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Conversation with an Ohioian on December 4, 1835 at Kirtland, Ohio
Source: Warren Parrish record in Joseph Smith journal, LDS Archives

. . . This evening, a Mr. John Holister1 of Portage County Ohio called to see me on the subject of religion, he is a member of the close communion baptise Church, he said he had come to enquire concerning the faith of our church having heard many reports of the worst character about us, he seemed to be an honest enquier after truth. I spent the evening in talking with him, I found him to be an honest candid man, and no particular peculiarities about him, only his simplisity, he tarrie over night with me, and acknowledged in the morning that although he had thought he knew something about religion he was now sensible that he knew but little, which was the greatest, trait of wisdom that I could discover in him


1. Holister lived in New York (b. 1792) until 1835. He became a Mormon following his visit with Joseph Smith and died in Illinois in 1839.

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