AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Sophrona G. Frost (25)
5-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 811Poetry"Riots in Congress"E.R. SnowDescribes the disdain of the people when the United States Congress is not maintaining order.
5-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 823Story"General Smith's views of the Powers and Policy of the United States"EditorialPresents Joseph's views that the Government should buy the freedom of every black slave, in order to secure emancipation.
5-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 824Reprinted Story"In Pursuit" - Chasing Mr. Brown into NauvooThe St. Louis RepublicanDescribes a murder named "Brown" who has taken refuge in Nauvoo, and is said to be a friend of Joseph, who is harboring him. Includes a rebuttal from John Taylor.
5-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 824AnnouncementPay the PostageHyrum SmithHyrum states that he will no longer open mail for which he has to pay the postage, because he cannot afford the cost, and the letters are usually full of "Foolish interrogations."
5-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 825Letter to the EditorJ.C. Bennett's Rumors are FalseSigned, "Hospes"Describes a pleasant visit to Nauvoo, and refutes some of the Rumors that were supposedly spread by John C. Bennett.
5-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 826Story"More Mormon Exterminators"EditorialStates that Boggs may not be "the only Nero in the land of Liberty."
5-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 832Letter"Letter to Gen. Joseph Smith"Signed, "Your Obedient…"Requests a transcript of Joseph's speech about the political evils facing the world.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*12Reprinted Story"The Temple"The St. Louis GazetteDescription of the construction of the Nauvoo Temple
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*13Story"Religion and Politics"Signed "O.S."Long article describing the current political state, and giving details about each candidate.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*23Story"Retributive Justice" - The Nauvoo ExpositorEditorialDescribes the mob's creation of a new anti-Mormon paper, The Nauvoo Expositor. Describes the Saints, led by the city martial, as they destroyed the press and papers.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*23Story"To the Public" - The Destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor"EditorialStates that everything the Saints did was in cooperation with the City Council and Police force.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*24Story"Anecdote" EditorialPuns about the names of the mob leaders.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*24Story"Grinding the Poor"EditorialDescribes the disdain of the newspaper printers at a flyer announcing help for the poor which announces the generosity of the mill.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*24Story"Oh Gracious"EditorialTells the story of George Beader, a Missionary for the church, who was caught with "four or five pieces of foreign bogus in his possession" and imprisoned in S. Louis.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*24Story"Very Good" - Hyrum Smith's Legislature CampaignEditorialHyrum announces that he will soon begin campaigning for votes to elect him to the State Legislature.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*25Story"Turn Away" - The Advancement of Joseph's CampaignEditorialDescribes the vast amount of news attention that Joseph Smith's candidacy is creating.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*25LetterCorrespondence between S. Rigdon and Paul M. Closky Sidney RigdonAsks what has been done with the letter that Sidney penned to the State of Pennsylvania.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*31AnnouncementMaintain Order and Peace in the CityJoseph SmithJoseph asks, as the Mayor, that all citizens join with the Police to ensure a peaceful city.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*31Ordinances"Proceedings of the City Council"Willard RichardsLong list of actions, including: Phinehus Richards, Levi Richards, and Edward Hunter receiving their seat on the council, Councilor Emmons was suspended from office due to a slander investigation, and the
         Nauvoo Expositor was declared a nuicense, and ordered to be removed.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*31Ordinances"An Ordinance concerning the City Attorney and His Duties"Geo. W. HarrisThe city attorney prosecutes criminals in the city, provides council on legal matters, and will be paid 100 dollars per year.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*32Ordinances"An Ordinance concerning Libels and for Other Purposes"Geo. W. HarrisWidens the definition of slander, to ensure that the Saints can protect themselves from those who seek to misrepresent the church.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*32OrdinancesAffidavits about the Mock Court held in MissouriW.W. PhelpsPhelps certifies that any court proceedings held in Missouri concerning the Prophet were "a sham," and that no fair trial has been provided for Joseph.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*36AnnouncementDeathsW.D. Huntington (Sexton)Sarah Coleman (14, Nervous Fever), Howes Crowell (25, Consumption), W.B. Patterson (21, Dyspepsy).
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*36Announcement"To the Voters of Hancock County" - Sherriff Proposal from J. KellingJoseph A. KellingAnnounces his candidacy for Sherriff.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*36AnnouncementPublishing of the Doctrine and CovenantsEditorialAnnounces the printing of the Doctrine and Covenants in about one month, and petitions for immediate orders.
12-Jun1844Vol. 2No. 7*36Announcement"Caution" - Beware of False Paper MoneyJoseph SmithStates that the failure of the Kirtland Safety Society should make members wary of accepting all forms of paper money.
17-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE11Story"To the Public" - The Destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor"EditorialIncludes signatures of 16 people who state that the Expositor was calculated to arouse indignation, and that Hyrum Smith did not threaten the paper.
17-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE11OrdinancesSynopsis of the Proceedings of the Municipality of the City of Nauvoo…EditorialStates that the synopsis is "Relative to the destruction of the press and fixtures of the Nauvoo Expositor."
17-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE12LetterLetter from R.D. Foster to Joseph SmithR.D. Foster Foster states that he refuses to meet with Joseph Smith, and writes many inflammatory statements about the church.
17-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE12StoryContinuation of Statements from Church MembersVariousStatements from O.P. Rockwell, a brother of R.D. Foster, Cyrus Hill, Peter Haws, Hyrum Smith, and others.
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 811PoetryUntitled - Describes seeing the ancient relics in Wayne County, N.Y.S. PostFore note states: "Lines suggested on seeing an ancient fortification in Wayne County, N.Y."
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 812Letter to the EditorDescription of "The Travels and Adventures of Monsieur Violet"Signed, "Boston Corrosp."Originally published in "The New York Prophet"
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 815Letter"Letters of Mrs. Emma Smith to Gov. Thomas Carlin and His Answers."Emma SmithPresents the letters between Emma and Gov. Carlin.
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 823Story"...Concerning the Destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor"EditorialStates that Joseph was arrested, along with sixteen others, but was discharged, along with the rest.
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 824Story"To the Public" - The Removal of the Nauvoo ExpositorEditorialDescribes why the city council considered the paper a nuisance, and presents the case for its destruction.
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 824Story"To the Public" - Hyrum Smith did not ParticipateEditorialProvides 16 names of witnesses who state that Hyrum Smith did not encourage any of the conflict with the Warsaw Signal.
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 825Ordinances"Proceedings of the City Council"Signed, "P.M."Written in a Letter to the Editor, this describes some of the statements made by Mayor Smith. Discusses Polygamy, Sylvester Emmons suspension from the City Council, and the destruction of the Expositor.
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 825Letter"To Gen. J. Smith" - R.D. Foster's Refusal to meet with Joseph SmithR.D. FosterFosters states that because of Joseph's reputation he would not meet with him to discuss anything.
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 834LetterJ. Smith and Marshall Green's Correspondence about the ExpositorJoseph SmithAuthorization to destroy the Nauvoo Expositor, and also asks the Nauvoo Legion to be on alert in case of problems.
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 835Announcement"Public Meeting" - Appointments of DelegatesJohn TaylorAnnounces the appointment of many people as delegates, and discusses the false reports circulated about Nauvoo.
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 835Announcement"Proclamation" - Concerning the Destruction of the Nauvoo ExpositorJoseph SmithJoseph tells the story of the destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor.
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 835Letter to the EditorJune 14th's Mail LossSidney RigdonRigdon, as the Post Master, writes to disclose what happened to the missing mail.
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 836AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedJoseph A. KeltingKelting announces his candidacy for Sherriff.
19-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 844Announcement"Map of Nauvoo" - Available for PurchaseBrigham YoungBrigham Young announces the arrival from New York of maps of Nauvoo.
21-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE11AnnouncementCorrection - Steamboats LandingEditorialThe paper declares the rumors that steamboats belonging to the enemies of Nauvoo were not permitted in Nauvoo, false and unfounded.
21-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE11Story"Reason Makes us Men"Missouri and Illinois MobsReproduces the resolutions drafted by the Mob's in Missouri and Illinois.
21-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE12Story"The Preparation" - Mob's Armament GrowingEditorialDescribes the armament of the Saints and Others in preparation for battle.
21-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE13Story"A Question" - Who leads the Mob?EditorialDescribes the character of Mob leaders, and portrays the Saints as peaceful people who do not wish to fight.
21-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE14Announcement"State of Illinois vs. Joseph Smith and Others"The State of IllinoisPresents the court proceedings against Joseph, and gives the names of all those arrested.
26-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 915AnnouncementCorrection - Steamboats LandingEditorialThe paper declares the rumors that steamboats belonging to the enemies of Nauvoo were not permitted in Nauvoo, false and unfounded.
26-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 915Story"Reason Makes us Men"Missouri and Illinois MobsReproduces the resolutions drafted by the Mob's in Missouri and Illinois.
26-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 916Story"The Preparation" - Mob's Armament GrowingEditorialDescribes the armament of the Saints and Others in preparation for battle.
26-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 921Story"A Question" - Who leads the Mob?EditorialDescribes the character of Mob leaders, and portrays the Saints as peaceful people who do not wish to fight.
26-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 923Announcement"State of Illinois vs. Joseph Smith and Others"The State of IllinoisPresents the court proceedings against Joseph, and gives the names of all those arrested.
26-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 931Story"The Mormons" - From the People's (St. Louis) OrganThe St. Lois OrganStory about the frequent extermination orders and prejudice against the Church.
26-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 932AnnouncementThe Public Arms Given UpEditorialAnnounces the Nauvoo Legion's Disarmament.
26-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 932StoryJoseph Smith for PresidentSigned, "Libertas"Describes the prestige of having a righteous man run for President.
26-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. 934AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonElizabeth Green (1 month), Mary Mikesel (26), Emma Stewart (1), Infant of Urban and Lydia Stewart, Joseph S. Creger (1 month, Measles), Lydia Priddle (39, Typhus Fever).
30-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE11Story"Awful Assassination! The Pledged Faith of the State of Illinois stained…"EditorialDescribes the offer of protection from Gov. Ford, and the subsequent assassination of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
30-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE11LetterAnnouncing the Assassination to Emma SmithWillard Richards and othersWritten by Willard Richards, John Taylor, and Samuel H. Smith, tells the Saints to be prepared for another attack.
30-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE12Story"Statement of Facts!" - Describing the Events of the Past WeekEditorialTells the story leading up to the Martyrdom.
30-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE12StoryLegal Documents concerning Joseph and HyrumVariousThe papers given by the State of Illinois to the Jailer, and others.
30-Jun1844Vol. 2 No. SE14LetterTo the People of the State of Illinois" - Proclamation by Gov. FordGov. Thomas FordDescribes the martyrdom from his perspective.
2-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. SE11Story"Awful Assassination! The Pledged Faith of the State of Illinois stained…"EditorialDescribes the offer of protection from Gov. Ford, and the subsequent assassination of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
2-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. SE11LetterAnnouncing the Assassination to Emma SmithWillard Richards and othersWritten by Willard Richards, John Taylor, and Samuel H. Smith, tells the Saints to be prepared for another attack.
2-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. SE12Story"Statement of Facts!" - Describing the Events of the Past WeekEditorialTells the story leading up to the Martyrdom.
2-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. SE14LetterTo the People of the State of Illinois" - Proclamation by Gov. FordGov. Thomas FordDescribes the martyrdom from his perspective.
2-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. SE16Letter"Signs of Peace" - Instructions from Gov. FordGov. Thomas FordLetter from Thomas Ford to Colonel Fellowes and Captain Jones describing actions they should take to ensure peace.
2-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. SE16Letter"To the City Council of Nauvoo" - Instructions from Gov. FordHart Fellows, A. JonasLetter from Fellows and Jonas that presents Gov. Ford's letter and describes the necessary actions to ensure peace.
2-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. SE16OrdinancesMeeting of the City Council - Resolution for PeaceGeo W. HarrisResolution that states that the Saints will not rebel or avenge the mob violence, and will remain loyal to the State Government.
