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Remarks delivered on March 15, 1838 at Far West, Missouri
Source: Ebenezer Robinson record in the Far West Record.

Thursday March 15, 18381

David Whitmer as Successor

President Joseph Smith jr gave a history of the ordination of David Whitmer, which took place in July 1834, to be a leader, or a prophet to this Church, which (ordination) was on conditions that he (J.Smith jr) did not live to God himself. 2

Joseph Smith Ratifies Previous High Council Proceedings

President J. Smith Jr. approved of the proceedings of the High Council, after hearing the minutes of the former Councils.


1. Joseph Smith had left Kirtland, Ohio in January and had arrived at Far West, Missouri March 14, 1838. (Some years later Joseph gave a short account of an incident during this journey which was recorded by Willard Richards: HC 5:211.) At this high council, Joseph Smith presided and approved of the actions of the council in February, removing David Whitmer, John Whitmer and William W. Phelps from the Missouri Church presidency and the excommunication of John Whitmer and Phelps.

2. Part of the evolution of Church leadership involved the appointment of various successors to Joseph Smith, Jr. One stage of this process was the temporary appointment of David Whitmer as successor. See 7Jul34.

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