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Remarks delivered on Saturday December 12, 1835 at Kirtland, Ohio
Source: Warren Parrish record in Joseph Smith journal, LDS Archives

Shows Papyri

at home, spent the fore noon in reading, at about 12 oclock a number of young persons called to see the Egyptian records I requested my Scribe to exibit them, he did so, one of the young ladies, who had been examining them, was asked if they had the appearance of Antiquity, she observed with an air of contempt that they did not, on hearing this I was surprised at the ignorance she displayed, and I observed to her that she was an anomaly in creation for all the wise and learned that had ever examined them, without hesitation pronounced them antient, I further remarked that, it was downright wickedness ignorance bigotry and supersitition that caused her to make the remark, and that I would put it on record, and I have done so because it is a fair sample of the prevailing spirit of the times showing that the victims of priestcraft and superstition, would not believe though one should rise from the dead.

Kirtland Lyceum

At evening attended a debate, at Br. Wm. Smiths, the question proposed to debate upon was, as follows.--was it necessary for God to reveal himself to man, in order for their happiness.--I was on the affirmative and the last one to speak on that side of the question,--but while listening, with interest to the, ingenuity displayed, on both Sides of the qustion, I was called, away to visit, Sister Angeline Work[s], who was supposed to be dangerously sick, Elder Corrill & myself went and prayed for and layed hands on her in the name of Jesus Christ, She appeard to be better, --returned home

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