2-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. SE16 Announcement"Public Meeting" - Votes of ThanksEditorialThe Saints, gathered together for a large meeting, provide votes of thanks for the many who have helped Joseph Smith.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1014Story"Awful Assassination! The Pledged Faith of the State of Illinois stained…"EditorialDescribes the offer of protection from Gov. Ford, and the subsequent assassination of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1015LetterAnnouncing the Assassination to Emma SmithWillard Richards and othersWritten by Willard Richards, John Taylor, and Samuel H. Smith, tells the Saints to be prepared for another attack.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1015Story"Statement of Facts!" - Describing the Events of the Past WeekEditorialTells the story leading up to the Martyrdom.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1015StoryLegal Documents concerning Joseph and HyrumVariousThe papers given by the State of Illinois to the Jailer, and others.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1022LetterTo the People of the State of Illinois" - Proclamation by Gov. FordGov. Thomas FordDescribes the martyrdom from his perspective.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1023Story"Proclamation" - Instruction to Carthage ResidentsM.R. DemingThe Brig. Gen. of the 4th Brigade and 5th division writes to Carthage to provide them with information needed to keep the peace.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1024LetterLetter from M.R. Deming to Willard RichardsM.R. DemingSpeaks of the recovery of John Taylor.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1024Letter"Signs of Peace" - Instructions from Gov. FordGov. Thomas FordLetter from Thomas Ford to Colonel Fellowes and Captain Jones describing actions they should take to ensure peace.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1024OrdinancesMeeting of the City Council - Resolution for PeaceGeo W. HarrisResolution that states that the Saints will not rebel or avenge the mob violence, and will remain loyal to the State Government.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1024Announcement"Public Meeting" - Votes of ThanksEditorialThe Saints, gathered together for a large meeting, provide votes of thanks for the many who have helped Joseph Smith.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1031Story"Willful Murder!" - The Death of Joseph and HyrumEditorialDescribes the story of the Martyrdom.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1031Story"Scenes and Signs" - The Need for PeaceEditorialDescribes the peace that the Saints should ensure, despite the violent times.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1031AnnouncementCondition of Mr. TaylorEditorialMr. Taylor is expected home this day, and is recovering slowly from his wounds.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1033Story"Doings of the City Council" - Soliciting AidOrson SpencerIt is decided that the Saints will go beg to other cities to provide needed supplies.
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1033AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonPrime Coleman (42, Nervous Fever), Julia Conditt (23, Consumption), John Madock Jones (2), Lydia miller (3, Measles), Elizabeth Clift (58, Cancer), Mary Carrington (9 months, teething), Axa M. Parcial (23, Typhus
          Fever), James Babcock (1, Diarrhea).
3-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1034AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialGeorge W. Robinson, Joel S. Miles, George W. Stigall, and John D. Parker - Sherriff of Hancock County.
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1112Story"Congressional - House of Representatives: Mormons"EditorialMr. Wentworth reads a memorial for Joseph Smith into the official record, and describes the interruption by a legislator.
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1123AnnouncementCondition of Mr. TaylorEditorialStates that his wounds "do very well," and that he is recovering "as fast as can be expected."
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1123Story"Goodness Shall be Rewarded"EditorialAnnounces that John Taylor's pocket watch saved him from death.
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1123Letter"Letter from the Governor"Gov. Thomas FordAddressed to the "Warsaw Committee of Safety."
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1125Reprinted Story"Public Opinion" - The MartyrdomVarious NewspapersProvides the reactions of several newspapers to the martyrdom.
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1125Reprinted Story"Joseph Smith the Mormon Prophet and His Brother Hyrum Murdered…"The Illinois State RegisterDescribes the first news of the martyrdom.
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1125Reprinted StoryGovernor Ford and the MormonsThe Quincy HeraldStates that the murders were "in cold blood."
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1126Reprinted Story"The Mormon Difficulties"The Sangamo JournalDescribes the Martyrdom.
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1126Reprinted Story"The Murders at Carthage"The Missouri RepublicanDescribes the Martyrdom.
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1131Reprinted Story"Murder of Joe and Hyrum Smith by a Mob"The Bloomington HeraldDescribes the Martyrdom.
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1133AnnouncementMarriedEditorialJ.J. Grant married Caroline Vandyke, performed by Elder N.K. Whitney; Elder L.M. Davis married Precia Spiva, performed by Matthias Myers.
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1133AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonMatilda Young (2, Diarrhea), Daniel Houghton (1, Measles), Sarah C. Wade (1, Diarrhea), Nephi Barker (9 months, Diarrhea), Jane Frodsham (5, Drowned), Mary Kempton (19, Consumption).
10-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1133AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialAddition of A.W. Babbitt for Sherriff of Hancock County.
17-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1211PoetryThe Martyrdom of Joseph and HyrumE.R. SnowPoem describing her feelings after the Martyrdom. Very difficult to read print.
17-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1211Poetry"Ode to Friendship" and "Recipe for Happiness"Parley P. PrattBoth poems likely describe Parley's feelings about Joseph.
17-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1224Story"Stone Coal" - Discovery of CoalEditorialDescribes a vein of coal found between 60 an d 100 miles from Nauvoo.
17-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1224Reprinted Story"The Murder of the Mormon Prophet and his Brother"The Lee County DemocratStates that if violence isn't arrested, "freedom is butchered."
17-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1224Reprinted Story"Public Opinion" - The MartyrdomVarious NewspapersProvides the reactions of several newspapers to the martyrdom.
17-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1225Reprinted StoryThe Deaths of Joe and Hyrum SmithThe St. Louis TranscriptDescribes the Martyrdom.
17-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1233AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonCharles Davis (1, Bloody Flux), Elizabeth A. Flemming (1, Inflammation in the bowels), Lydia Victoria Hadclock (11 months, Teething), Sarah Steed (28, Inflammation), Sylvia K. Cowan (24, Rheumatic Fever),
         William Van Orden (39, Bloody Flux), Fanny Tinkum (47, Bilious Fever), Elizabeth Pierce (4, Dropsy), George Nelson (13 days, Diarrhea), Jane Gribble (17, Bloody Flux), Georgianna A. Crowell (2, Consumption),
         Margret M. Devine (36, Consumption), Eliza Ann Medough (33, Consumption).
17-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1233AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialAdditions of William Backenstos - Sherriff of Hancock County; Charles C. Main - County Commissioner.
24-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1323Reprinted Story"Spirit of Mobocracy"St. Louis GazetteDescribes the threat that mob justice poses to peace and prosperity.
24-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1325Story"What is to Become of Mormonism"EditorialStates that other societies have had far bloodier and more difficult histories.
24-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1325Story"The Troubles at Nauvoo"EditorialDescribes the problems facing those in Nauvoo since the extermination order.
24-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1331Story"Two Minues in Jail" - The Martyrdom of the ProphetWillard RichardsTells the story of the Martyrdom from inside the Jail.
24-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1334Reprinted Story"Disgraceful Murder of Joseph and Hyrum Smith"The Randolph Co. RecordDescribes the Martyrdom.
24-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1335AnnouncementCandidates for Office AnnouncedEditorialAdditions of David R. Green - Hancock County Coroner; Edward A. Bedell, and Jacob B. Backenstos - Illinois Legislature
31-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1411Poetry"Lamentation - Joseph and Hyrum Smith"AnonymousPoem describing the martyrdom.
31-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1416Reprinted Story"Bigamy - Infamous Outrage"The Rochester DemocratDescribes a man who has been married to multiple women, and suggests his quick apprehension.
31-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1424Reprinted Story"The Last Prophet is Dead" The Mt. Carmel Plough-boySuggests that Mormons should be "judged by our laws, and not by our muskets," but seems to think the church committed illegal actions.
31-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1425Letter"To the People of Warsaw, in Hancock County" - Petition for PeaceGov. Thomas FordStates that Gov. Ford has heard more plans for the destruction of the Mormons, and forbids them from attacking again.
31-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1426Reprinted Story"Symptoms in Boston" - State ConventionThe Boston TimesDescribes a State Convention, and the interruptions that those against the church caused.
31-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1432Reprinted Story"The Finale" - The Deaths of Joseph and Hyrum SmithThe Baltimore Saturday…States that there are contradictory accounts as to what may have happened. Originally published in the Baltimore Saturday Visitor.
31-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1432Reprinted Story"Massacre of the Mormon Prophet and His Brother; Fate of the Mormons"The New York HeraldDescribes the martyrdom.
31-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1432Reprinted Story"The Recent Riots and Insurrection - Public Opinion Here and Abroad"The New York HeraldSpeaks of mob violence in Philadelphia and Illinois.
31-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1433Reprinted Story"The Mormons - Brutal Murder of Joe Smith"The Wayne County RecordDescribes the martyrdom.
31-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1434AnnouncementMarriedEditorialJ.C. Braley to Rachel M.L. Taylor, performed by Elder A. Johnson.
31-Jul1844Vol. 2 No. 1434AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonAlbert N. Rockwood (1, Consumption), Charlotte Holmes (60, Diarrhea), Eliza Spencer (3, Congestive Fever), James Durphy (49, Consumption), George W. Hovey (1 month), Emily Potter (23, Cholic), Elizabeth C.
         Bailey (15, Typhus Fever), Nathaniel Thomas (41, Quick Consumption).
7-Aug1844Vol. 2 No. 1523LetterThoughts about the Martyrdom - Cincinatti, OhioAnonymousA letter from someone in Cincinatti to a relative in Nauvoo describing what they had heard about Joseph Smith's Murder.
7-Aug1844Vol. 2 No. 1523LetterThoughts about the Martyrdom - Fair Haven, ConnecticutAnonymousA letter from someone in Connecticut describing what they heard about Joseph Smith's Murder.
7-Aug1844Vol. 2 No. 1525Story"The Murder"EditorialDescribes the anger felt by the Saints because of the murder of their leaders.
7-Aug1844Vol. 2 No. 1525Reprinted Story"The End of Mormonism"The Pompkins DemocratStates that the Church will soon disintigrate without Joseph Smith to lead them.
7-Aug1844Vol. 2 No. 1532AnnouncementCondition of Mr. TaylorEditorialStates that Mr. Taylor can ride around in his carriage, and will soon be back as editor of the paper.
7-Aug1844Vol. 2 No. 1533Reprinted Story"The Murder of the Smiths - Slaying Under Trust"The New York True SunDescribes the conspiracy that lead to the death of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, and contains resolutions to "further secure the peace, friendship, and happiness of the [Mormons]."
7-Aug1844Vol. 2 No. 1534AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonAlmon L. Williams (4, Diarrhea), Samuel H. Smith (36, Bilious Fever), Horatio Wardle (2, Consumption), David W. McDonald (4, Canker), J.R.T. Cooper (5 months, Whooping Cough), John L. Clinton (4 months,
         Diarrhea and Chill Fever), Hyrum Cummings (19, Drowned), Josh Cummings (17, Drowned), Wealthy H. Hutler (32, Bilious Fever), Emma Jones (1, Inflammation on the Brain).
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1611Poetry"Joseph Smith" - Praise to the ManThe Times and SeasonsTo be sung to the tune of "Star in the East," what we now know as Praise to the Man.
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1611Poetry"To Elder John Taylor"E.R. SnowPoem about John Taylor's survival of the martyrdom.
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1614Reprinted Story"Popular Outbreaks"The Baltimore Saturday…Describes the phenomenon of religious movements attracting converts quickly.
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1616Reprinted Story"Joseph Smith, Mayor of Nauvoo, Murdered"The Philadelphia SunDescribes the martyrdom as a vicious crime, and lends support and credibility to the Church.
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1623Announcement"Mayor of Nauvoo" - Daniel SpencerEditorialStates that the acting mayor is an attorney named Daniel Spencer, who was selected by the city council.
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1623Story"The Next President"EditorialSays that the Saints will never find someone who shares Joseph Smith's views to support for president.
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1625StoryJoseph Smith's SuccessorEditorialEncourages the Saints to be patient while the successor is selected, but for now the church is in the hands of the Twelve.
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1632OrdinancesProceedings of the City CouncilEditorialLong list of actions, including several members relinquishing their pay to help the city, and the appointment of W.W. Phelps as the Mayor's Clerk.
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1632Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning Brothels and Disorderly Characters"Geo W. HarrisProhibits brothels and describes the fines for operating such establishments.
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1633Ordinances"…An Ordinance Regulating Fees and Compensation of the…Officials…"Daniel SpencerSets the Mayor's Salary at $100 per year, and the Alderman and Councilors receive $1 per day.
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1633AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonErastus A. Stevens (1), Seldon Parmenter (21), Charles Parmenter (24), William Parmenter (26), William M. Alden (75, Old Age and Diarrhea), Louisa L. Higginbotham (2 months), Ransom R. Reeves (2, Quick
         Consumption), Mary Ann Smith (20, Child Birth), Parmelia More (37, Diarrhea), Joseph Hardman (3 months, Diarrhea), Jesse Berry (52, Fever), Francis L. Benis (1 month, Fits), Betsy Ann Carrico (1, Diarrhea),
         Margaret Fordsham (11 months, Convulsion), Louisa Ely Woodward (1, Consumption).
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1633Announcement"Miniature Likenesses" - Daguerreotypes AvailableL.R. FosterAdvertisement promoting taking photos with his equipment.
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1633AnnouncementDeserting Wife - Addendum to State the Husband AbandonedCyrus BoleyAdvises the Saints not to trust Martha Boley, who left Cyrus. Then contains an addendum which states that Cyrus abandoned his wife and fled to New Orleans and was Excommunicated.
14-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1634AnnouncementBill for DivorceJ.B. BackenstosDescribes the Divorce between Daniel and Mary Conrad.
21-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1724Story"Citizens of Nauvoo!" - Labor and Do Great ThingsEditorialStates that Adam replenished the earth with great effort, and encourages the Saints to continue in their works.
