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Instruction given at the Nauvoo Lyceum on Tuesday March 30, 1841
Source: McIntire Minute Book

Law of Consecration not Possible at Present

Next meeting Lecyum 1st--Stewart an Equality in property & in knoledge Joseph said that an Equality would Not answer for he says if we were eaqual in property at present in six months we would be worse than Ever for there is too many Dishonest men amongst us who has more injenity to threat the Rest &c

John 14 - Corrects John 16:8

¶ E. Robinson spoke on the other comforter in the 14 & 16 of John & that to all man kind for he shall [re]prove the world of sin & Righteous & of Judgment &c Joseph said he would Corect in the translation it ought to Read thus & he shall Remind the world of sin & of Righteous & of Judgment & this Comforter Reminds of the these things through the servants of the Lord--

Other Comforter

But the other Comforter spoken of By John is Jesus himself that is to Come & take up his aboad with them.

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