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Remarks at Joseph's Office at Nauvoo, Ill. on Saturday March 11, 1843
Source: Joseph Smith Diary (Willard Richards)

Humorous Remarks at Office

. . . in the office Joseph said he had tea with his breakfast, his wife asked him if it was good. he said if it was a little stronger he should like it better, when Mother Granger remarked, "It is so strong, and good, I should think it would answer Both for drink, and food."

[The previous evening Richards had noted an atmospheric display that appeared like a sword in the sky.] The word of Joseph - while conversing about the sign in the heavens last Evening. - As sure as there is a God who sits enthroned in the heavens. & as sure as he ever spake by me. so sure there will be a speedy and bloody war, and the broad sword seen last evening is a sure sign thereof -

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