21-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1724Poetry"Nauvoo" - Foolery and KnaveryThe St. Louis RevilePoem abut the problems and falsehood they perceive in Nauvoo.
21-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1724PoetryReply to "Nauvoo" - Foolery and KnaveryEditorialSpeaks highly of Nauvoo and the Saints, in reply to the St. Louis Reveille's unflattering poem titled "Nauvoo."
21-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1734AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonAnabel Howe (42, Bilious Fever), John Parker (7, Dropsy), Oliva Evans (1, Diarrhea), William Arthur Van Orden (3, Bloody Flux), Nahum E. Reed (6 months, Inflammation on the Lungs), Lehi Rogers (7 months,
         Canker), Johu Batley (49, Diarrhea), Sidney W. Gardner (7 months, Inflammation on the Brain), Peter Campel (40, Consumption), Elizabeth Statham (45, Inflammation).
21-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1741Story"One Day and a Half in the Life of a Tobacco Chewer"EditorialHumorous description of the problems associated with chewing tobacco.
28-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1823Announcement"Wheat and Provisions" - Bring to Nauvoo for the Good of the CityEditorialImplores the Saints to store their provisions to the city where they can be stored and used.
28-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1825Reprinted Story"Extermination" - Mormons and CatholicsThe Boston InvestigatorSuggests that religious freedom allows for the free practice of all religions.
28-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1826Reprinted Story"More Humbuggery and Priestcraft"The St. Louis EraAddresses reports that Joseph Smith rose from the dead, and travels on a white horse with a sword drawn.
28-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1831Reprinted Story"Public Opinion" - The MartyrdomVarious NewspapersProvides the reactions of several newspapers to the martyrdom.
28-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1831Reprinted Story"The Assassination of Joe Smith"The Highland MessengerExtracts of a story describing the martyrdom.
28-Aug1844Vol. 2No. 1835AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonElizabeth Statham (45, Inflammation), Sidney Jones (59, Ague and Fever), Jon Umpated (15, Fever), John Balis (21, Chill Fever), Loley Richardson (66, Chill Fever), Darias Campbell (33), Octavo Campbell (1),
         Richard Madison (45, Ague and Fever), Asa Switser (55, Chill Fever), Adaline Davis (26, Diarrhea), Henry Braffat (7, Canker), Harriet E. Witburn (1, Inflammation in the Head), Lucy Jane Smith (infant), Adaline
         Stephenson (38, Fever), Eunice Armsby (47, Bilious Fever).
4-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 1911Poetry"Cry of the Martyrs"EditorialPoem abut the Martyrdom.
4-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 1911Poetry"A Sonnet on Light"W.W. PhelpsShort poem about the light of heaven.
4-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 1911Poetry"Hymn" - Comforting the SaintsW.W. PhelpsHymn about rebuilding Israel, and comforting the Saints.
4-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 1925Story"Extra Maneuver" - New Major General of the Nauvoo LegionEditorialSpeaks of a letter written by James Arlington Bennet and published in the New York Sun, which he signs as the "Inspector and Major General" of the Nauvoo Legion. Discusses his history with the group.
4-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 1926AnnouncementLyman Wight's DepartureEditorialStates that Elder Lyman Wight moved 150 Saints to Wisconsin territory.
4-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 1931Story"To Honest Men" - Description of G.W. Westbrook's Pamphlet EditorialDiscusses the pamphlet's "middle course" of providing facts and truth, without being a member of the Church. The pamphlet describes the problems that the church have had in Illinois and Missouri.
4-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 1935AnnouncementNauvoo Legion General OrdersCharles C. RichRich signs the order as "Brigadier General," and puts the legion on parade duty near the Temple.
4-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 1942Announcement"To the Saints in Lee County Iowa Territory"W. ClaytonStates that Saints in Lee County Iowa should pay their tithes to L.S. Dalrymple and he will bring them to Nauvoo to further construction on the Temple.
4-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 1942AnnouncementDeserting WifeC.B. ChaseTells the Saints that C.B. Chase will not be responsible for his wife, Rebecca Chase's debts.
11-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2016Story"A Warning to Tobacco Chewers"EditorialHumorous account of a tobacco chewer falling asleep with it in his mouth, swallowing it, and dying. It states, "When will men give up the use of this licentious and poisonous weed?"
11-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2024Story"Peace"EditorialDescribes the Saint's goal of peace, made more keen after the murder of their leaders.
11-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2024Story"Trial of Elder Rigdon"EditorialDescribes Elder Rigdon's trial for unchristian like conduct, by his alleged desire to divide the church with false prophecy. Announces his disfellowshipment, along with others.
11-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2026Reprinted Story"A few Serious Thoughts"The National IntelligencerBlames Joseph Smith for his death, and states that he set the law aside and caused disorder.
11-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2031StoryReply to "A few Serious Thoughts"EditorialRefutes the allegations made in the article "A few Serious Thoughts"
11-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2035AnnouncementElection of Brigadier GeneralChas C. RichAnnounces an election to elect the new general of the Nauvoo Legion.
11-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2035AnnouncementNauvoo Legion Drill ExercisesGeorge MillerAnnounces a drill for Legion members to Attend.
18-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2121Reprinted Story"Magna Est Veritas Et Prevalebit" - Joseph Smith's Political ViewsThe New York ProphetDiscusses the prophet's supposed views on Oregon, Texas, Van Buren, and others.
18-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2124StoryReply to "Magna Est Veritas Et Prevalebit" - Joseph Smith's…ViewsEditorialRefutes the allegations made in the article "Magna Est Veritas Et Prevalebit."
18-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2126Reprinted StoryExtermination Order is a Good IdeaThe New York…RepublicStates that the extermination of the Church would be "...a work of Philanthropy."
18-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2131Reprinted Story"The Mormon Tragedy Again" - Refusal to retract the Murder VerdictThe Allen TelegramDiscusses the Warsaw Signal's persistence in asking this paper to retract their statement that the death of Joseph Smith was murder.
18-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2134Announcement"City Proceedings" - O.P. Rockwell's ArrestEditorialDescribes the arrest of O.P. Rockwell for Assault, as well as another arrest.
18-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2134AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonClarissa Miller (38, Consumption), John. P. Green (51, Quick Consumption), Oscar F. A. Farber (9 months, Chill Fever), Sarah Wilcox (37, Bilious Fever), James Harmer (3, Whooping Cough), Hanna Strops (70,
         Ague and Fever), Rebecca Holden (10 months, Chill Fever), Xura S. Williams (1, Diarrhea and Canker), Elizabeth Palmer (13, Inflammation), Abby Jane Tippets (3 months, Canker), George W. Johnson (3,
         Chill Fever), John Pierce (65,Ague and Fever), Ann B. Paterson (26, Typhus Fever), Elizabeth Cox (14, Bilious Fever), Elizabeth M iller (11 months, Diarrhea), Elizabeth Herring (9 months, Chill Fever), Mary Dennis
          (32, Chill Fever), Alma Barker (8 months, Canker), Samuel bell (5, Whooping Cough), Isaac Crigger (50, Ague and Fever), Ellen Greenhalgh (4, Chill Fever), Mary M. Barney (1, Canker), Sarah Caroline Clayton (13,
         Bilious Fever), Zilpha Ellis (71, Consumption), George W. Clyde (43, Chill Fever), America V. Frank (1, Diarrhea), Lydia Badger (46, Dropsy), Rachel M. Dodge (10 months, Chill Fever), John Sanders (43, Bilious
         Fever), David P. Randall (7, Typhus Fever),Louisa Davis (infant, Canker), Ana Dye (26, Inflammation in the Head), Abraham S. Jeffers (44, Bilious Fever), Burr Tomlinson (63, Chill Fever), Edison Waters (50,
         Fever), Israel Carrington (11 months, Whooping Cough).
25-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2211Reprinted Story"Joe Smith and the Devil - A Dialog"The New York HeraldDescribes Joseph Smith as a willing participant in helping the Devil deceive others.
25-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2221Reprinted Story"As Nathan Said…Thou Art the Man! - William Law as he Was"The Times and SeasonsLetter describing Law's opinion of the unjust persecutions faced by the church. Also includes an affidavit stating that John C. Bennett was lying when he spoke against Joseph Smith.
25-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2222Reprinted Story"As Nathan Said…Thou Art the Man! - William Law as he Is"The Upper MississippianLetter stating that the Church has fallen, and that Joseph Smith practiced polygamy and fornication. Also includes 2 depositions which state Law's plans to murder Joseph Smith.
25-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2225Announcement"To our Patrons" - Petition for DonationEditorialStates that both Nauvoo Newspapers are struggling, and that they are in need of donations.
25-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2226Story"Public Buildings in Nauvoo"William LawDescribes the building projects in Nauvoo, and states that their dedication to building public facilities is unrivaled in the entire nation.
25-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2226Story"Sidney Rigdon Esq." - Rigdon's Public LetterWilliam LawRigdon published an open letter in "The People's Organ" where he disputes the reasons he was cut off from the Church.
25-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2233Story"Church and Slavery"EditorialDescribes the Methodist Church's view of Slavery.
25-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2234LetterRetraction of Rigdonite BeliefsJared CarterCarter states that he has been associated with Sidney Rigdon, and wishes to retract that view and return to fellowship with the Saints.
25-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2234AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonEphraim William Childs (infant, Inflammation), Parley Snyder (infant), Mary Jane McArthur (3, Chill Fever), Sarah Ann Shirts (1, Chill Fever), John Liptrot (4, Consumption), Ann Birks (70, Chill Fever), Richard Hull
         (49, Chill Fever), Sarah Elizabeth Woodberry (10 months, Fever), William Mutlo (50, Fever), George Mulford (Infant), William Steed (46, Chill Fever), Penelope Armstrong (46, Typhus Fever).
25-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2235Announcement"Administrator Sale" - The Estate of Joseph SmithJoseph W. CoolidgeInvites all saints to the auction of Joseph's possessions.
25-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2241Reprinted Story"The Mormons and Their Adversaries"The New York HeraldDescribes the illegal actions of the Mob, and decry's the lack of justice, while not approving of the Saint's Decisions.
25-Sep1844Vol. 2No. 2243AnnouncementNauvoo Legion General OrdersCharles C. RichGives orders to the Nauvoo Legion, and states that they are acting under command of Leut. General Brigham Young.
2-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2311Letter"Letter of Sidney Rigdon" - The People's OrganSidney RigdonReprints the letter, written by Rigdon, describing his questions about being cut off from the church.
2-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2312Letter"Letter From Orson Hyde" - Refuting Sidney Rigdon's LetterOrson HydeBecause Hyde's name is mentioned in Rigdon's letter, he writes to clear his name, and state that Rigdon is speaking falsely on many issues.
2-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2324StoryAffairs at NauvooEditorialDescribes 2 visiting emissaries from the Governor's office who were warmly received.
2-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2324Announcement"Grand Concert"EditorialAnnounces a vocal and instrumental concert at the Masonic Hall.
2-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2326Story"Civil Matters" - Bringing Charges against Joseph Smith's MurderersEditorialDescribes a meeting between law enforcement and the Saints in Nauvoo.
2-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2326LetterStatement of Thomas C. SharpThomas SharpLetter stating Sharp's account of the tension between his paper and the Saints, and proclaiming his innocence.
2-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2326Announcement"A Proclamation by the Governor of the State of Illinois"Gov. Thomas FordOffers a reward for the capture of Levi Williams, Thomas C. Sharp, and Joseph H. Jackson, for their role in the murder of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
2-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2333AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonJames Davis (26, Fever), Susan J. Edes (34, Inflammation on the Lungs), Lucinda Braffet (9, Diarrhea), John Johnes (22, Chill Fever), John Jones (52, Ague and Fever), Elizabeth Hardman (72, Typhus Fever), Robert
         P. Wilson (60, Chill Fever), Olive Evans (10 months, Bilious Fever).
9-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2411PoetryGod Save NauvooEditorialUnsigned poem, petitioning the saints to pray for Nauvoo.
9-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2424Story"An Innuendo" - Gossip among the SaintsEditorialDescribes the problems with gossip slander amongst the citizens of Nauvoo.
9-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2425Story"October Conference"EditorialDescribes the Saints General Conference, including a petition for all Saints to pray for the continued success of the church, despite the martyrdom.
9-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2434AnnouncementMarriedEditorialWilliam White married Mary Gratehouse, performed by Elder M.D. Hamblin; William Knots married Silvera D. Wilson, performed by Elder Bracey.
9-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2434AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonDorothy Folks (57, Typhus Fever), Mary Dixon (3), Julina Benjamin (15, Remittent Fever), James P. Bliss (7, Fever), Lorena Murray (30, Black Canker), George Richy (31, Consumption), Mary Ann Hawkins (26, Winter
         Fever) Mary Buchannon (31, Fever), John J. Terry (7, Hooping Cough), Ann Cottam (24, Chill Fever), Eugene H. Harris (1, Chill Fever), James Sprout (12, Consumption), Charles John Egan (7 months, Inflammation on
          the Brain), Ephraim Cook (4, Chill Fever), Louisa How (8, Typhus Fever).
