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Remarks delivered on July 7, 1834 at the home of Lyman Wight in Clay County, Missouri to organize a high council in the pattern of the one previously organized in Kirtland, Ohio.
Source: Frederick G. Williams record copied into the Far West Record.

Joseph has Made Succession Provision in Case he Dies

. . . After which br. Joseph Smith, Jun. proceeded to give the council instruction (relative to their high calling) as would enable them to proceed and minister in their office--agreeable to the pattern given heretofore--also read to them the Revelation speaking on the subject [D&C 102]-- He also informed them if he should now be taken away that he had accomplished the great work which the Lord had laid before him, and that which he had desired of the Lord, and that he now had done his duty in organizing the High Council, through which Council the will of the Lord might be known on all important occasions in the building up of Zion, and establishing truth in the earth.


1. At this meeting David Whitmer was ordained president in Zion and if the occasion arose to step in as President of the whole Church. The need never arose and Whitmer became disaffected with the Church and essentially went back to his pre-Kirtland beliefs (see 15Mar38).

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