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Remarks delivered on November 14, 1835 at the home of Joseph Smith, Jr. at Kirtland, Ohio.
Source: Warren Parrish record in Joseph Smith journal, LDS Archives

Joseph Rehearses Early Visions

A Gentleman called this after noon by the name of Erastus Holmes of Newbury Clemon [Newberry, Clermont] Co. Ohio, he called to make enquiry about the establishment of the church of the lattery-day Saints and to be instructed more perfectly in our doctrine &c I commenced and gave him a brief relation of my experience while in my juvenile years, say from 6 years old up to the time I received the first visitation of Angels which was when I was about 14. years old and also the the visitations that I received afterward, concerning the book of Mormon, and a short account of the rise and progress of the church, up to this, date . . .

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