16-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2511Poetry"Nauvoo"Signed, "Laura, A Visitor"Describes Nauvoo as the most beautiful city in the world.
16-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2524Story"Labor" - Inviting the Saints to be IndustriousEditorialDescribes the need for work, and encourages the saints not to be idle.
16-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2525Story"The Trades" - Preventing MonopoliesJohn TaylorDetails the meeting of saints of all trades, meeting to discuss the ways to continue their crafts without creating monopolies. Held in the Masonic Hall.
16-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2531Story"To the Friends of the Temple" - Petition for DonationsWilliam ClaytonPetitions the saints to donate to the Temple, and instructs them how to do so.
16-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2535AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonEvan Eyans (48, Congestive Fever), Olymtha Leach (Bloody Flux), Ruth Harris (4, Ague and Fever), Walter Harris (33, Ague and Fever), Harmon J. Akes (28, Inflammation), Moses Cutler (27, Diarrhea), Ann Manhart
         (10, Inflammation on the Lungs), Elizabeth Suffacod (3).
23-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2633Letter to the Editor"The Nauvoo Library and Institute - Lyceum, &c."Signed, "An Observer…"Writer states that he has contributed money to the library, yet it is not operational, and doesn't appear to be moving very quickly.
23-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2634Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning Spirituous Liquors and Other Purposes"Daniel SpencerFirst ordinance signed by the newly elected Gov. Spencer, describes a rule which holds that in order to purchase more than a gallon of liquor, one must obtain a license from the Mayor.
30-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2714Reprinted Story"Climate West of the Rocky Mountains"Irvings AstoriaDescribes the area that the Saints will later settle.
30-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2725Story"The Murders at Carthage" - Recent DevelopmentsEditorialDescribes the newly issued warrants for some of the mobsters, and also tells a story about witnesses refusing bribes in order to tell the truth of what happened.
30-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2725Announcement"Notice" - Address of Col. RichardsonEditorialAnnounces an address to be given by Col. Richardson in the Seventies Hall.
30-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2725Letter to the Editor"Nauvoo Music and Concert HallSigned, "An Observer…"Presents a plan to build a music and concert hall in Nauvoo.
30-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2733AnnouncementDeaths`W.D. HuntingtonHenry L. Marsh (19, Chill Fever), William Hathaway (2, Typhus Fever), Sophia Hanard (1, Chill Fever), John B. Gailord (1 month, Diarrhea), Litte Morgan (56, Fever), John P. Smith (41, Chill Fever), Margaret Tippets
         (3 months, Hooping Cough), Edwin Harris (5, Quick Consumption), Sophronia Ball and Infant (31, Childbirth), Charity Stodard (49, Consumption), Persis Amanda Butterfield (3, Bilious Fever), Elen Battersby (25,
         Inflammation on the lungs), Alma Tanner (2, Black Canker), Amania Braffet (43, Consumption), George W. Smith (1 month).
30-Oct1844Vol. 2No. 2744Announcement"Notice" - Printing of the Voice of Warning and Doctrine and CovenantsEditorialAnnounces the printing of the Voice of Warning and the Book of Doctrine and Covenants.
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2823Reprinted Story"The Latter Day Saints in the West of Scotland"The Glasgow ExaminerSpeaks of the group of saints who did not immigrate to the United States, and includes a table showing the Saints in each area of the country.
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2825Announcement"Trades Meeting" - AnnouncedEditorialDescribes another Trades Meeting to be held in the Masonic Hall.
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2825Announcement"Notice to the Editors - Thomas C. Sharp"EditorialStates that Thomas C. Sharp has been indicted for the murder of Joseph Smith.
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2825AnnouncementSidney Rigdon and the Messenger and AdvocateEditorialAnnounces that Sidney Rigdon has resurrected the former LDS publication, and that he seeks excommunicated members to join his group.
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2825Story"The Times" - Political Climate of this AgeEditorialLaments the difficult political circumstances of the day.
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2826Story"The Election" - Whig Party and the MobEditorialConnects the Whig party and the mob violence that has run rampant across the country.
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2831Reprinted Story"Mormon Affairs" - Refutation of LDS Mob RumorsThe State RegisterRefutes the widely held belief that the church was forming a mob to avenge the deaths of their leaders.
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2832Letter"Extract of a Letter from Carthage, Hancock County"EditorialDescribes the activates in Hancock County since the Martyrdom.
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2833Letter to the EditorLetter to Clear Name from the Warsaw SignalWilliam DanielsDaniels states that the things published about him in the Warsaw Signal are fictitious.
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2834AnnouncementMarriedEditorialJohn Bishop married Julia Ann Gillum, performed by Elder Addison Everett; Leonard Schussler married Margaret Hartley, performed by Elder Thompson.
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2834AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonJohn Gaylord (66, Chill Fever), Lucinda Winegar (1, Chill Fever), David B. Crosby (33, Lung Fever), Herbert Jones (21, Ague and Fever), Matilda Walker (45, Bilious Fever).
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2835AnnouncementTemple needs Milk CowsWilliam ClaytonDescribes a need for milk cows, and encourages saints to consider giving a cow to the temple as tithing.
6-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2843Announcement"Select School" - AnnouncedJ.M. MonroeMonroe announces another school in Nauvoo, and puts forward his costs for tuition.
13-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2923Announcement"Delay" - Late NewspapersEditorialStates that the paper could not be printed on time, for lack of paper.
13-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2923Story"Trades Meeting" - SynopsisEditorial Describes the meeting, and states that another meeting will be held next week.
13-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2924LetterEngraved Likeness of Thomas C. SharpThe Illinois State RegisterIncludes an engraved image of Thomas C. Sharp to aid in his capture.
13-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2925Announcement"Another Mormon Book" - Written by Charles ThompsonEditorialDescribes a book with evidences to the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.
13-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2931Reprinted StoryDescription of Illinois Landscape"The Springfield RepublicanDescribes the landscape and areas of Illinois, including Nauvoo and Carthage.
13-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2933Letter to the EditorGeneral Thoughts about the ChurchSigned, "Philadelphia"States that Emma Smith should be taken care of by the church.
13-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2933OrdinancesProceedings of the City Council - Two Ordinances PostedDaniel SpencerPresents the 2 new ordinances passed by the city council.
13-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2933Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning Spirituous Liquors and Other Purposes"Daniel SpencerDescribes a rule which holds that in order to purchase more than a gallon of liquor, one must obtain a license from the Mayor.
13-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2933Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning a Slaughterhouse in Nauvoo."Daniel SpencerDescribes the creation of a Slaughterhouse by Newel K. Whitney, George Miller, and P.P. Pratt.
13-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2934AnnouncementLecture Announced - A.W. BabbittEditorialAnnounces a constitutional lecture to be given in the Masonic Hall.
13-Nov1844Vol. 2No. 2934AnnouncementMeeting of the Library and Institute AnnouncedAmasa LymanAnnouncing the meeting of the Library and Institute, and petitions for the return of all rented books.
27-Nov*1844Vol. 2No. 3011Poetry"To Elder W. Woodruff"The New York ProphetReprinted poem from the New York Prophet.
27-Nov*1844Vol. 2No. 3011Poetry"When Must I Look for Death"W.W. PhelpsReprinted poem from the Times and Seasons.
27-Nov*1844Vol. 2No. 3011Letter to the EditorLetter Supporting the Twelve over Sidney RigdonSigned, "Cincinnatus"Reprinted letter to the editor from The New York Prophet, describes the writer's reasoning for following the Twelve instead of Sidney Rigdon.
27-Nov*1844Vol. 2No. 3014LetterCorrespondence between Gov. Ford and the Mob - ThreateningGeo T.M. Davis & Gov. FordDavis implies that Gov. Ford will be prosecuted with the mob if he brings charges against them. Includes Gov. Ford's reply.
27-Nov*1844Vol. 2No. 3023Announcement"Apology" - No Paper to Print Last WeekEditorialStates that, due to lack of paper supplies, last week's paper was not printed.
27-Nov*1844Vol. 2No. 3023Story"The Election" - Presidential ResultsEditorialProvides the unofficial results of the Presidential Election.
27 Nov*1844Vol. 2No. 3026Story"Literary" - The Preface to The Mormon ReaderP.P. PrattPublishes the preface to Pratt's book.
27 Nov*1844Vol. 2No. 3026Story"Trades Meeting" - Description of the MeetingJohn TaylorDescribes what happened in the latest trades meeting.
27 Nov*1844Vol. 2No. 3031Letter to the Editor"The Nauvoo Legion and the Arsenal"Signed, "An Observer…"Suggests the creation of a Nauvoo Arsenal for the Nauvoo Legion.
27 Nov*1844Vol. 2No. 3032Letter to the Editor"Caution" - Shady Land DealingsOrson HydeDescribes trickery amongst Ephraim S. Green and Horace Murgess against brothers Miner and Durfee.
27 Nov*1844Vol. 2No. 3033AnnouncementMarriedEditorialGeo Moore married Mary E. Guinand, performed by Elder Orson Hyde.
27 Nov*1844Vol. 2No. 3033AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonEmma Hendrixson (4, Quinzy), William Warner (69, Diarrhea), Infant of Benjamin Hawkins, Richard Hull (18, Consumption and Canker), Sarah Leticia Farley (1, Whooping Cough).
4-Dec1844Vol. 2 No. 3111PoetryTo the Infant Son of Mrs. Emma SmithE.R. SnowPoem about the young child who will grow up without a father.
4-Dec1844Vol. 2 No. 3114Letter"Sidney Rigdon" - Orson Hyde's LetterOrson HydeOriginally published in the New York Prophet.
4-Dec1844Vol. 2 No. 3125Reprinted Story"Mormonism" - A Blow to ChristianityThe Baptist RegisterStates that the Baptists wish to inform people about perceived problems in Mormonism to keep it from spreading.
4-Dec1844Vol. 2 No. 3125StoryReply to "Mormonism" - A Blow to ChristianityEditorialRefutes the points made by the Baptists.
4-Dec1844Vol. 2 No. 3126Story"A Voice from the Temple" - TithingN.K. Whitney & George MillerDiscussing the tithing donated by the Saints for use in the Temple, and the progress on the Temple.
4-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3132Letter to the EditorReflections of a Mission to TennesseeA. YoungDescribes the interesting happenings that Elder Young Experienced in Tennessee.
4-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3134Letter to the Editor"Nauvoo Manufactories and Trades Meetings"Signed, "An Observer…"Discusses the frequent Trades Meetings held in Nauvoo.
11-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3232Reprinted Story"Meeting of the Mormons Last Thursday"The New York HeraldDescribes a speech given by Elder Winchester, a Rigdonite, to a small number of Nauvoo Saints.
18-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3311Letter to the Editor"Reflections on Sidney Rigdon's Paper"Orson HydeRefutes Rigdon's position, and attempts to remind him of his previous statements and feelings.
18-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3332Story"Trades Meeting" - Description of the MeetingPhineas RichardsDescribes the recently held Trade's Meeting.
18-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3332Letter to the Editor"Reminder" - Pay Your TaxesOrson HydeReminds the Saints of their duty to pay their State and County Taxes.
18-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3336AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonJames Casam (30, Ague and Fever), Elizabeth Carter (23, Black Canker).
18-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3336AnnouncementDeserting WifeGeorge BeebeeDescribes the abandonment of his wife, Martha Beebee.
25-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3421LetterCorrespondence between William Smith and W.W. Phelps"William Smith & W.W. PhelpsSmith asks Phelps for the current conditions in Nauvoo without Joseph, and Phelps replies.
25-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3433Ordinances"Proceedings of the City Council"Daniel SpencerDescribes the actions taken by the City Council in their most recent session.
25-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3434Ordinances"An Ordinance Incorporating the Seventies Library and Institute…"Daniel SpencerGives the Seventies an organizational power that includes the power to sue, and sets guidelines for their incorporation.
25-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3434Ordinances"…Amend an Ordinance to Erect a Dam in the Mississippi River…"Daniel SpencerGives the new government power to continue construction of the dam laid out in the earlier ordinance.
25-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3434Ordinances"An Ordinance to Locate an Alley on Block Sixty-Nine and Other…"Daniel SpencerSets aside land for alleys in the city.
25-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3435AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonNaw-wen Tena (55, Lung Fever), Dilizabeth Sprague (1, Canker), Maria Murnham (1, Fever).
25-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3436AnnouncementDeserting WifeJoseph CodeAnnounces the abandonment of Lydia Code.
25-Dec1844Vol. 2No. 3436AnnouncementDeserting WifeJames GilmourAnnounces the abandonment of Bridget Gilmour.
