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Lyceum at the Nauvoo, Ill. home of Amos Davis on Tuesday January 12, 1841
Source: McIntire Minute Book

Tuesday the 12th at Mr. Davises--1st Subject Education By Mr

¶ ----he said a people whose minds were Culavated & Maners Refined By Education--that they had Great & precious Ejoyments that Ignorant had Not

All Sins are not Vice

2d Subject was vice By Mr stout [Hosea Stout] he said Murder theft & the Like came from indulgances in this principle-- Joseph--said that some things were Eavils that did not come under the Head of vise; for instance one Nation would come against an other it would be an Eavil on the Nation was come against yet it would not be a vice for them to Repell------- Virtue was 3d subject

Resurrection - Eternal Judgement - Murders Cannot be Redeemed in this Life

4th subject the Gospel By Mr Badlam he lectures on it till he Comes the Laying on the hands for the Holy Ghost--then Joseph--takes it up & ads the Resurection & Eternal Judgment in the Eternal Judgment 1 there is many things to know & to under stand in Gods Judging for instance Peter said David had not yet ascend to heaven & that he was a Murderer & that His soul was in Hell is plainly told By Peter in acts 2d ch. Petter shews plainer it in the 3d of acts that a murderer could Not be Redmed until he would send Jesus Christ which before was preached unto you &.c--that is that faith Repentance & Baptizm would not save them untill the scourged in hell or paid the Last farthing.


1. A continuing theme of Joseph's, see for example 16May41, 15Oct43, 7Apr44, 12May44. Compare Hebrews 6:2.

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