Australia $1004.67 Boost 2024 In Aged Pension, Check Eligibility, Payment Dates

The government of Australia provides various different programs and services to help its people. The senior citizens and the other vulnerable sections of the society need the most support amidst the rising prices in Australia today. The department of Social Services oversees the funding of programs and schemes for seniors. Recently it has been in the talks that the department will be providing a Australia $1004.67 Boost In Aged Pension 2024 due to which we started our fact check. However, it is only rumored that such a payment will be made and there is no formal confirmation regarding the same yet. In case, such a disbursement is provided by the government, a notification will definitely be released through one of the existing government channels. But for now we can only wait for the official announcement and check the Australia Aged Pension Eligibility 2024.

Australia $1004.67 Boost In Aged Pension, Check Eligibility, Payment Dates

Australia $1004.67 Boost In Aged Pension 2024

It is rumoured that a $1004.67 disbursement will be made in 2024. If this ends up happening it will bring with it a wave of joy for numerous senior citizens. The formal notification is eagerly awaited by many but there is no sign of it yet. However the applicants must know the eligibility, payment dates and the claiming process in advance and be prepared for when the official announcement is made. We have discussed the eligibility criteria along with other important information related to the $1004.67 Age Pension in detail further in the article. Interested candidates should read it till the end to find out details regarding the same.

Australia Age Pension Boost 2024

Name of the Program Australia Age Pension Boost 2024
Managed byFederal Government of Australia 
Amount $1004.67
Category Finance

Australia Aged Pension Eligibility 2024

To receive the Age Pension amount your income must lie within the bracket set by the government, you should pass the assets test, you must meet the age criteria & the resident rules. Further we have discussed Australia Aged Pension Eligibility 2024 in detail. 

  • Income

Services Australia will access your and your partner’s income from all sources. If you match the criteria given by them then and are deemed eligible then you will receive the payment. They provide certain cutoff points which are different for different case scenarios (for instance, the cutoff points will be different for a couple living together and a couple living apart in separate houses). Your income in (usually) a fortnight should be below the cutoff points and then you will receive an amount as per the department guidelines. Visit the Services Australia website to find out more information.

  • Assets

The property or commodities that you or your partner own in whatever capacity can affect your age pension payments as well. The value of the asset will be taken at its current market value. A few examples of the assets in question are financial investments, real estate, shares, vehicles etc.  It should be noted that the assets that will be accessed by the government in the Assets test will include all your assets held outside of Australia as well as the debts owed to you.

  • Residence

To get Age Pension there are specific criteria for the senior’s residency status as well, which will help them receive the disbursement when met such as either living in Australia, physically in Australia or being an Australian resident on the day of claiming the amount. The government also wants to make sure that they have been an Australian resident for at least 10 years in total. And for a minimum period of 5 years there must have been no break in their residence. For special cases such as being a former refugee they can be given exemption from the 10 year rule. Other exceptions have also been listed on the official websites which can be visited anytime and interested candidates can find out if they are eligible to receive any exemptions or allowances.

  • Age

Your age must be equal to more than the threshold set by the Australian government. Currently you must be 67 years or older in order to avail the Age Pension payment. Therefore, if anyone wants to claim the $1004.67 boost in 2024 then they must be at least 67 years old.

Australia Age Pension Dates 2024

The Australia Age Pension Dates 2024 on which the government will issue the payments are given below. The beneficiaries will be receiving 13 regular 4-weekly payments each year and should expect to receive their disbursement within 2-3 weeks of the issue dates depending on their mode of receiving (direct deposit or cheque).

  • 11 January 2024
  • 8 February 2024
  • 7 March 2024
  • 4 April 2024
  • 2 May 2024
  • 30 May 2024
  • 27 June 2024
  • 25 July 2024
  • 22 August 2024
  • 19 September 2024
  • 17 October 2024
  • 14 November 2024
  • 12 December 2024

Claim Australia $1004.67 Boost In Aged Pension 2024

The process to Claim Australia $1004.67 Boost In Aged Pension 2024 has been mentioned below. You must follow the pointers given to make the claim. It should be noted that the pointers given are for the regular age pension and the increased amount might be either directly deposited along with it or you will have to file an application to receive it . But no specified information has been mentioned on the government sites yet.

  • Collect all necessary documents 

The Australian government requires you to submit certain documents if you want to become a beneficiary of the age pension. These documents must include information related to your bank account details, tax file number, income, assets, residency status etc.

  • Create an online account 

Setting up an online account is extremely important for you to do if you want or claim your payments online. So you must set up your personal myGov account and then link it to Centrelink.

  • Make the claim

You should go to the official website of Services Australia and sign in to your myGov account created previously and make the claim. This is the final step of the entire procedure overall. You can also track your claim and view claim status on the designated websites.

Australia $1004.67 Boost In Aged Pension 2024 : Fact Check

  • No confirmation regarding a $1004.67 payment has been received from the government’s end and the disbursement is merely a rumour.
  • The age requirements were changed over the course of the past years. Earlier the minimum requirement was only 65 years and 6 months but was later increased to 67 years.


We have mentioned again and again that this article is based merely on an anticipation that a $1004.67 Age Pension payment will be made in 2024. However, there is no corroboration regarding the same yet.

FAQs On Australia $1004.67 Boost In Aged Pension 2024

What are some of the official Australian government websites that I can visit to get information related to newly launched benefits and payment schemes?

You can visit, and for getting relevant information related to benefits and schemes.

How can I create a myGov account with the Australian government?

You should start by going to myGov and select create account and then you can continue to fill required details and submit necessary documents as per requirements.

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