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Remarks delivered on Tuesday February 23, 1836 at Kirtland, Ohio.
Source: Warren Parrish record in Joseph Smith journal, LDS Archives

. . . This afternoon the sisters met again at the chapel [Kirtland Temple] to work on the ve[i]l toward the close of the day I met with the presidency & many of the brethren in the house of the Lord- I made some remarks from the pulpit upon the rise and progress of the Church of Christ of Latter day Saints 1 and pronounced a blessing upon the Sisters for the liberality in giving their servises so cheerfully to make the veil for the Lord's house also upon the congregation and dismissed


1. The name of the Church from its organization until the previous year had been The Church of Christ. In 1835 the Church took the official title of The Church of the Latter-day Saints or Latter Day Saints. The spelling and punctuation varied in official records. In this entry we see Joseph Smith combining the two names which is significant given the confirmation this usage was to receive in 1838 (see D&C 115). During this period another name usage would change: the Mormon temple in Kirtland was referred to as the "chapel" up until this period when it began to be more commonly called "the house of the Lord" (the "Lord's House" was a name also used at this period). In this entry we see the terms used together. Since this is not a stenographic record, it is perhaps more likely that Parrish was using the common terms here. The term "temple" did not come into common use until the Nauvoo period. In Nauvoo, the Kirtland building would also be referred to as a "temple." The term "chapel" would reappear in LDS vocabulary with the construction in Utah of Mormon houses of worship devoted mainly to public Sunday worship rather than the private worship introduced in the Nauvoo temple.

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