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Instructions delivered on Friday February 12, 1836 at Kirtland, Ohio.
Source: Warren Parrish record in Joseph Smith journal, LDS Archives

. . . I then arose and made some remarks upon the object of our meeting, which were as follows -- first that many are desiring to be ordained to the ministry, who are not called and consequ[e]ntly the Lord is displeased-- Secondly, many already have been ordained who ought [not] to hold official stations in the church because they dishonour themselves and the church and bring persecution swiftly upon us, in consequence of their zeal without k[n]owledge--I requested the quorum's to take some measures to regulate the same. I proposed some resolutions and remarked to the brethren that the subject was now before them and open for discussion . . . it was then proposed that I should indite resolutions which I did as follows

1st- Resolved that no one be ordained to any office in the church in this stake of Zion at Kirtland without the unanimous voice of the several bodies that constitute this quorum who are appointed to do church buisness [sic] in the name of said church- viz the presidency of the church & council [of] the 12. apostles of the Lamb and 12 high counsellors of Kirtland the 12, high counsellors of Zion, the Bishop of Kirtland & his counsellors the Bishop of Zion and his counsellors- the 7 presidents of the Seventies; untill otherwise ordered by the said quorums.1-

2nd- And further resolved that no one be ordained in the branches of said church abroad unless they are recommended by the voice of the respective branches of the church to which they belong to a general conference appointed by the heads of the church, and from that conference receive their ordination


1. This group would eventually be pared down and come to be known as the "general authorities." Note that the members of the Seventy's quorums were not included in this adjudicating body. While the text places the apostles before the high council, in practice this was not the order of authority. The high council tended to come before the apostles until the Nauvoo period when their position began to more closely match the revelations [D&C 107, 112].

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