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Remarks in Judge Popes rooms at Springfield, Ill. on January 5, 1843
Source: Joseph Smith Diary (Willard Richards)

Joseph repared to Judge Popes romm & spent 1 hour in conversation with his honor. showing that he did not profess to be a prophet then every man ought. who professes to be a preacher of Righteousness - that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy. & preached to the Judge - Esqr Butterfield asked him to Prophesy how many inhabitants would come to Nauvoo, Joseph replied I will not tell you how many inhabitants will come to Nauvoo but. I will tell you what I said when I came to Commerce, I told them I would build up a city - & the old inhabitants said- well be damned if you can so I prophesied that I could build up a city. & the inhabitants prophesied I could not. we have now about 12000 inhabitants. I will prophesy we will build a great city: for we have the stakes. & we have only to. fill up the intertisces. -

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