1-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3511Letter"From the Governor, in Relation to the Disturbances in Hancock County"Gov. Thomas FordLetter from the Gov. to the Senate and House of Representatives. Includes insertions by the editor, and speaks about the Danites, Joseph being crowned King, and the practice of polygamy.
1-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3531OrdinancesAnnouncement of Civil Service AppointmentsEditorialElias Smith was appointed Post Master, upon the resignation of Geo W. Robinson; Howard Egan was appointed Conservator of Joel Bullard.
1-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3531Story"Trades Meeting" - SynopsisEditorial Describes the most recent trades meeting, and includes a resolution passed by the body.
9-Jan*1845Vol. 2No. 3624Story"Stealing" - John Brannon's RobberyEditorialDescribes the crime, and imprisonment of John Brannon, who posed as a member of the Church to steal from the Saints.
9-Jan*1845Vol. 2No. 3624Reprinted Story"Another Mormon Expose" - The St. Louis RepublicanThe St. Louis RepublicanPresents a negative view of the Saints, originally printed in the St. Louis Republican.
9-Jan*1845Vol. 2No. 3625Story"Trades Meeting" - Satisfactory ReportJohn TaylorDescribes the progress on their plan to place a dam in the Mississippi River.
9-Jan*1845Vol. 2No. 3625Story"Mormonism in London"EditorialProvides a sketch of life in London for the Saints.
9-Jan*1845Vol. 2No. 3625Story"Seventies Library Meeting"C.A. SmithPresents the byelaws and the information about the Seventies Library and Institute Association.
9-Jan*1845Vol. 2No. 3625Story"Trades Meeting" - SynopsisD.M. RipsherDescribes the Trades Meeting.
9-Jan*1845Vol. 2No. 3631Announcement"Notice to the Nauvoo Legion" - RearmamentB. YoungInstructs the Legion to begin rearmament.
9-Jan*1845Vol. 2No. 3634AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonJonathan Hampton (33, Inflammation), Eliza Brown (11, Black Canker), Harriet N. Nurse (17).
15-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3724Announcement"Public Meeting" - False Accusations Against NauvooEditorialStates that the notes from the City Council Meeting will follow.
15-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3724Story"Trades Meeting"John TaylorProvides a synopsis of the most recent trades meeting.
15-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3725Story"The Voice of Nauvoo - Proceedings of the City Council"D. SpencerIncludes a resolution in opposition to the false rumors about Nauvoo and the Church. Includes notes from a "Meeting of the Citizens."
15-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3732Story"Doings of the City Council" - General NotesWillard RichardsDescribes personnel changes and ordinances passed by the City Council.
15-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3733Ordinances"An Ordinance in Relation to a Ferry Across the Mississippi River"Daniel SpencerBrigham young is given authorization to run the ferry in place of Joseph Smith.
15-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3733Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning the Burying Ground on Durphey Street"Daniel SpencerStates that the roads now must go around the cemetery instead of going through it.
15-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3733Ordinances"An Ordinance for the Fencing of the Old Burying Ground"Daniel SpencerA fence is appropriated to surround the cemetery.
15-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3733Ordinances"An Ordinance to Amend the Ordinance…For a Specific Purpose"Daniel SpencerDiscusses the sale of city lots, and assessments.
15-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3733Ordinances"An Ordinance for the…Enlargement of the Number of Policemen"Daniel SpencerAppropriates the funds for up to five hundred policemen.
15-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3733Ordinances"An Ordinance Concerning Fines"Daniel SpencerDiscusses the way that funds received from the payment of fines are to be used.
18-Jan1845Vol. 2No. SE11Story"The Voice of Nauvoo - Proceedings of the City Council"D. SpencerIncludes a resolution in opposition to the false rumors about Nauvoo and the Church. Includes notes from a "Meeting of the Citizens."
18-Jan1845Vol. 2No. SE14Letter"To The Public - Sherriff Kelting's Letter"Joseph A. KeltingKelting, the deputy Sherriff of Hancock County, writes the Saints about some stolen property.
22-Jan1845Vol. 2 No. 3825Reprinted Story"Mormons - Charter Repealed"The Cincinatti GazetteDescribes a vote by the Illinois House to repeal the Mormon Charters. Very anti-LDS sentiment. Includes a rebuttal by the editor of the Neighbor.
22-Jan1845Vol. 2 No. 3832Reprinted Story"Regulations for the Publishing Department of the LDS in the East"Parley P. PrattPratt asks, in an article originally published in the New York Prophet, if the Church is aware of the many LDS authors writing on behalf of the Church. He suggests the approval of the Twelve before writing.
22-Jan1845Vol. 2 No. 3832Letter"To The Public - Sherriff Kelting's Letter"Joseph A. KeltingKelting, the deputy Sherriff of Hancock County, writes the Saints about some stolen property.
22-Jan1845Vol. 2 No. 3834AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonElias Hutchings (60,Cholera Morbus), Frederick Ott (26, Fit of Apoplex), Elizabeth Thompson (1, Canker), Eunice Wormmoth (81, Quick Consumption), Hanna Elzina Benjamin (14, Consumption and Canker),
         Isaiah Barkdoll (19, Fever).
29-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3911Story"Illinois Legislature - Repeal of the Nauvoo Charter"EditorialDiscusses the recent repeal of the Nauvoo Charter by the Illinois Legislature.
29-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3924Story"Trades Meeting" EditorialStates that the meeting last week was not published, but all is well in the Trades Meetings.
29-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3925Letter to the EditorGov. Ford and the Illinois LegislatureW. Trow RidgeDiscusses Governor Ford's role in the repeal of the Nauvoo Charter.
29-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3932Poetry"The Seer" - Dedicated to Brigham YoungJohn TaylorPoem written to be read at the dedication of the Seventy's Hall, and dedicated to "President Brigham Young."
29-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3932Letter to the EditorTrip to St. Louis - Meeting with the Saints ThereOrson HydeDescribes his trip to St. Louis and his meeting with the Saints there.
29-Jan1845Vol. 2No. 3935AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonSylvester Dazette (17), Chloe Spencer (20, Inflammation of the Lungs), Anna Fifield (41, Numb Palsy), Julia Ann Sessions (29, Consumption).
5-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4023Reprinted Story"The Priesthood" - Old Testament QuestionsNoah's MessengerQuestions about the qualifications of Priests in the Old Testament, and their answers.
5-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4024StoryNauvoo May Scede from the UnionEditorialDiscussion about how to keep the Saints happy has resulted in some talk of the Saints creating their own Country, with laws and other systems designed by the Saints.
5-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4025LetterBrigham Young to John Taylor - Where are my Newspapers?Brigham YoungBrigham asks John Taylor to make good on his promise to forward the Nauvoo Neighbor to him while he is preaching the Gospel.
12-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4035AnnouncementMarriedEditorialNathaniel Johnson married Mary Cole, performed by Elder William Kay.
12-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4111Poetry"The Chariot of Israel"W.W. PhelpsPoem, written in the format of a song, written about The Saints.
12-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4125Reprinted Story"Mormon Meeting" - Denial of CrimesThe Quincy HeraldSpeaks of a meeting where members of the Church created a resolution stating their innocence from the crimes that rumors state they committed.
12-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4131Letter to the EditorLetter Concerning a Dam in the MississippiA. RipleyGives Joseph Smith the credit for the idea, and states that a dam in the Mississippi could power sawmills or machinery.
12-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4116AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonHyrum S. Griffith (infant, Canker), Alonzo W.N. Whittney (20, Lung Fever), Mary Holden (1 month).
19-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4211AnnouncementHymn - Dedicated to President Brigham YoungC.W. Wand IIPoem written to the tune of "Thou, thou 'dwell'st in this bosom."
19-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4211Story"Remarks…House of Representatives…to Repeal the Nauvoo Charter"EditorialDescribes the remarks of Lewis W. Ross, in favor of repealing the Nauvoo Charter.
19-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4224Story"Arrest of Elliott" - An Assassin of Joseph and HyrumEditorialDescribes the arrest of a deputy sheriff in connection to the murders of Joseph and Hyrum.
19-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4224Story"Encouraging" - Saints growing in St. LouisEditorialIncludes a petition from Elder Reed, the Church's agent in St. Louis, for 50 copies of the Nauvoo Neighbor to be sent to St. Louis for the members there.
19-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4225Letter to the Editor"Examination of John C. Elliott" - Suspicious VisitorSigned, "L.O.L."Provides a transcript of court proceedings and questionings of a strange visitor to Nauvoo, who admits to being party to Joseph's assassination. Probably written by L.O. Littlefield
19-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4235Announcement"Notice" - Living Constitution Trades MeetingEditorialDescribes the weeklong meeting schedule for Trades Meetings.
26-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4311Letter"Great Western Move" - William P. Richards to Bishop George MillerWilliam P. RichardsSuggests that the Saints should buy and move onto a large tract of land in the west to avoid persecution. More correspondence posted on Page 1, Column 4.
26-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4313Ordinances"An Act for the Relief of the People Called Mormons…"The United States CongressAct granting the saints 24 square miles in Wisconsin, and petitioning the saints to move there.
26-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4314Announcement"Nauvoo Going Ahead" - Nauvoo Manufacturing AssociationEditorialDescribes the formation and goals of the Nauvoo Manufacturing Association, and presents one of their business cards.
26-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4335AnnouncementBill for DivorceDavid E. HeadDescribes the Divorce of John Greenhow from Sarah Greenhow.
26-Feb1845Vol. 2No. 4335AnnouncementBill for DivorceDavid E. HeadDescribes the Divorce of Cyrus Boley from Martha Boley.
5-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4411StoryRemarks of Almon W. Babbitt in The US House of RepresentativesEditorialNotes and outline of the speech given by Almon Babbitt to secure the Nauvoo Charter.
5-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4424Story"Commencement" - Beginning the Dam in the MississippiEditorialDescribes the beginning construction of the proposed dam in the Mississippi River.
5-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4425Reprinted Story"Another Mormon Witness" - Ancient Relics found in PennsylvaniaThe St. Louis RepublicanDescribes the finding of a mortar, pestle, and an axe, in a 400 year old tree. Includes a commentary from the Editor, accepting these artifacts as proof of the validity of the Book of Mormon.
5-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4426Letter"Correspondence" - Anti-Mormon RidiculeLouisa PrattLetter from D.H., S., and B. Stevens, asking Louisa Pratt not to associate with them unless she renounces her Mormon faith. Includes a rebuttal from Louisa Pratt defending her beliefs.
5-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4432Story"Attention The Whole Kingdom of Saints" - Nauvoo Water Power Co.John E. PageAnnounces the creation of the Nauvoo Water Power Company, and petitions for the purchase of stock.
12-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4511Story"Remarks" of Col. Backenstos in the House of RepresentativesEditorialSynopsis and outline of Backenstos remarks concerning the repeal of the Nauvoo Charter.
12-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4525AnnouncementCopyright of the Book of Mormon SecuredEditorialDiscusses the approval of the copyright of the Book of Mormon.
12-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4536Letter to the EditorNauvoo Concert SeriesSigned, "L.O.L."Describes the recent concert in the music hall, and states how great it was.
19-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4612Letter to the EditorNauvoo RebuildsR.A. MechanicLetter describing the resiliency of the Saints, and the way that Nauvoo continues to flourish in spite of opposition.
19-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4624StoryWord from the Society IslandsEditorialStates that the missionary work, begun by Elder Pratt, continues to flourish.
19-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4625Story"The Islands of the Pacific"EditorialDescribes the missionary work of the Saints on the Isles of the Sea.
19-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4634AnnouncementDeath and ObituarySigned, "A.C.B."Asa Works (83, Lingering Sickness).
26-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4731Story"War! War!!" - Orson Hyde Exhorts Saints to pay TaxesOrson HydeThe Saints are advised to pay their property taxes, or risk having their property sold.
26-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4733AnnouncementMarriedEditorialElder Charles S. Peterson married Mary Ann Patten, performed by Elder B. Chapman.
26-Mar1845Vol. 2No. 4733AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonJames Webb (67, Fever), Mr. Horn (killed in the stone quarry), Mary Amanda Free (11, Inflammation of the Brain).
2-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 4811Announcement"List of Lands" - Lands with Due Taxes Part 1EditorialProvides the name, description, acreage, value, and taxes owed on many properties in Nauvoo.
2-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 4826Story"The Gathering" - Immigrants Arrive in NauvooEditorialDescribes new groups of immigrants to arrive in Nauvoo, and speaks of the need for a free country in which to practice religion.
2-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 4831StoryCalamities in Jackson CountyEditorialDescribes recent natural disasters in Jackson County as the vengeance of the Lord.
2-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 4831StoryThomas C. Sharp's Avoidance of JailEditorialStates that Sharp is protected by his mob, and has not been arrested, though he has been indicted.
2-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 4831Letter to the EditorThe Signal and Whig Print Lies - Written by a non-memberSigned, "A Gentile"A non-member of the church describes the hypocrisy and crimes of Thomas C. Sharp and others.
