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Sermon delivered at Smith Homestead on Sunday December 19, 1841
Source: Wilford Woodruff: "Book of Revelations."1

God, Jesus, Holy Ghost, all Saints on the Same Track

Jan 30 " Joseph the Seer taught the following principl that the God & and father of our Lord Jesus Christ was once the same as the Son or Holy Ghost both having redeemed a world became the eternal God of that world he had a son Jesus Christ who redeemed this earth the same as his father had a world which made them equal & the HHoly ghost would do the same in his turn & so would all the Saints who inherited a Celestial Glory so their would be Gods many & Lords many their were many mansions even 12 from the abode of Devils to the Celestial Glory All Spirits that have bodies have power over those that have not hence men have power over Devils &c. 2


1. Woodruff's "Book of Revelations" was kept in his family until it was turned over to the old Church Historian's Office during Joseph Fielding Smith's time as Historian. He kept the book in his personal collection which then became part of the First Presidency files at his death. The Book of Revelations was recently turned over to the Joseph Smith Papers Project and then became public. The "Book of Revelations" is evidently a primary source document for a well-known source of Joseph Smith's words, Willard Richards's "Pocket Companion Written in England."

2. This entry in Woodruff's Book of Revelations shows again that the main themes present in the (second) King Follett sermon of April 7, 1844 had many precursors, this one perhaps more dramatic than others. The entry suggests that Heber C. Kimball's teaching of reincarnation reflected Joseph Smith. Likewise, Brigham Young's belief in Adam as God may have its origins in this and other similar teachings (both were present at the Jan 30 meeting).

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