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Sermon delivered on Sunday, April 9, 1837 at the House of the Lord, Kirtland, Ohio
Source: Wilford Woodruff journal, LDS Archives

Joseph arose & like the lion of the tribe of JUDAH he poured out his soul in the midst of the congregation of the Saints but who can find language to write his words & teachings as with an iron pen in a rock that they may stand for future generation to look upon A fountain of knowledge rolled from his mouth to the people which was the word of God Yea in the name of GOd he proclaimed that severe Judgment awaited those characters that professed to be his friends & friends to humanity & the Kirtland Safety Society But had turned tritors [traitors] & opposed the currency & its friends which has given power into the hands of the enemy & oppressed th poor saints such have become covenant Breakers for which they will feel the wrath of God as true as Joseph is a prophet uttered the feelings of his soul in pain while viewing the poverty & afflictions of Ephraim or the Saints in Kirtland at least that fals brethren should be whited walls & bring perils upon the saints. Joseph is as a father to Ephraim & to all Israel in these last days, he mourns because of unbelief & the negligence manifest with many who have received the gospel in obeying the commands of God he fears lest but few be left to receive inheritance. There is not a greater man than Joseph standing n this generation. The gentiles look upon him & he is to them like bed of gold conceled from human view. they know not his principle, his spirit, his wisdom, virtue, phylanthropy, nor his calling. His mind like Enochs swells wide as eternity Nothing short of a God can comprehend his soul

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