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Remarks delivered on November 12-13, 1831 at Hiram, Portage County, Ohio (Joseph's "translating room," an upstairs room at the home of John Johnson).
Source: Oliver Cowdery record copied into the Far West Record

Prayer for Oliver Cowdery and John Whitmer

. . . Br. Joseph Smith jr. said one item he wished acted upon was that our brs. Oliver Cowdery & John Whitmer & the sacred writings which they have entrusted to them to carry to Zion be dedicated to the Lord by the prayer of faith.

Temporal Support Requested of the Church

Secondly, Br. Oliver has labored with me from the beginning in writing &c Br. Martin [Harris] has labored with me from the beginning, brs. John [Whitmer] and Sidney [Rigdon] also for a considerable time, & as these sacred writings are now going to the Church for their benefit, that we may have claim on the Church for recompense, if this conference think these things worth prizing to be had on record to show hereafter I feel that it will be according to the mind of the Spirit for by it these things were put into my heart which I know to be the Spirit of truth, &c. . . .

Importance of the Revelations - Foundation of Church

[The following statement was probably given or proposed by Joseph Smith.]
the book of Revelation [the Book of Commandments] now to be printed being the foundation of the Church & the salvation of the world & the Keys of the mysteries of the Kingdom & the riches of Eternity to the Church . . .


1. Joseph and Oliver had selected, from among the written revelations given to Joseph thus far, a corpus to be published under the name "Book of Commandments, for the government of the Church of Christ, organized according to the law on the 6th of April, 1830." Oliver copied the manuscripts and was assigned by revelation, with John Whitmer, to deliver these copies to the church printing establishment in Independence, MO. Ten thousand copies were to be run initially but this was reduced to 3,000. However, a mob of disgruntled locals in Independence, destroyed the press while printing was in progress. Some of the raw sheets were saved from the ensuing fire, but not all the intended revelations had been set. Roughly enough sheets to make 100 sets of 65 revelations were saved. The texts of these copies contained minor variations resulting from type corrections made during the printing process. About 40 copies survive today and may trade on the collectors market for as much as a half-million dollars.

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