7-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 4911Announcement"List of Lands" - Lands with Due Taxes Part 2EditorialProvides the name, description, acreage, value, and taxes owed on many properties in Nauvoo.
7-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 4923StoryOpening of ConferenceEditorialDescribes the opening of conference, and the continuing supply of immigrants who have arrived in Nauvoo.
7-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 4926Story"Elder Kimball's Remarks at the Music Hall…" - Music and the GospelL.O. LittlefieldDescribes Elder Kimball's view of music, and how it is tied to religion.
7-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 4932Story"Remarks of Elder Orson Spencer" - Music and the GospelL.O. LittlefieldDescribes Elder Spencer's view of music, and how it is tied to religion.
16-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5021Announcement"List of Lands" - Lands with Due Taxes Part 2EditorialProvides the name, description, acreage, value, and taxes owed on many properties in Nauvoo.
16-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5025Story"The Conference" - General Conference SynopsisEditorialDescribes the recently held General Conference.
16-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5031Letter to the EditorThomas C. Sharp and the Persecution of the Saints (3 Letters)Signed, "Americus"Describes the large anti-Mormon sentiment, and the dishonesty that allows it to perpetuate. Also speaks about Sidney Rigdon.
16-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5034Announcement"Notice to the Churches Abroad" - Disfellowshipment AnnouncedBrigham YoungDescribes the disfellowshipment of George J. Adams and Samuel Brannan.
16-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5034AnnouncementNotice - Relief Society to Collect SubscriptionsMary Smith Asks the Sisters to collect the peany subscription to provide funds for the Relief Society.
23-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5122Story"Our Rights"EditorialProvides natural law justifications for the Saints to create their own charter.
23-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5123Announcement"The Late Writs" - Legal Action Against the SaintsEditorialDescribes subpoenas for 12 or 14 Saints for taxes owed to the government. Includes a rebuttal by the editor.
23-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5124Story"The Carthage Grays" - Vigilante JusticeEditorialAlleges that the Greys threatened Mr. Backenstos with death if he did not leave the country.
23-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5125Story"Latest from Hancock"EditorialDescribes anti-Mormon vigilante justice in Hancock County.
23-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5126Letter to the EditorThe Law can be a Virtuous CareerA.W. BabbittRefutes recent jokes in the paper about the dishonesty of lawyers.
23-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5131LetterLetter to John Taylor about the Whistling and Whittling BrigadeSigned, "A.H."Describes some recent actions taken by the whistling and whittling brigade.
23-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5133StoryRigdon Forms New Church LeadershipSigned, "Pelagaram"Announces Sidney Rigdon's appointment of a new quorum of Twelve and Seventy.
23-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5133AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonAda Paine (8 months, Croup), Elizabeth Edwards (36, Inflammation in the Head), Jonah R. Ball (41, Consumption), Henry J. Lewis (10 months, Inflammation on the Lungs), John P. Smith (24, Consumption),
         Elizabeth Royale (24, Inflammation on the Brain), Caroline E. Kesler (2, Drowned by Falling in a Well), Silas Tupper (77, Old Age), Joseph Calvin Adellmon Rockwell (5 months, Dropsy on the Brain), Sarah
         Griffith (57, Inflammation of the Lungs).
23-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5133AnnouncementSale of Some of Joseph Smith's EstateEmma SmithEmma signs as "Guardian," and offers some of Joseph's Land for sale.
30-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5222StoryPortraits of the TwelveEditorialStates that great artists in Nauvoo will soon paint portraits of the Twelve, but it has not happened yet.
30-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5224Story"The Murder at Carthage" - Pamphlet IssuedEditorialDescribes a pamphlet, written by William M. Daniels, that tells the true account of the murders at Carthage.
30-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5225AnnouncementArrival of Elder Richard BenderEditorialStates that Elder Richard Bender of Philadelphia has just arrived in Nauvoo.
30-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5225Announcement"Nauvoo Canes"EditorialDescribes the new fashion trend of having a cane made in Nauvoo.
30-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5225Story"Anti-Mormonism the Natural Way"EditorialDescribes a story from the St. Louis Report in which a man claims to have been swindled out of money by someone in Nauvoo posing as a member of the Church.
30-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5231Letter"Copy of a Letter to **** of this City"Signed, "F.B.J."Letter written from a New Orleans Missionary describing his journey.
30-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5231LetterLetter from Pittsburg about Sidney RigdonSigned, "S. S."Letter written by a non-Mormon in Pennsylvania, which describes the fires and calamities that have taken place in the state ever since Sidney Rigdon showed up claiming to be the true prophet.
30-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5232LetterLetter from Pittsburg about Sidney Rigdon (2)Signed, "Fred. Von Holstein"Describes the calamities in Pennsylvania, and Rigdon's supposed leadership of the Church.
30-Apr1845Vol. 2No. 5233AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonJames Holden (22, Winter Fever), Silas Knapp (47, Quick Consumption), Catherine McRae (4 months, Crysipelas), Martha Randall (53, Consumption), Elijah Hale (infant), James M. Henderson (35, Consumption).
7-May1845Vol. 3No. 124Story"Giants" - Visiting NauvooEditorialDescribes the visit of a Giant and a Giantess to Nauvoo, both of which stood over 7 feet tall.
7-May1845Vol. 3No. 125StoryAnti-Mormon Tax PoliciesEditorialDescribes people in the Treasury of the State of Illinois who dislike the Church and do not govern the people fairly.
7-May1845Vol. 3No. 125AnnouncementTranscript of Elder Hyde's Speech about Sidney Rigdon AvailableEditorialAnnounces the availability of a transcript of a speech made by Orson Hyde about Sidney Rigdon's apostasy. Encourages missionaries to bring copies with them on their missions.
7-May1845Vol. 3No. 132Letter to the EditorNauvoo Wishes to Follow the LawsSigned, "Americus"Describes the rumors of lawlessness and succession in Nauvoo as untrue.
7-May1845Vol. 3No. 132Letter to the EditorLetter from Pittsburg about Rigdon's Re-BaptismsSigned, "S. S."Describes Sidney Rigdon's method of re-baptizing members of the LDS church before allowing them to participate in his Church.
7-May1845Vol. 3No. 133Letter to the EditorLetter from Pittsburg about Sidney RigdonSigned, "W. Vant"Describes the fear of Pennsylvanians about Sidney Rigdon's presence in Pennsylvania.
7-May1845Vol. 3No. 133AnnouncementDeathsEditorialWilliam N. Haws (55, Dropsy in the Chest).
7-May1845Vol. 3No. 134Announcement"A Voice From Nauvoo"W. RichardsPresents a resolution drafted by "A General Council of the Authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Nauvoo," distancing the church from the rumors that they seek revenge on Carthage.
14-May1845Vol. 3No. 224Announcement"Fasting and Prayer" - Announcement of Fast DayEditorialAnnounces a day of fasting for prosperity and abundance.
14-May1845Vol. 3No. 225StoryNauvoo Vigilance CommitteeEditorialDescribes and encourages actions by vigilant citizens of Nauvoo.
14-May1845Vol. 3No. 225AnnouncementDeposition of I.C. Howd - Attacked by Anti-MormonsI.C. HowdHowd, who is not a member of the Church but did business with members, describes being attatcked by Anti-Mormons.
14-May1845Vol. 3No. 226Story"Spiritual Wife System in the Right Quarter" - MillerismEditorialDescribes several published allegations about the kissing practices of Millerism.
14-May1845Vol. 3No. 226LetterWilliam Smith's Letter to the Nauvoo Church"William SmithDenies the "Spiritual Wife System," and seeks to find favor with the Nauvoo Saints.
14-May1845Vol. 3No. 232Letter to the EditorResponse to Being Called a ProphetOrson HydeElder Hyde states that he is not a Prophet, and possesses more of the qualities of a "jack-ass" than a Prophet.
14-May1845Vol. 3No. 233Letter to the EditorWhy Mob Violence is Tolerated, Yet the Saints Cannot Hint at SuchSigned, "Americus"States that a dark spot is easiest to see on a pure white garment, and that the Saints should keep themselves unspotted because it is much easier for the world to notice the spots within the Church.
14-May1845Vol. 3No. 233LetterLetter Describing Problems with the RigdonitesSigned, "R__s E___y"Letter which describes how superior the Nauvoo Church and people are when compared to the Rigdonites.
14-May1845Vol. 3No. 234AnnouncementDeaths and ObituaryW.D. HuntingtonJepthah V. Holden (9 months, Lung Fever), Silas Tupper (77).
21-May1845Vol. 3No. 324Story"The Iowa Murder" - LDS SuspectsEditorialDescribes the recent murders, and that the suspects have fled to Nauvoo. The Editor responds by saying that the suspects are not members of the Church.
21-May1845Vol. 3No. 332Letter to the EditorRigdonites and TithingSigned, "Americus"States that the large majority of the members who followed Rigdon were not full tithe payers in Nauvoo. Includes some commentary on the issue from the Editor.
21-May1845Vol. 3No. 334AnnouncementDeserting HusbandSacra GrangerSacra states that she will not be responsible for any of John's debts.
21-May1845Vol. 3No. 335AnnouncementDeserting WifeJohn GribbleJohn states that he will not be responsible for any of Sabra's debts.
28-May1845Vol. 3No. 422Announcement"The Capstone of the Temple" EditorialStates that the Capstone of the Temple was recently laid, and describes the ceremony.
28-May1845Vol. 3No. 422Announcement"Carthage" - Court Proceedings for Mr. DanielsEditorialDescribes Daniels' trial for the murder of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
28-May1845Vol. 3No. 425Letter to the EditorNauvoo's Needs in GovernmentOrson HydeAsks what type of protection Nauvoo has without their charter and their militia.
28-May1845Vol. 3No. 425Letter to the EditorRigdonite ProblemsSigned, "Telemachus"Blames Rigdonites for vandalism and destruction in the city of Nauvoo.
28-May1845Vol. 3No. 432Announcement"Notice to the Eastern Churches" - Disfellowshipment AnnouncedBrigham YoungDescribes the disfellowshipment of Elder Brannan.
28-May1845Vol. 3No. 432AnnouncementDeaths and ObituaryEditorialCaroline Smith, wife of William Smith (30).
4-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 511Reprinted Story"The Mormon Troubles"The New York TribuneDescribes conflict between the Mormons and the Anti-Mormons.
4-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 523Story"The Carthage Assassins" - AcquittedEditorialAnnounces the acquittal of the suspects in the murder of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
4-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 531Reprinted Story"The Mormons" - Kentucky LegislatureThe Frankfort Common…Describes a special session of the Kentucky Legislature designed to set aside land for the Mormons to reside in.
4-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 532Reprinted Story"A New Species of Lynching" - The Whistling and Whittling BrigadePhi. Dollar NewspaperAnnounces the Mormon's new way to rid their town of undesirables.
4-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 532Reprinted Story"Fanaticism - How to Treat it Successfully" Phi. Dollar NewspaperDescribes the conflict between the Mormons and the Anti-Mormons.
4-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 533AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonRuba Sophrona Frank (25), Rachel Thomas (infant), Mary Ann Thomas (33, Childbirth), Abel Wyborn (4, Fits), William James Bird (8, Drowned), John Mosier (46, Quinzy).
11-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 631Story"The Office of Patriarch"EditorialAnnounces William Smith as the new Patriarch of the Church.
11-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 634AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonJoel L. Moier (50, Lung Fever), William Henry Smith (7 months, Croup), Hannah Casson (1, Diarrhea), Joseph Gates (7, Fall of a Sand Bank), Rialto Alphonzo Wait (4, Fall of a Sand Bank).
11-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 636Announcement"Notice to Emigrants" - Smith Land for SaleWilliam SmithWilliam Smith encourages emigrants to consult with him at Emma Smith's house for the purchase of land.
18-Jun1845Vol. 3 No. 723StoryFinishing the TempleEditorialDescribes visitors to the Temple lot, and the great craftsmanship present in the Temple.
18-Jun1845Vol. 3 No. 724AnnouncementJoseph Smith's Writings for SaleEditorialAnnounces the sale of "The Voice of Truth," which contains writings, portraits, and the last sermon of Joseph Smith.
18-Jun1845Vol. 3 No. 732Letter to the EditorLetter from Pittsburg - Rigdonite Missionary WorkSigned, "S. S."Describes the Rigdonites missionary technique of posing as members of the main body of the Church.
18-Jun1845Vol. 3 No. 733AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonLorina Harrison (1, Inflammation of the Bowels), Hannah Casson (1, Diarrhea), Jacob Joseph Bradley (1, Fits), Hannah Irean Bradley (40, Palsy), Andrew Lythe (1, Diarrhea).
25-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 823Story"Be One Mechanical" - Trades Unions in NauvooEditorialDescribes the new trends in Nauvoo of having a trade union, and describes the Saints response to the call for unity and industry.
