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Remarks delivered on Sunday -----, 1835 [Fall] at Kirtland, Ohio

Source: Truman O. Angell Autobiography in Our Pioneer Heritage 10 (1967):195-213.

Joseph has a Book to Record Church History

. . . After a residence of about a year and a half in Lima, I moved to Kirtland, Ohio, in the fall of 1835, arriving one Saturday about 4 or 5 o'clock p.m. The next day, Sunday, meeting assembled in the Temple on a loose floor which had been arranged for carpenters' benches etc., the house was partly filled, the people being seated on work benches and other things. President Joseph Smith, [Jr.,] during the meeting, arose to speak upon an order he had given to Oliver Cowdery to seek out a book for a Church Record; for such must be kept; this had been complied with, a good book had been selected and it pleased President Smith.

The book was not paid for, but was to be returned to Painesville if it did not suit; and the Prophet said he would be glad to have the Saints donate the amount, about $12.50, and make the purchase, and keep the book; it being of good paper and thoroughly well bound. A man arose near the middle of the house and said he wanted the leaves counted to see if it would not be better to buy the paper by the ream, the difference being that we might put it in a newspaper, or something of the kind. Brother Joseph spoke out and said the devil could not raise his head there, but he would know him. I note this to show the little means with which the Church was obliged to commence the history of a people destined to become great.

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