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Remarks on a visit from two men at the home of Joseph Smith at Kirtland, Ohio, January 12, 1836
Source: Frederick G. Williams record in Joseph Smith journal, LDS Archives

Shows Papyri

. . . This after noon, a young man called to see the Egyptian manuscripts, and I exibited them to him, he expressed great satisfaction, and appeared verry anxious to obtain a knowledge of the translation.

Unitarian Preacher

also a man was introduced to me by the name of Russel Wever from Cambray [Cambria] Niagary Co. N. Y. this man is a preacher, in the church that is called Christian or Unitarian, he remarked that he had but few minuits to spend with me, we entered into conversation, and had som[e] little controversy upon the subject of prejudice, but soom come to an understanding, he spoke of the gospel and said he believed it, adding that it was good tidings of great joy -- I replyed that it was one thing, to proclaim good tidings and another to tell what those tidings are, he waived the conversation and withdrew -- he was introduced by Joseph Rose --

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