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Speech at Red Brick Store (Nauvoo, Ill.) on Saturday Octorber 29, 1842
Source: Book of the Law of the Lord, Page 208

Addresses New Arrivals at Nauvoo

Saturday, 29.--About 10 o clock this morning president Joseph rode up and viewed the Temple. He expressed his satisfaction at the arrangements made, and was pleased the progress made in that sacred edifice. After conversing with several of the brethren and shaking hands with numbers who were very much rejoiced to see their Prophet again, he returned home; but soon afterwards went over to the store, where a number of brethren and sisters were assembled who had arrived this morning from the neighborhood of New York, Long Island &c After Ers Taylor, Woodruff, and Samuel Bennett had addressed the brethren and sisters, president Joseph spoke to them considerable, showing them the proper course to pursue, and how to act in regard to making purchases of land &c.

Land Troubles in Nauvoo - Joseph not Perfect - May Hide Again

He showed them that it was generally in consequence of the brethren disobeying or disregarding counsel that they became dissatisfied and murmured, and many when they arrived here were dissatisfied with the conduct of some of the saints because every thing was not done perfectly right, and they get mad and thus the devil gets advantage over them to destroy them. He said he was but a man and they must not expect him to be perfect; if they expected perfection from him, he should expect it from them, but if they would bear with his infirmities and the infirmities of the brethren, he would likewise bear with their infirmities. He said it was likely he would have again to hide up in the woods, but they must not be discouraged but roll on the city, the Temple &c. When his enemies took away his rights, he would bear it and keep out of the way, but "if they take away your rights, I will fight for you." He blessed them and departed. The company appear to be in good spirits.

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