James Burgess diary, probably summer of 1843. The Burgess text has similarities to the 11 June 1843 sermon and the 9 July 1843 sermon. It is unclear whether Burgess wrote of one of these experiences or something else. His language is unique to his report and likely this makes the present audit a content audit---one where Burgess's interpretation is present in the audit in significant ways.

Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

Remarks on is there to be no more Prophets. John the Revelator says that the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophicy. Now if any man has the testimony of Jesus has he not the spirit of prophecy and if he has the spirit of prophicy I ask is he not a prophet and if a prophet will he can receive revalation

Man is Damned without Revelation

And any man that does not receive revelation for himself must be damned for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophicy for Christ says ask and you shall receive. And if he happens to receive anything I ask will it not be a revelation. And if any man has not the testimony of Jesus or the spirit of God he is none of his Christ's namely And if not his he must be damn'd

What is a Prophet?

What are we to understand by a Prophet lt is his character to predict things that are in the future. I ask what right has any man or set of men or preist or set of preists to say if a man will not do so and so he shall be damn'd. Is he not takeing upon himself or assuming the character of a Prophet consequently he must either be a true or false Prophet.

How is an Embodied God Omnipresent?

¶ In answer to a question asked by a Sectarian priest namely. How is that you Mormons hold that God is an omnipresent being when at the same time he is a personage of Tabernacle.

¶ After God had created the Heavens and the Earth. He came down and on the sixth day said let us make man in our own image. In whose image. ln the image of Gods created they them. Male and female: innocent harmless and spotless bearing the same character and the same image as the Gods. And when man fell he did not lose his image but his character still retaining the image of his maker Christ who is the image of man is also the express image of his fathers person so says Paul. For in him Christ dwelt the fulness of the Godhead bodily. Why because He was the brightness of his glory; and the express image of his person. Ques. What person Gods person. Hebrews 1st chap 3 verse And through the atonement of Christ and the resurrection and obediance in the Gospel we shall again be conformed to the image of his Son Jesus Christ, then we shall have attained to the image glory and character of God. What part of God is omnipresent read the 37 chap of Ezekel. It is the Spirit of god which proceeds from him consequently God is in the four winds of Heaven and when man receives intelligence is it not by the spirit of God J S Prophet