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Remarks and activities on December 16, 1835 at Kirtland, Ohio
Source: Warren Parrish record in Joseph Smith journal, LDS Archives

Shows Papyri - Lectures From Translation

. . . Returned home[,] Elder McLellen Elder B. Young and Elder J. Carter called and paid me a visit, with which I was much gratified. I exibited and explaind the Egyptian Records to them, and explained many things to them concerning the dealings of God with the ancients and the formation of the planetary System, they seemed much pleased with the interview . . . 1


1. It is clear that the text of what became the "Book of Abraham" was related to the Egyptian materials obtained by Joseph Smith, and that the text of the book as we have it now in the Pearl of Great Price, has some relation to "the dealings of God with the ancients." The text of the Book of Abraham was almost certainly available by this time, in fact probably at least by November 1835. How that text is related to what Joseph may have told these men about "the formation of the planetary system" would be a matter of speculation. Nothing in the current Book of Abraham directly addresses that issue. It seems likely that material other than what we have currectly in the Pearl of Great Price was the source of these comments.

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