25-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 823Story"Shocking Murder" - Someone Passing Through NauvooEditorialDescribes the murder of Irvine Hodges, who was spending the night in Nauvoo. His murderers are not suspected to be members of the Church.
25-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 826Story"For Sale" - Satire Lauding SlaveryEditorialSeries of advertisements meant to show the evil of slavery.
25-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 831Announcement"Special Court" - Hyrum Smith's MurdererEditorialAnnounces the beginning of the court session, but provides no information about the results.
25-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 831Story"Patriarchal" - Frequently Asked QuestionsEditorialDescribes William Smith's new position as Patriarch, and provides some answers to common questions.
25-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 833AnnouncementMarriedEditorialM.R. Bennett married Abigail Jones, performed by Elder J.L. Heywood.
25-Jun1845Vol. 3No. 834AnnouncementDeserting WifeDaniel SmithDaniel Smith states that he will not be responsible for Mary Smith's debts.
2-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 932AnnouncementMarriedEditorialElder William Smith married Mary Jane Rollins, performed by Elder Brigham Young.
2-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 932AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonIrvine Hodges (27, Murdered), Isabella Hill (1, Diarrhea), William Johnson (3, Fever), Joseph H. Pluket (11 months, Inflammation of the Brain), Jerome B. Elliott (infant), George W. Johnson (3 months,
         Inflammation of the Lungs), Reuben Middleton (65, Quick Consumption), Elizabeth Sawyer (19, Fever), Mercy Fields (43, Erysipelas).
9-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1025AnnouncementMarriedEditorialRobert S. Butler married Elizabeth Chase, performed by Elder W.W. Perkins.
9-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1025Announcement"Alas" - Indictment DismissedEditorialAnnounces the dismissal of the indictment against the murder of Hyrum Smith.
9-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1026Reprinted Story"Fatal Array at Carthage"The Illinois State RegisterDescribes the gunfight between M.R. Deming (Sheriff of Hancock County) and Dr. Marshal (of Warsaw), who was killed in the fight.
9-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1033AnnouncementMarriedEditorialEzra T. Clark married Mary Stevenson,; Henry C. Markham married Hannah Remmington; Job Baily married Elizabeth Stevenson; all marriages performed by Elder William O. Clark.
9-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1033AnnouncementSeventies MeetingD.M. RepsherAnnounces a meeting for the Seventeenth Quorum of the Seventy.
9-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1034Announcement"Grand Zoological Exhibition" - Coming to NauvooEditorialAnnounces the arrival of a traveling zoo to Nauvoo.
16-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1123Story"Dinner to the Smith Family" EditorialBishops Whitney and Miller gave the Smith Family a public dinner. Article includes a guest list of all the Smiths in attendance.
16-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1124Story"The Mormons" - Stockpiling ArmsEditorialDescribes an article in a Springfield Newspaper which accuse the Saints of preparing for a large war.
16-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1132AnnouncementMarriedEditorialJohn Richie married Mary Fawkes, performed by D.H. Wills, William Walterman Phelps married Lydia Caroline Brekwater.
16-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1132AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonWilliam Halm (63, Dropsy), John Blueberry (48, Typhus Fever), Thadeus Page Melymichael (21, Black Canker), Rebecca Richey (16, Lung Fever), Ephraim Ridge (4 months (Inflammation of Brain), Catharine A
         Oaks (9 months, Black Canker), Bradford Blinbery (13, Fever), Ruth Green (1, Diarrhea), Abel Owen (5, White Swelling), William Joseph Young (6 months, Cholera Infantum), Sarab Klingensmith (1, Teething),
         David Fox (2 months, Canker), Mary Lauchlen (21, Fever), Emely M. Wardsworth (1, Diarrhea), William Parley Loveridge (1, Diarrhea), Jeanette Richards, Francis Henricks (6 months).
16-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1133Announcement"Constitution of the Phonographical Society of the City of Joseph"George D. WattCreates the institution, and provides their bylaws.
23-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1222Story"Rest and Reflect" - Independence Day MessageEditorialGives a religious view of the government, and memorializes the slain prophet in an independence day message.
23-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1222Announcement"Removal of the Hodges" - Citizen's VoteEditorialStates that the remains of the Hodge Family will be moved out of the Nauvoo Cemetery because of a vote that authorized the city to do so.
23-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1225Reprinted Story"Fourth of July in Nauvoo"St. Louis New EraAccount from a non-member that the Saints worked on the Temple, and that is against the ideals of Independence Day.
23-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1231Reprinted Story"Another More" - Competing Nauvoo ProphetSt. Louis RevileStates that a 19 year old has stood and announced himself as a prophet, prophesied the destruction of Nauvoo, and encouraged the Saints to follow him to California. Includes a rebuttal from the Editor.
23-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1232Letter to the EditorTo the Nauvoo Public - Reports of Crime are ExaggeratedM.B. HobartDescribes the recent crimes committed in Nauvoo as isolated acts from people posing as members of the church to take advantage of their trusting and prosperous society.
23-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1234Announcement"Wanted by the Nauvoo House Association"George MillerPetitions the Saints to donate to the Nauvoo House Association.
23-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1234AnnouncementDeserting WifeJohn WatermanJohn states that he will not be responsible for any of Emmaline's debts from this time forward.
23-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1234AnnouncementFormation of the Botanie AssociationJos. YoungerAnnounces the formation of a botanical society to study and grow herbs and plants for the good of the Saints.
30-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1323Story"The Steeple of the Temple" - Announcing the ProgressEditorialDescribes the raising of the steeple, and provides measurements for the nearly completed Temple.
30-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1325AnnouncementPhilosophy of the Mind LectureRoss and HenryAnnounces a lecture to be given in "Mormon Town…if they will be civil…" about religious counterfeits.
30-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1326LetterCorrespondence from Pittsburg - Elder John E. Page and Mr. FosterA.J. Foster & J.E. PageFoster, not a member, describes the scene of the Rigdonites in Pennsylvania.
30-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1333AnnouncementMarriedEditorialJohn F. Weld married Frances E. White, performed by Daniel H. Wells; John L. Smith married Augusta B. Cleveland, performed by Elder John Smith.
30-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1333AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonAlmira S. Johnson (8 months, Inflammation), Mary Ann Sabin (37), Rozille Tupper (35, Bilious Fever), William A. Green (45, Unknown), Mathoniah Freeman (10 months, Diarrhea), Edwin R. Spratly (5, Lung
         Fever), Jennett Richards (27), Edmond Mendenhall (3, Whooping Cough), Robert Oare (1, Measles), Ann Pye (13, Bilious Fever), Margaret Mour (2, Measles), Theodore F. Tracy (2, Inflammation of the Brain),
         Catharine M. Canfield (3 months, Inflammation on the lungs), Alonzo Toppes (7 months, Canker), Emily Amela Page (2, Diarrhea), Rebecca Jane Griffin (1, Canker), Harriet Fuller (30), Martha Ann Arwaid
         (8 months, canker), Hyrum Barlow (1, Diarrhea).
30-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1333AnnouncementSeventies Conference AnnouncementJos. YoungAnnounces a monthly meeting for all Seventies. John D. Lee signs as the clerk.
30-Jul1845Vol. 3No. 1335Announcement"Will Be Exhibited" - Painting of the MartyrdomPhilo DibbleAnnounces the unveiling of a painting of the Martyrdom. Admission is 24 cents.
6-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1415Story"Nauvoo in the Pacific Ocean"EditorialDescribes a Pacific Island called Nauvoo, the Pearl of the Pacific.
6-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1424Story"See, Hear, Weep" - Prophecies of DestructionEditorialDescribes the turbulent times in which the Saints live, and provides an explanation that includes prophesies by Joseph Smith.
6-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1425Story"Gullibility"EditorialLaments the public's gullibility, in that they believe every lie told about the Church.
6-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1434AnnouncementMarriedEditorialWilliam Ford Jr. married Delana Dulley, performed by Elder William D. Huntington.
6-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1434AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonSarah Dickins (57, Flux), John H. Lamb (8 months, Consumption), Sarah Thomas (61, Diarrhea), Levi Hawks (29, Drowned), Christenia F. Taylor (26, Child Bed Lever), Sidney R. Sanders (6, Diarrhea), Elizabeth Ann
6-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1434Announcement"For Sale - By the Trustees of the Church of Jesus Christ…"EditorialAnnounces the sale of two horse carriages owned by the church.
6-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1434Announcement"The Truth" - Rebuttal of Deserting WifeEmeline WatermanMrs. Waterman posts the reasons she left her husband, in an attempt to clear her name.
13-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1523Announcement"The Last Shingle" - The Temple Roof is CompletedEditorialAnnounces the complete enclosure from the elements of the Temple. The Neighbor was delayed in order to bring this news.
13-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1523Story"See, Hear, Weep" - Prophecies of Destruction (Part 2)EditorialContinues in describing the calamities of the world, and how the restoration relates to them.
13-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1524Announcement"Chant" - Nauvoo Band Playing in the SteepleEditorialDescribes the Band ascending to the steeple of the temple to play their music, and states that it sounded as if their music came from heaven.
13-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1526LetterLetter to Brigham Young from PittsburghAmos FieldingTells Brigham what is going on in Rigdon's settlement, and how his church is run.
13-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1531AnnouncementExcommunication of Elder Salah LaneCalvin C. PendletonDescribes Elder Lane being cut off from the church for unchristian-like conduct.
13-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1534AnnouncementMarriedEditorialElias Smith married Lucy Brown, performed by Pres. Brigham Young
20-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1631LetterCorrespondence between J. Grant and William SmithJ. Grant & Wm. SmithBoth express sadness at the death of Joseph and Hyrum, and both speak of Nauvoo.
20-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1634Announcement"General Conference" - AnnouncementWillard RichardsAnnounces the General Conference of the Church on October 6th, and it will be held in the Temple. Saints are encouraged to bring provisions for themselves, and poor Saints who will be in attendance.
20-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1634AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonEster Mecom (4, Measles), Loia Walker (55, Bilious Fever), James Monroe (31, Canker), Mary Elizabeth Oars (3, Canker), Mary Cortis (34, Inflammation on the lungs), Harriet F. Fuller (9 months, Lung Fever), John
         Bailey (7, Bilious Fever), Christina Tailor (1, Unknown), William Winterbottom (50), Solomon Selvester Sly (22, Bilious Fever), Parhinia A. McKaozie (9 months, Inflammation on the brain), John Wooton (34,
         Inflamation on the Brain), John Wootion (34, Inflammation), William N. Bickmore (7, Typhus Fever), William A. Colfbesh (22, Consumption), Isaac Royle (29, Typhus Fever), Wallis Fisher (1), Roxena Pier (10
         months, Whooping Cough), William Like (21, Diarrhea), Loiza Mary Ludington (1, Whooping Cough), William Thare (6 months, Measles), Nancy Hun Halding (1, Diarrhea).
27-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1723Story"Printers Ride" - Description of a WeddingEditorialDescribes the second day of a wedding, the guests, the parties, and etc. States that John Taylor was drinking wine.
27-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1724Reprinted Story"Living Virtue Unappeasable"The Boston PostThe Post states that general Jackson did not make a good confession before his death. Includes a rebuttal from the Neighbor about the Atonement.
27-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1733Story"Roof of the Temple" - MaterialsEditorialDescribes the different materials used to create the roof of the Temple, and estimates its value to be two million dollars.
27-Aug1845Vol. 3No. 1734AnnouncementDeaths and ObituaryEditorialAnnounces the deaths of William Lisk and Seraph Celestin.
2-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1824Story"Never Satisfied" - Petition to Live SimplyEditorialEncourages the Saints to live simply, and avoid the fashions of the time.
2-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1834AnnouncementMarriedEditorialOliver B. Huntington married Mary M. Neal, performed by Elder George Fowler.
2-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1834AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonMargaret Crandall (51, Unknown), Hiel Bradford (39, Fever), Nancy Ann Harding (1, Diarrhea), Joseph Ralphs (35, Struck with Lightning), Clarissa McNeal (18, Chill Fever), Alden Burdick (42, Fever), Elvira Matson
         (25, Consumption), John Crawford (23, Bilious Fever), Trichina Redfield (66, Typus Fever), Henry White (60, Unknown), Joseph Isaac Cook (1, Consumption), Iowa L. Loomis (1, Diarrhea), Isaac Morley Carter (3
         months, Canker), George Black (28, Bilious Fever), David Foot (76, Chill Fever), Freeman B. Stow (10, Bilious Fever), Olive M. Stow (5 months, Diarrhea), Ellen Smith (2, Black Canker), James H. Stocking (3,
         Consumption), Sarah Butterfield (3 months (Canker), Samuel Walton (49, Typhus Fever), Davis Olaey (16, Fever), Mary L. Bradley (7, Diarrhea), Charles W. Griggs (25, Consumption), Sarah Could (10 months,
2-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1841Poetry"The Capstone" W.W. PhelpsPoem describing the plight of the Saints, and the building of the Temple. Mentions Sidney Rigdon.
