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Instruction delivered at Nauvoo, Ill., on Monday August 16, 1841
Source: Times and Seasons 2 (1 September 1841):521-22

President Joseph Smith now arriving proceeded to state to the conference at considerable length, the object of their present meeting, and in addition to what President [Brigham] Young had stated in the morning,

Twelve to Preside Now - Translation of Book of Abraham

said that the time had come when the twelve should be called upon to stand in their place next to the first presidency, and attend to the settling of emigrants and the business of the church at the stakes, and assist to bear off the kingdom victoriously to the nations; and as they had been faithful, and had borne the burden in the heat of the day that it was right that they should have an opportunity of provididing something for themselves and families, and at the same time relieve him so that he might attend to the business of translating.

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