Lyceum at Nauvoo, Ill., January 19, 1841
Source: McIntire Minute Book

Body Protects - Book of Abraham

Next Meeting--Joseph said that before foundation of the Earth in the Grand Counsel1 that the Spirits of all Men ware subject to oppression & the express purpose of God in Giving it a tabernacle was to arm it against the power of Darkness--for instance Jesus said Get behind me Satan Also the apostle said Resist the Devil & he will flee from you. 2


1. Once again a theme from the book of Abraham, the council in Heaven. Moreover, D&C 124 was received on this day. It will be mentioned at the February 2nd Lyceum meeting. See also 7Apr41.

2. The theme of spiritual safety granted by having a physical tabernacle was reiterated many times. For example compare 5Jan41, 14May43, 21May43.

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