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Remarks of Joseph Smith while waiting for dinner at home of Julia[?] Stringham Bowman Springfield, Ill. on January 1, 1843
Source: Joseph Smith Diary (Willard Richards)

Joseph related an anecdote. while young his father had a fine large watch dog. which bit off an ear from David Staffords hog, which stafford had turned into the Smith corn field. Stafford ^shot, the Dog, & with six other fellows pitched upon him [Joseph] unawars. & Joseph whipped the whole of them. & escaped unhurt. which they swore to as recorded in Hurlburts or Howe's Book

while in Kirtland a Baptist Priest come in my house & abused my family. I turned him out of doors. he said he's come to strike me & continued to abuse me. I whipped him tell he begged.- he threatened to prosecute me - I sent Luke Johnson the constable after him & he run him out of the county into Mentor

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