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Sermons and Instructions of Joseph Smith During the Years 1830-1833

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Records of Joseph Smith's public speeches during this period are relatively rare. Hence we have grouped the years 1830 through 1833 together. Joseph's speaking ability was probably rather thin. Furthermore, minute takers tended to give very brief summaries of what were often long sermons. As we locate further first-hand accounts of public discources, they will be added.

The records of these remarks are so brief that if any continuity of theme existed, it is impossible to discover it. No doubt the major emphasis consisted in exhortation to faithfulness and bearing testimony of the validity of the foundational events. Instruction in elementary doctrine and practice probably occupied time in these early meetings together with the giving of revelations to answer pressing questions. See for example the conference minutes surrounding the brief remarks of June 3, 1831.

Sources of the remarks given here include the Kirtland Council Minute Book and the Far West Record. The Kirtland Council Minute Book contains records of Church councils during the Kirtland period following 1832. The Far West Record was a duplicate record of extant Church minutes from 1830 to the end of the Missouri period. Most of the early minutes of Church meetings are known through the Far West Record. The Far West Record was published with historical notes and biographical index in 1983 (edited by Donald Q. Cannon and Lyndon W. Cook). Both these records are found in the LDS Church archives.

Material enclosed in brackets [ ] is modern and not part of the original records.

*Sermon checked for fidelity to source document(s).
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