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Instructions delivered at Lyceum at Nauvoo, Ill., on Tuesday February 16, 1841
Source: McIntire Minute Book

Must Know God - How to Obtain Answers

Next Meeting . . . Joseph said Concerning the Godhead it was Not as many imagined--three Heads & but one body, he said the three were separate bodys--God the first & Jesus the Mediator the 2d & the Holy Ghost & these three agree in one & this is the maner we Should aproach God in order to get his blessings 1

Motive Precedes Action

& he also said Every Man were st stimulated by a certain Motive, to act motive precedes action & if we want to know ourselves this is the Key to Examin the motive what it is, & the fact will be manifest.


1. This subject of approaching God properly to get his blessings, answers to prayers, etc. is found in (the recently received) D&C 124. However, Joseph Smith will expand in several ways on the instruction here. Compare sermon of 7Apr44. This will be linked to the temple. Joseph's remarks on the Godhead not being of the same "substance" (in an admittedly crude representation) still gets at the heart of the idea. Compare 1 John 5:7-8: the "Comma Johanneum."

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