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Remarks at a wedding held at Kirtland, Ohio January 14, 1836
Source: Frederick G. Williams record in Joseph Smith journal, LDS Archives

. . . I found a large company assembled, the house was filled to overflowing, we opened our interview by singing and prayer suited to the occasion after which I made some remarks in relation to the duties that are incumbent on husbands and wives, in particular the great importance there is in cultivating the pure principles of the institution, in all its bearings, and connexions with each other and Society in general

I then invited them to arise and join hands, and pronounced the ceremony according to the rules and regulations of the Church of the latter day Saints

after which I pronounced such blessings upon their heads as the Lord put into my heart the blessings of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, and dismissed by singing prayer . . .


1. The wording in these early marriages became formalized in the Nauvoo ordinances. See 13Dec35, 24Nov35.

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