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Remarks delivered on March 1, 1835 at a meeting to ordain the newly called Seventy
Source: Oliver Cowdery record in the Kirtland Council Minute Book, LDS Archives.

Sunday March 1st, 1835

[The council opened with the anticipation of the ordinance of the sacrament - Joseph Smith then made the following remarks on this practice in the Church.]

Taking the Lord's Supper Unworthily of Grave Consequence

President Joseph Smith Junr addressed the Church & the council and the church [sic] upon the propriety upon the propriety [sic] of attending to this ordinance with pure hearts and pure desires. He touched upon the propriety of this institution in the church & urged the vast importance of doing it with acceptance to the Lord. He asked how long do you suppose a man may partake of this ordinance unworthily and the Lord not withdraw His Spirit from him? How long will he thus trifle with sacred things and the Lord not give him over to the buffetings of Satan until the day of Redemption? The church should know if they are unworthy from time to time, to partake, the servants of the Lord will be forbidden to administer it. Therefore our hearts ought ought to humble themselves, and we to repent of our sins, and put away evil from among us.

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