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Remarks at the meetings of Church authorities in the Temple at Kirtland, Ohio Friday January 15, 1836
Source: Frederick G. Williams record in Joseph Smith journal, LDS Archives

. . . I then made some observation respecting the order of the day, and the great responsibility we are under to transact all our buisness, [sic] in righteousness before God, inasmuch as our desisions will have a bearing upon all mankind and upon all generations to come

Sung the song Adam-ondi-ahman and open by prayer . . .

. . . The above rules1 hav[e] now passed through the several quorums, in their order, and passed by the unanimous vote of the whole, and are therefore received and established as a law to govern the house of the Lord in this place, --In the investigatin of this subject, I found that many who had deliberated upon this subject were darkened in their minds, which drew forth, some remarks from me, respecting the privileges of the authorities of the church, that they should, each speak in his turn, and in his place, and in his time and season, that their may be perfect order in all things, and that every man, before he, makes an objection to any, item, that is thrown before them for their concideration, should be sure that they can throw light upon the subject rather than spread darkness, and that his objections be founded in righteousness which may be done by applying ourselves closely to study the mind and will of the Lord, whose Spirit always makes manifest, and demonstrates to the understanding of all who are in possession, of his Spirit - . . .


1. The rules referred to were the rules proposed by Church leaders to govern conduct in the new Temple, to be dedicated to service approximately six weeks from the time of these remarks. The rules were proposed at a meeting two days previous. They were as follows:

1st -- It is according to the rules and regulations of all regular and legal organized bodies to have a president to keep order.--

2nd -- The body thus organized are under obligation to be in subjection to that authority --

3rd -- When a congregation assembles in this house they shall submit to the following rules, that due respect may be payed to the order of worship -- viz.

1st -- no man shall be interupted who is appointed to speak by the presidency of the Church, by any disorderly person or persons in the congregation, by whispering by laughing by talking . . .

2nd -- An insult offered to the presiding Elder of said church, shall be considered an insult to the whole . . .

3rd -- All persons are prohibited from going up the stairs in time of worship

4th -- All persons are prohibited from exploring the house except waited upon by a person appointed for that purpose --

5th -- All persons are prohibited from going into the several pulpits except the officers who are appointed to officiate in the same

6th -- All persons are prohibited from cutting marking or maring the inside or outside of the house with a knife pencil or any other instrument whatever, under pain of such penalty as the law shall inflict --

7th -- All children are prohibited from assembling in the house above or below or any part of it to play or for recreation at any time, and all parents guardians or masters whall be ameneable for all damage that shall accrue in consequence of their children --

8th -- All persons whether believers or unbelievers shall be treated with due respect by the authorities of the Church --

9th -- No imposition shall be practised upon any member of the church by depriving them of their rights in the house --

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