2-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1841Poetry"Panegyric to W.W. PhelpsRobert CampbellDescribes W.W. Phelps, and tells of his great efforts in the Gospel.
10-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1923Story"Mobbing Again in Hancock!"EditorialMobbing in Green Plains announced, and a list of the eleven buildings destroyed is presented. Includes an announcement from the Warsaw Signal Newspaper, inciting the violence.
10-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1923Story"The Latest from the Burning Mob!"EditorialProvides later analysis which describes 44 houses destroyed in Green Plains and Lima.
10-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1924AnnouncementProclamation to the Citizens of Hancock County, Illinois"J.B. BackenstosA resolution for punishment of those involved in the mobbing, and encourages citizens to suppress the actions of the mob. Also states that citizens of Nauvoo should not leave the city.
10-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1925Story"One Hundred Years Hence - 1945"EditorialDescribes what life, and the Church, may be like in 1945.
10-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1931Story"Big Field Dinner"EditorialDescribes a dinner, provided by Bishop Evans, where over four hundred people ate together.
10-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1931Story"Nauvoo Doings" - Construction ProjectsEditorialDescribes progress on the Temple and the Nauvoo house.
10-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1933AnnouncementMarriedEditorialJoseph Dustin married Sarah J. Littlefield, performed by Elder L.O. Littlefield.
10-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 1934AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonBridget Harrett (86, Diarrhea), Thomas King (74), Laura Elizabeth Element (16), Stephen Vanrelaor (43, Bilious Fever), Emma Ellen Presley (3, Inflammation), Joseph Clemonson (5 months, Consumption),
         Triphelta Reed (43, Chill Fever), Almira Babbit (35, Inflammation on the Lungs), Philemon S. Castle (1, Diarrhea), Mary C. Taylor (2 months, Unknown), Andrew T. Morton (1 month, Inflammation on the Brain),
         Levi Eldridge (35, Mercurial Diarrhea), William H. Presley Jr. (5 months), General Minor R. Deming (Congestive Fever).
17-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2011Story"Capt. Fremont's Expedition" - Description of Western ValleysJohn C. FremontDescribes Fremont's expedition in the Western US, and possibly provided the Saints with a desire to settle there.
17-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2023StoryDepositions of the Mobbing VictimsVariousIncludes several depositions from victims of the mob, all recorded by Daniel H. Wells.
17-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2024Story"Further Particulars of the Mob"EditorialProvides more information about the actions of the Mob.
17-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2025Story"Law and Order"EditorialLaments the mob violence that is omnipresent, and states that it is a sign of the second coming.
17-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2025StorySaints to Record Actions of MobEditorialEncourages the Saints to keep a legal record (including depositions) of any violence they receive from the mob.
17-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2025Story"Future to the Mountains &c."EditorialDescribes the benefits of moving the Saints into the Rocky Mountains.
17-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2026Announcement"Proclamation No. 2 to the Citizens of Hancock County Ill…"J.B. BackenstosAgain attempts to stop the mob from performing their violent acts.
17-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2031Announcement"Proclamation No. 3 to the Citizens of Hancock County Ill…"J.B. BackenstosAnother attempt to stop the mob from performing their violent acts. Includes a resolution for their punishment.
17-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2033Announcement"Help Wanted!" - Needy LDS FamiliesEditorialDescribes some living in Nauvoo who are experiencing hard times, and asks for aid from the citizens.
17-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2033Announcement"Notice for the New York Messenger Subscribers"L.O. LittlefieldLittlefield describes his position as an employee of the New York Messenger, and his ability to take payment for subscriptions.
17-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2033AnnouncementMarriedEditorialCharles U. Griggs married Mary Allen, performed by E.I. Benson
17-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2033AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonCharles C. Griggs (25, Consumption), Orson W. Corey (3, Whooping Cough), Elder Salmon Gee. (52, Chill Fever), William H. Presley Jr. (5 months, Diarrhea), Maria E. Barlon (33, Fever), William Williams (20,
         Bilious Fever), William J. Thompson (38, Affliction of the Liver), Lydia Losee (infant), Barah E. Griffith (1 month, Croup), Leaters Newell (39, Inflammation in the Head), Thomas Bedford (10, Bilious Fever),
         Lydia Turner (76, Bilious Fever), Emma W. Kidbreath (1), Henry King (11, Diarrhea & Canker), James Sanderson (41, Bilious Fever), William Mosly (35, Black Canker), Samuel Clark (42, Nervous Fever), Martha Lord
         (57, Fever), Sally Fisher (68).
24-Sep1845Vol. 3No. SE11AnnouncementLeaving Nauvoo Next SpringBrigham YoungAnnounces the departure of the Saints from Nauvoo, beginning the next Spring.
24-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2111Story"Captain Freemont's Second Exploring Expedition"John C. FremontFurther describes area in the West where Capt. Freemont explored, and provides the Saints with more information about where they may settle.
24-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2121AnnouncementProclamation to the Citizens of Hancock County, Illinois"J.B. BackenstosA resolution for punishment of those involved in the mobbing, and encourages citizens to suppress the actions of the mob. Also states that citizens of Nauvoo should not leave the city.
24-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2121Announcement"Proclamation No. 2 to the Citizens of Hancock County Ill…"J.B. BackenstosAgain attempts to stop the mob from performing their violent acts.
24-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2122Announcement"Proclamation No. 3 to the Citizens of Hancock County Ill…"J.B. BackenstosAnother attempt to stop the mob from performing their violent acts. Includes a resolution for their punishment.
24-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2123Announcement"Proclamation No. 4 to the Citizens of Hancock County Ill…"J.B. BackenstosAnother attempt to stop the mob from performing their violent acts. Provides more allegations of bad behavior by the mob.
24-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2131Announcement"The Sheriff of Hancock" - Recognizing Sherriff BackenstosEditorialDescribes the bravery and intelligence of Sheriff Backenstos.
24-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2131Story"Christ and Satan" - Scriptural GuidanceEditorialDescribes the Saints need to forgive their attackers, and let vengeance be given by the Lord.
24-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2131Story"Cost of Mobbing" - Financial Problems Created by MobEditorialProvides rough cost estimates of the recent mob destruction. Provides a guess that 150 homes were destroyed.
24-Sep1845Vol. 3No. 2132LetterLetter about the Mob Violence in Hancock CountyE.A. BedellProvides a firsthand account of the mobbing in Hancock.
1-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2211AnnouncementProclamation to the Citizens of Hancock County, Illinois"J.B. BackenstosA resolution for punishment of those involved in the mobbing, and encourages citizens to suppress the actions of the mob. Also states that citizens of Nauvoo should not leave the city.
1-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2211Announcement"Proclamation No. 2 to the Citizens of Hancock County Ill…"J.B. BackenstosAgain attempts to stop the mob from performing their violent acts.
1-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2213Announcement"Proclamation No. 3 to the Citizens of Hancock County Ill…"J.B. BackenstosAnother attempt to stop the mob from performing their violent acts. Includes a resolution for their punishment.
1-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2214Announcement"Proclamation No. 4 to the Citizens of Hancock County Ill…"J.B. BackenstosAnother attempt to stop the mob from performing their violent acts. Provides more allegations of bad behavior by the mob.
1-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2221Announcement"Proclamation No. 5 to the Citizens of Hancock County Ill…"J.B. BackenstosAnother attempt to stop the mob from performing their violent acts.
1-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2223Story"To the Public" - Tales of a PrisonerAntony BarkmanDescribes being treated well by Sheriff Backenstos and the people of Nauvoo, and tells the story of his crimes.
1-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2224Story"Law and Order Triumphant"EditorialStates that the government has nearly put an end to the mobbing, and that progress is being made.
1-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2224Announcement"Treason" - Arrest of Nauvoo CitizensEditorialAnnounces the arrest of Daniel Spencer, W.W. Phelps, John Taylor, Orson Spencer, Charles C. Rich, William Clayton, Willard Richards, and others for treason.
1-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2226Letter"The Mob Chastened"Alex SympsonStates that the mob are the real felons, not the Mormon people.
1-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2226Announcement"A Proclamation by the Governor of the State of Illinois" - Mob ViolenceGov. Thomas FordProvides a warning to the mob that they will be prosecuted if they continue their violent acts.
1-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2226LetterCorrespondence between B. Young and Illinois OfficialsVariousProvides correspondence from the representatives of Illinois asking for a proclamation of the Saints plans to leave, and Brigham Young's response.
1-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2233AnnouncementDeathsW.D. HuntingtonNathaniel Lackore (65, Chill Fever), Sarah Lackore (80, Chill Fever), George Davis (76, Lethargy), Mary Tiffany (8 months, Diarrhea), Emma Marble (1, Whooping Cough), Heary Wond (17, Chill Fever), Tracy Squires
         (39, Chill Fever), Nancy Davis (65, Fever), Isaac C. Phippin (17, Shot by Accident), Mary Ann Morris (4 months, Diarrhea), Sarah Ann J. Sperry (6), John Quamby (45, Flux), Mary Pincock (56, Fever), Eliza Allen (22,
         Diarrhea), Mr. Marble, Richard R. Garr (20, Consumption), Sophia Parshal (24, Fever), Robert Hamilton (32, Bilious Fever), Thomas Crooket (42, Pleurisy), Clariana Irene Furguson (1 month), Parmelia Brim (37,
         Billious Fever), John T. Crawford (1, Consumption), Oliver Bruson (43, Typhus Fever), Doratha French (53, Chill Fever), James Kilborn (23, Chill Fever), Mary Leighton (25, Typhus Fever), L___ Ko___ 1, Unknown),
         John Morris (53, Diarrhea), John Davis (45, Chill Fever), Adam Thompson (36, Affection of the Liver), Joseph Stodard (2, Rickets), Henry Humphrey (38, Chill Fever), William A. Beebe Jr. (4, Measles), George
          Taylor (35, Ague and Fever).
8-Oct1845Vol. 3No. SE11Announcement"Circular: To the Whole Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"Brigham YoungDescribes the first meeting of the Saints in the Temple, provides extracts from the minutes of the General Conference, and then lists the Committees, and the Captains of Companies for the Migration.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2311LetterLetter to Brigham Young from Illinois PoliticiansJohn J. Hardin and OthersStates that the State of Illinois will assign marshals to ensure that the Saints are actually planning to leave in the Spring like they have announced.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2311LetterPart of a Dispatch from the GovernorGov. Thomas FordStates that there is no legal provision which would force the expulsion of the Saints, and he will not resort to such measures, but admits that the public opinion desires the Church to leave.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2312Letter"To the Anti-Mormon Citizens of Hancock and the Surrounding…"John J. Hardin and OthersPublishes their belief that the Saints will not leave unless completely forced to do so.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2321Reprinted Story"Public Opinion" - Mobbing of the SaintsEditorialPrints views from different newspapers about what is being done to the Saints. Includes articles from the N.Y. Herald and the N.Y. Mirror.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2321Reprinted Story"Evils of Fanaticism" - Why the Church is being MobbedThe People's OrganDescribes the problems associated with strong feelings, both those of the mob and those of church members.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2322Reprinted Story"The Governor and the Mormons"The Ottowa ConstitutionalistProvides a defence for allowing the Church to remain in Illinois.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2322Reprinted Story"The Mormon War"The Missouri ReporterStates the view that punishment can be given to the Church for the crimes it is alleged to have committed, but that bloodshed and mobbing is not the answer.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2324Reprinted Story"Mormon Difficulties"The St. Louis ReveilleStates that the Church has a right to settle where they would like, and mobbing and terror are not proper punishments for law breaking.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2324Reprinted Story"The Mormon Removal"The St. Louis ReveilleStates that the Church is willing to sacrifice everything for peace.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2325Reprinted Story"The Mormon Question"The St. Louis ReveilleStates that even if all the accusations against the Church are true, they have still suffered more than the penalties would have been.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2325Story"To Our Patrons" - Discontinuance of the PaperEditorialAnnounces the discontinuance of the newspaper, in order to make preparations to leave. States that the Times and Seasons will continue to be published.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2326Story"The Prospect &c. in Hancock" - Peace RestoredEditorialStates that several of those who burned Mormon homes are found in the police ranks "searching" for those who need to be prosecuted.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2326Story"General Conference" - ReviewEditorialStates that a full accounting is given in the Times and Seasons.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2331Story"Bill of Particulars for the Emmigrants Leaving this Government…"EditorialProvides a list of needed supplies for the Saints who are leaving Illinois.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2331Story"Captains of Companies" & "List of CommitteesEditorialProvides a list of the captains of the companies, and list of committees for the migration.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2333Story"Addendum! In Hancock Circuit Court"EditorialDescribes the legal battles currently taking place in Hancock County, in response to the mobbings.
29-Oct1845Vol. 3No. 2333AnnouncementDeathsEditorialElder William Barkwater (63), Orpha Maria (6 months), Patty Gates (69), David L. Rising (30, Inflammation of the Bowels).