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Sermon delivered at Nauvoo, Ill. on Sunday June 5, 1842
Source: The Wasp June 11, 1842 issue; Journal of John D. Lee.

Ezekiel 32, 33 - Curse

The Prophet, Joseph Smith, delivered a powerful discourse, last Sabbath, to an attentive audience of about 8000, in this city. The subject matter was drawn from the 32nd and 33rd chapters of Ezekiel, wherein it was shown the Old Pharaoh was comforted, and greatly rejoiced, that he was honored as a kind of King Devil over those uncircumcised nations, that go down to hell for rejecting the word of the Lord, withstanding his mighty miracles, and fighting the saints:--The whole exhibited as a pattern to this generation, and the nations now rolling in splendor over the globe, if they do not repent, that they shall go down to the pit also, and be rejoiced over, and ruled over by Old Pharaoh, King Devil of mobocrats, miracle rejecters, saint killers, hypocritical priests, and all other fit subject to fester in their own infamy.--Spring water tastes best right from the fountain.

As the word of the Lord was unto pharoah- King of Egypt- by the mouth of Ezikiel. the prophet. EZ.32 . . . 33 . . . so is the word of the Lord unto this generation by the mouth of Joseph Smith. If they Repent not. they shall be herld down to Hell. Also to you Latter days saints Repent & forsake your sins- or you shall likewise suffer-- verily thus saith the Lord- to those that encourage Mobs to opose & distress the Mormons. (remember) the same Mobs that you encourage -- shall return to your own houses- & Bosom & shall distress you & shall spread death & distruction in your midst- yea there be some here to day who shall witness the same & acKnowledge this to be the word of the Lord- others to their shame & everlasting condemnation- Remember O ye L. D. saints & Perish not. Repent of your evil doings- lest ye be herld down to Hell & with Pharoah & his hosts. but if you will turn to the Lord & remember to give him glory & you shall live this shall be a sign unto you when it shall come to Pass--

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