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Remarks to group at Springfield, Ill. on December 30, 1842
Source: Joseph Smith Diary (Willard Richards)

Joseph on Slavery

Joseph said he had decided that he would not vote for a slave holder - it is giving them power & if they could obtain sufficient power & get a religious speak against any religionists they would subdue them & compel our children to mix with their slaves.1 By Elder Hyde. what would you advice a man to do who came in the having a hundred slaves? Joseph I have always advised such to bring their slaves into a free county. & set them free - educate them & give them equal Rights. (the remainder of the co- arrived 3 1/2 P. M.) should the slaves be orgainzed into an independent government they would become quarrelsome it would not be wisdom . . .

Experiences in Missouri

Joseph stated that he never had done military duty in his life. was taken prisoner of war at Far West in his own door yard & the man who took me thrust my little boy (who was clinging to my garments) from me by his sward. saying god Damn you git away you little rascal or I will run you through. - I was condemned by court martial to be shot at 8 o clock in the morning there were 18 Priests in the court martial. Gen Donithen said it was cold blooded murder would have nothing to do with it & [marched?] of his Brigade - were marched to Jackson Co. the soldiers refused to obey order. & we were returned & shut in Prison by gen clarks orders. kept 6 mo. 5 days with little food & no bed except a little straw. suffered much with cold. - without process - on charge of Treason. - Larceny & [?] had a mock trial. witnesses sworn at the point of a bayonet. King sent summons by Bogerd methodist Priest. took 50 of our witnesses & put them in Prison. & then 20 more. we got one witness by breaking though the window. he was sent out of court & 2 or 3 soldiers after to kill him.- King was [?] with. [?] gentlemen you are Mormons & I have pledged myself to exterminate you from the state.- 1839. - afterward trial by a jury. who were our guards at night. - 2 sober at a time. god damn god. & methodist. &c & god damn the Mormons. = when we escaped I was the worst off - Hiram got one of my boots & I jumped into the snow. put on my boots without looking. & when I got to water after going over 15 mi Prarie my boots are full of blood.

Millennial Conditions

. . . Joseph said to Judge Adams that christ & the Resurrected saints will reign over the earth. but not dwell on the earth visit it when they please or when necessary to govern it. There will be wicked men ^on the earth during the 1000 years. The heathen nations who will not come up to worship will be destroyed.2


1. Joseph is referring to slave holders persecuting Mormons particularly and not slave holders trying to engage in some universal desegregation.

2. See 16Mar41.

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