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Remarks delivered on February 19, 1834 at a council meeting held at the home of Joseph Smith, Jr., Kirtland, Ohio. Examination and approval of the minutes of the previous organization meeting of the Kirtland high council.
Source: Orson Hyde record in the Kirtland Council Minute Book, LDS Archives.

The Council assembled pursuant to adjournment. Joseph Smith Jnr. opened the council by reading the 3rd chap of of [sic] Lord's prophecy, and prayer. After which he arose before the council, and said that he had labored the day before with all the strength and wisdom that he had given him in making the corrections necessary in the last council minutes, which he would now read before the this council. He asked the council for their attention, that they might rightly judge upon the truth and propriety of these minutes, as all were equally interested in them &c. He also urged the necessity of prayer, that the Spirit might be given, that the things of the spirit might be judged thereby; because the carnal mind cannot discern the things of God &c. . . .

[The minutes were read and various points were discussed and approved with the proviso that if Joseph Smith found they needed to be changed, he should do so - indeed Joseph did add references to the Twelve Apostles and their councils a year later.]

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