OAS Changes 2024 – Check OAS Eligibility & Payment Amount Changes

The Canada Revenue Agency and Government of Canada runs Old age Security to help the citizens who are living in financial crisis or have contributed towards pension. It is being expected through different articles and news that some of the OAS Changes 2024 are going to be introduced. To find more about the modification to Canada’s Old Age Security program which include higher payment amounts and revised OAS Eligibility Criteria 2024. We’ll gather information from various sources to cover these points comprehensively.

OAS Changes 2024

OAS Changes 2024

For Canadian elders with age sixty five years of age and older, the Old Age Security Program is an essential Federal Financial assistance program. With the use of this program,seniors can better manage their retirement income and make sure that they receive the assistance they require for the later years. 

The resources disclose that you will receive additional advantages from this scheme of around 3.6% if you start collecting OAS payment benefits between 65 to 70 years. Moreover the length of the time you have lived in Canada after turning eighteen affects your eligibility to grab OAS Changes 2024. A Person’s place of residence, beneficiaries age and income are some of the elements that determine the changes of the program.

Old Age Security Amount Changes 2024

Post Title OAS Changes 2024
Country Name Canada 
Year 2024
Department CRA
BeneficiariesCanadian Senior Citizens 
Old Age Security Amount Changes 2024Yet To Be Announced 
Post Type Finance
Official Website www.canada.ca

Disclaimer: The data on OAS Changes 2024 is intended primarily for general information purposes and should not be construed as professional financial or other advice. Modification of this program may differ from the data that we mentioned here. DSo just go through the official website or take advice from any authorized person. 

OAS Eligibility Criteria 2024

The Federal Government has revised the OAS Eligibility Criteria 2024 in order to guarantee that the benefits continue to be appropriate for the needs of elderly citizens in Canada. Below mentioned points help you to know more in detailing about these points:

  • Candidates must be at least sixty five years old in order to be considered. 
  • After reaching 18 applicants must have resided in Canada for atleast ten years. The candidate must have spent atleast 20 years of their post 18 years in Canada if they have resided overseas. 
  • Permanent residents of the country will benefit from these changes as outlined in the post.
  • Candidates who work overseas must show proof of employment and return to Canada within six months of the end of their job. 

OAS Payment Changes 2024

As we mentioned above, OAS come with a number of changes in 2024. We found the details from various websites that for senior citizens those who come under 65 to 70 years might receive $713.34 monthly and annually they will grab $142,609. On the other hand, those who are 75 years old or above are expected to receive $784.67 monthly and $148.179  annually. But all these numbers are just rumours , if you want more updates then check out the exact details on the official website of CRA. 

CRA OAS Payment Dates 2024

As the Federal Government of Canada expected to offer various changes into their OAS program, other side we all are getting excited to grab the new benefits which come under this so below we disclose the dates of Old Age Security programs which helps you to know when you will get the benefits and you will spend that for fulfill your requirements.  

Month CRA OAS Payment Dates 2024
Jan 29th
Apr 26th

Fact Check

As of now, there is no specific information available on changes to the Old Age Security program for 2024. The OAS is a government program in Canada that provides a monthly pension to eligible seniors aged 65 and older. Changes to such programs are typically announced through official government channels, such as the federal budget or public statements from the Ministry of Families, Children, and Social Development.

For the most current and accurate information on OAS changes, it is recommended to consult the official Government of Canada website or contact Service Canada. These sources will provide the latest updates and details on any modifications to the OAS program, ensuring that permanent residents and citizens of Canada are well-informed about their benefits and eligibility criteria.

FAQs On OAS Changes 2024

Can I opt out of the automatic enrollment if I turn 70 in 2024?

Specific details about opting out should be checked on its official portal.

Are the OAS changes applicable to all provinces and territories?


How do I get proper updates about the OAS changes 2024?

All notifications will be sent by the government and you can check on its official website.

How often will the OAS pension Increase be adjusted for inflation? 

The changes under this program will be adjusted annually. 

How will the OAS Pension amount change in 2024?

The OAS pension will increase based on the inflation rate.

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